Saturday, May 31, 2008

ONE OK ROCK - Beam of Light

mood: Happeh
listening to: koubou - one ok rock

IS AWESOME!!!! omg! *_____________________* *Eargasms*

Nikki is sleeping over again! Last week!! woohooo!


mood: O2R inlove
listening to: throw hope away - Black;list

*in tears... not really* I'm soo proud of the boys of ONE OK ROCK. They're getting big! I'm sooo happy to be with them from the start. Well not exactly from the start. *sigh* great guys!

Friday, May 30, 2008


mood: upset.
listening to: myself typing

okie... I'm getting sick of these stupid arguments between my mom and nasreen. I'm totally siding with nasreen cause mom is making a big deal out of it. Nasreen already said that she won't invite anyone over no more. and she'll stay there on the weekdays. what more does mom want. why is she is upset. I still don't get it. I hate being involved in this shit. But I always am. for fuck sake. Mom is going to give me the cold shoulder tomorrow cause I sided with Nasreen. I tried to solve the problem. Mom is just being a little too stubborn. man... if you are trying to be in between 2 people who are as stubborn as the other I find it completely impossible.

Seef [May 30]

mood: fluttery
listening to: Find me - Zwei

Seef was okie... Its like the first time ever... that I didn't care if guys were staring or not. Walked around bout make-up for yasy. Clothes, Mag and TH's DVD (omg) for sawsy, and Vest & Mag for me. I'm so selfish I feel bad. I should've saved some cash to buy something for nada... I did actually for the cd she wanted but I gave it to sawsy so she could buy the DVD. Nada didn't mind. But she started complaining about it afterwards. I'm not going to buy anything the next time we go to seef. -____- Renz and Nikki didn't come. *pouts*

to seef

mood: okie
listening to: namida no ondo - sid

We leave in 30 minutes.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

alice nine. Stickers, cards and a Ruka badge

mood: sad
listening to: Dears - Gackt

Someone online is selling alice nine. & Nightmare stuff on Livejournal. Stickers, Trading cards, post cards, a cd and badges. I want the badge. Cause its fucking signed by Ruka and its only 6USD O__O. I WANT! I WANT! and shes also selling a rare nao card which is years old... shes selling that for 1USD. I mean... I want it. But I can't have it. ._. Man... if only they sold Jrock stuff here then maybe I wouldn't feel so unsupportive(not even a word) tco the boys on the scene. Well, I try my best to support them by buying their merchandise. But... umm... you know.. money doesn't grow on trees and We're going into debts cause my dads business is slow nowadays. ;_;

so rite now... I have :

Arena37c Nov. 2007 issue. (magazine)
vinyl syndicate another edition. (magazine)
Sweetest - Sugar (album)
Yume Yume - ONE OK ROCK (single)
Zeitekubyou - ONE OK ROCK (album)
3 Vinyl syndicate free mags.

*sigh* I'm not even supporting my ultimate favs... Guy's Family, alice nine., Miyavi, & Gackt. *pouts* oh well... what can I do.


mood: okie
listening to: something by bagi bogi

I just remembered that I was supposed to draw one of my manips for a friend on DA. My problem is I have no idea who I was to give it to.. v_v


気分: オカイ

I'm going to do what ゆやさんDoes and say こんにちわ みなーさん!!

I just want to post up an entry in japanese. haha (^。^)かわいですよ!!!

Beam of light.

mood: tempted
listening to: Pretty Queen - Zwei (lol. ♥ this song)

I'm dieing to hear O2R's new album... gah! I want to listen to the english song! Complete... English. Nikki is going to flip when she finds out they have a full english song.

J.J. called. He shouldn't like call overseas alot. Lol. He is finally back at San Diego.

I have to wait a whole WEEK for it. I can't wait another week! GAHH!!! *hits head on keyboard*

grrr... oooommmp!

mood: okie
listening to: nothing

This is what I want to buy myself for my bday:

The moment I saw Aki with the top hat. I wanted to jump him. so pretty.

