Sunday, August 16, 2009

Year 1000.

Its been a month since my last blog.


*cough* confession *cough*

Its been a long week. Literally. I was staying over at Naz's the whole time and its tiring but fun. Wake up at around 8am, eat breakfast with mother who usually comes over at that time. Then leave and I always end up going with her to the bank despite how messy I look then home, shower then I watch TrueBlood until it was time to leave again at around one. Then Dance Practice/Design Meeting. So it was like that for about 4 days. I got a little pissed at the fact that sometimes we just don't fucking practice. The show has been postproned yes. But that doesn't mean we have to stop. Cause after this week, I'm taking the whole week off for myself and school. bleh. Its starting the week after and I'm not sure if I'm ready but we'll see. I'm a little scared but who isn't?