For my bday I want Saga on my bed Lol *drools*:

and Tora bear in a box *huggles Tora bear* He looks so *glomp* Hes just begging to be glomped :


mood: pissed
listening to: nothing

Okie... this is kinda pissing me off... I didn't mind mom ranting about Nasreen yesterday.... But now J.J. is doing it too... Oh come one ppl Nasreen's fucked up I know that. Big deal. Leave her ALONE. Don't help her unless shes asks for help. And she doesn't CARE for the families reputation. So shes pretty much going to do whatever she wants. Gosh... if theres going to be another argument that I have to stand right in front of my dad so he won't hit anyone... I think I'll snap. You guys don't want me to snap now... rite.. cause I'm fed up of this shit... I don't want to be in the middle no more. NO MORE. NOOOOO MOOOOREEEE!.... I wonder if I'll get hit if they argue again... I seem to be jumping infront of Nasreen alot. But... no... Pops never hit any of us and never will.

Oh great now... He seems like hes saying... Karma is soo going to get her cause she hurt me.
O___________________O wait... will I get karma cause I broke Kobby's heart? I think I already did... *thinks* I dunno... Oh come on God... give me a break.

I mish Motzy... I didn't talk to him last night. *pouts* I still can't get over the fact that he understands the way of the yaoi fangirls. Lol. He is soo one of the girls. *glomps Motzy*
He seems to be really inlove with his ex. He would wait for her for an eternity if it weren't for age. so sweet. *pats*

meh back hurts.

mood: sleepy
listening to: Naser talking to me.

I slept on the floor in naser's room. Gah... he didn't even sleep there. He gave up trying then went to sleep with parents again. I wanted to sleep on the bed. But it wouldn't be far for nada. So I slept with her on the floor. HARD floor. gah....

Meh talking to J.J. hes buying a new phone cause his phone broke while he was at sea. Lol... OMG... i just saw the phone he wants to buy and it happens to be a WRIST WATCH! omg... so KOOL.
its worth 300 USD though. He spends all his money on himself... cause Nasreen hates his guts. I hope he can move on... and eventually get a divorce in the Philippines with Nasreen. Ang hirap naman yan. They don't even have a valid reason to get a divorce.

anyways... shower time.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nada is Visual Kei?

mood: lol
listening to :SE-atarashi sekai-

We were randomly picking out some clothes at a shop... when I said 'Nada this would look good on you' then she went all alittle pissed and said... "I'm visual Kei". Then I went like OMFG! thats soo AWESOME!LOL...

I'm sorry but thats just kool. If you dont know what vk means look it up.

end of the month

mood: okie
listening to: float - 9goats black out.

Since its the end of the month. Its time to spam the blog!! WOHOO for that. Spammage! Spammage!

I still feel slightly feverish... and wtf! is that rice? *looks at bed and picks up a grain* NASER!!! make sure you dont have rice on you before u sit on my bed. seriously...

I was talking to brother-in-law yesterday... and as usual he asks if I had a bf.

heres the convo.

(10:25 AM) Cpt. Fuzzy::-O she agreeesss . you have a bf dont ya
(10:25 AM) Cpt. Fuzzy:>:P
(10:25 AM) *___* is cooking:no i dont... they never like me back. >> assholes.
(10:26 AM) Cpt. Fuzzy:i like you back
(10:26 AM) Cpt. Fuzzy::(
(10:26 AM) Cpt. Fuzzy:im your brother
(10:26 AM) Cpt. Fuzzy::D
(10:26 AM) Cpt. Fuzzy:I always like you back >:D<
(10:26 AM) Cpt. Fuzzy:brother always likes family back
(10:26 AM) Cpt. Fuzzy:..<
(10:26 AM) Cpt. Fuzzy:>.<
(10:27 AM) *___* is cooking:lol yeah thats cause your family.
(10:28 AM) Cpt. Fuzzy:so
(10:28 AM) Cpt. Fuzzy:>:P
(10:28 AM) Cpt. Fuzzy:your still beautifull
(10:28 AM) Cpt. Fuzzy:in my opinion
(10:28 AM) *___* is cooking:ya everyone says that. > >
(10:28 AM) Cpt. Fuzzy:I would go out with ya if it where not for age and your sis
(10:28 AM) *___* is cooking:lol
(10:28 AM) *___* is cooking:okie
(10:29 AM) *___* is cooking:-awkward-
(10:30 AM) Cpt. Fuzzy:LOL :* i have to go on the plain this is loving hug for a nervous sis >:D< new ="">
(10:30 AM) *___* is cooking:LOL
(10:30 AM) *___* is cooking:anyways I go eat breakfast now. ttyl!

That sorta freaked me out. I know he was attracted to me... but I didn't know it was to this extent. seriously... x_x So weird... I blame my niceness. ._. damn you niceness. Die! *swings kool shotgun around*

I also had this very flattering convo with motzy too...
He was like ok... lets see what men could possibly hate about u. *insert compliments here* Then he was like... okay they dont like you for A. you don't have enough self confidence, which I doubt is a reason, because guys usually like girls with a bit lower self confidence, it gives them a chance to comfort and flatter or B. he's interested in someone else.

I was like... Okay............. -_- Its always both for me. ._. Man... this is depressing. He said some stuff to me that made me smile a little more. Umm.. Motzy is always the best sometimes. *huggles him* Yeah, I'm pretty much okay now.. despite the chest pains I'll be having and ignoring for the next few months. Wohoo! ^_____________^ This is going to be fun.


mood: still feverish
listening to: LOTR OST

Now, My mom wants us to go with her to buy Naser's shoes for school. Okie... *gets up from bed* Lets do this shit!


mood: feverish...
listening to: Rain - Zwei

This shit is retarded... and I think I have a fever.
Crap... shh... don't tell mom Nada.. if your reading this.
Great... now I feel dizzy too.. great job Naj... Just great.

9goats black out.

My obsession to 9goats black out is coming back. I think its cause of my current state. Their songs make me feel much better. even though I understand the whole thing.

Heres the translation of the lyrics. When I first listened to the song I got eargasms. My gosh... ryo's voice is just... woah... and the guitars... and drums... *_______* most of it doesn't really make sense in english. But it makes alot in Japanese.


I search for the words to say to you as you fall asleep
With glass wings, With a distorted voice
I promise you, that weak as I am, I will keep on living
With a prayer to the tomorrow that will never come to you

How scared were you while we were apart?
My fingertips touch your tears

We hid our love and stayed away
Casually we turned our backs, and side-by-side we were unfulfilled
I felt the meaning of that so much it hurt
When did your hands get so thin?

The sign that waits for spring
In this bed that you don’t seem to want to leave,
One more
Memory is born.

Night Visions –Nocturne-

A melody worn of oblivion The sound of insanity
Let’s dream in despair In the break in the rain the heavens split beautifully

On your back, knees up, Farewell, we’re going far away
I can’t stay angry. It’s the subtitle of an irrational puberty

In a dark grey land where the sky cries in an indifferent, insecure voice
At night, songs lose their love

My heart is broken by pining
Thoughts are flower petals
Close your eyes and let them pass

A melody worn of oblivion The sound of ecstasy
Let’s dream in despair In the break in the rain I’m in heaven beautifully
I cried from the blight I cannot accept and
A crazed love

Don’t change on me
In a land where I can spread my irrelevant wings
And flee, songs sing of love
My heart is flayed with pining
Emotions are dust
Close your eyes and let them pass

Brown outs all over the place

mood: slightly nervous
listening to: Sink - 9goats black out.

Mom went over to the apartment cause they had no power at home. An hour after her stay the whole Jid-ali was wiped out of power. WOHOO FOR THAT! We all took turns playing the guitar. I find it really ironic that both my parents play the guitar but never taught us. lol. We left after we couldn't stand the heat. We packed our shit...

Me and Nada ended up sitting with the cargo. ._. with our guitars on our laps. We looked like we came back from a tour. We fell asleep shortly after.

blah blah blah....

mood: ._.
listening to: sink - 9goats black out (is obsessed with this song... yet again)

ONE OK ROCK's second album comes out today... and I'm still waiting for someone to post it up. I can't wait to listen to the whole thing. I hope they've got kaimu in it. I doubt it. I read the Japanese... Its soo not there... *damn it*

Hello Renz... lol

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


mood: not okay
listening to: tsuki no uta - Gackt

I officially hate the word 'friend'.


mood: arenaitsuno!
listening to: READY STEADY GO - L'arc~en~ciel (omg... so old)

Okie. last night when I was being emo... I was staring at the pack of cigs my sister has on the table... I stared, looked in it.. and wanted to take one... but didn't. then when she asked me to hold her ciggy. I wanted to take a drag. . . what the fuck. I wanted to smoke. *slaps face* Don't you dare bitch. Stop being emo.


mood: ich bin okie (tottally wrong)
listening to: D+L (toshiya's old band)

Connichiwa mina-san!

I'm writing down everything from May 1st into my diary. Why? I want to finish my diary. I don't feel like writing in it anymore. ._.


mood: accomplished
listening to: HP audio book. *nasreen has it on*

I feel like a housewife without a husband. I just finished cleaning the stove. Me and nada cooked and washed the dishes. *__* I know how to cook and I didn't know it till now.

Monday, May 26, 2008

You can do this.

mood: Happeh
listening to: etocetara - One ok rock

*breathes in* I can do this.... I know I can.... No one has to know. cept the ppl who read my blog.
*breathes out* I can do this... You dont need to talk about it. you don't need to cry about it. You don't need to think about. You do NOT need to be held or to frown about it. Okie... *breathes* I can do this. *breathes in and out* I can get through this. ._.

._. sometimes its just too much.

mood: Happeh
listening to: Fantastic four on tv.

No, I am not depressed. ^_^; I am soo not depressed... God.. i need booze.


mood: not happy
listening to: yami ni chiru sakura - alice nine.

I seriously hate myself. I can't believe I let myself fall like that. I'm soo naive. This is just too much for me. I'm anxious all the time.. now. Dammit. Stay the fuck away from me. We're friends... ONLY friends... nothing more... he doesn't want anything more... It's one sided again... I don't care anymore. Hurt me... I actually like the pain this 4th time. I'll see them hover around him and I'll smile.. always smile... It hurts... but they don't know that. They don't know anything.

It'll always be one-sided for me... I'm just lucky I didn't hope. I knew this would happen from the beginning.
From the first moment. I laid eyes on him.

last nite.

listening to: Hitsuzen Maker - ONE OK ROCK.

last night someone reminded me that I for the 4th time I'm not being liked back. I'm just happy that I now don't hope that we'll be together... so I don't fall for him and I won't hurt as much. I just hate it when they never like me back. But when they do like me I'm the one to reject him cause I don't return his feelings. I feel very guilty for that actually. ._. Thank God! I've got Motzy to help me through it. *huggles Motzy* awesome dude! hes soo one of the girls.

a black out?!

mood: sleepy. >> *damn you renz*
listening to: 必然メーカー - ONE OK ROCK

We just got a notice about a black out... at around 8am till 3pm tomorrow. Gah... I hope my notebook lasts. ( ̄口 ̄) \\

I stayed up until 3 am cause of Renz. >> He didn't want me to leave. cause he was "alone". sure dude. >.>


mood: awake
listening to: nada snoring

I blame Renz... for my current state. o________o wide awake.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Went Over Nikkis house

mood: happeh
listening to: Nada and Naser Talking.

We went over Nikki's house at around 12pm. Watched a couple of movies. had a band rehersal when khalid came over. Foxy (Nikki's Dog) was seriously hyper. She will jump on you, lick you and try to bite you but she won't really 'bite' you. Her hair was everywhere! on my shirt, on our guitar bags. Blah Blah blah. Mariel (a new friend) came over unexpectedly. Watched a movie with her. Then Khalid decided to show up. FINALLY! we played some songs infront of him. He kept on constantly borrowing our guitars. Umm... after that we sang some karaoke. *my voice is horrible* Oh and poor khalid he had foxy's hair in his eye and it was all red. Okie we left at around 9pm. Hugged everyone goodbye. Mariel, Khalid, and Nikki! Now, I'm home chatting with Renz. More like Role playin.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Jrock Splat

mood: sleepy
listening to: ONE OK ROCK - Hitsuzen Maker

We'll start off with ONE OK ROCK. Their new album will rock so hard!

Taka got a tattoo!

I'm really into this with a girl band thats not even vk. >_> They're called 'Zwei' which means 2 in German.


listening to: the ac.

Okay, I'm almost done with ate nina's Bday gift. Nikki is leaving a minutes from now. and I still haven't gotten the vid in a cd yet. >_> quickly naj. quickly.

Friday, May 23, 2008


mood: gah
listening to: something by nightmare.

I'm trying to empty my hard drive. I'm using up a little too much again. ._.
I ripped movies for nasreen thats why. ,_,

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mama Du is gone

mood: depressed
listening to: Nothing

I was sitting at the bar while chatting with Motzy. When suddenly Nasser came in the apartment and said 'Mama Du died'. At first I didn't hear him. But when I did. I felt tears well up in my eyes. I woke up Nasreen and told her. She was blank as was I. None of us cried. We were more. I dunno. Its just sad. At least her suffering has ended.


mood: sleepy
listening to: .....

Umm... woke up an hour ago. Nada woke shortly after I. Nasreen is sleeping in the living room while we all slept in the bedroom. Nada is bored cause Nasreen is listening to HP audio books while she sleeps. ._. and I'm still sleepy.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Night 2

mood: sleepy
listening to: kaimu - ONE OK ROCK.

We're staying here for another night. Its fun cause we're independent, sorta. Nasreens not here. She'll be back by 11 or 12. We wash our own dishes. We clean our own rooms...

I got Didem and Nasreen into Hana Yori Dango. *evilness of I* They hate me for it. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!

at the apartment

mood: sleepy
listening to: Hercules.

We slept over the apartment. It was fun. No parents. No kids. Just us...
I kept on waking up though. >_>

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Veronica Disbands

mood: not happy
listening to: nothing

I was getting ready to go out till I checked my email and read the news bout vk bands.
First BERLIN, then Guy's Family, then Layla now Veronica. OH COME FUCKING ON! T__T this is totally heart right here *beats fist into chest*

Monday, May 19, 2008

Layla disbanded & L'arc on activity pause

mood : sad
listening to: Last Word - Rentrer en soi

Layla are disbanding on the 1st of June. Thats not fair! They should have released something before disbanding for Godsake! This is driving me crazy first it was BERLIN then Guy's Family now Layla. GAH!!! this is driving me crazy!!!!! *hits head with tablet* gah...

L'arc~en~ciel is going on hiatus after their summer release. They'll be on hiatus till their 20th anniversary in 2011. OMFG!!! thats soo fucking far away. But they'll all do solo work thats for sure. I'll be 18 when they come back.

from left vo. Nikki, Ba. Naj, Gu. Nada.

We should have photoshoots with E.V.

We took new photos.

エトセトラ bass tabs COMPLETE

mood: happy
listening to: ICE BREAKER - Zwei

I completed etcetara - ONE OK ROCK bass tabs last night. I'm not sure if its 100% accurate cause well this is my first song that I tabbed completely. I'll make a guitar pro file when Nada finishes Tabbing the lead. I'll have to tab Torus Part. We need some help from Ev for the drums part.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


mood: blah
listening to: something by mello

Okkay... I slept late again last night cause of nikki. We were updating her friendster. gah.. >>
so much work.

Now, we justed finished watching Hairspray. we are now laying around doing nothing.

99% one more and HYD ep2 is done!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Resizing pics.

mood: okay
listening to: nothing

we just came back from gudaibaiya or however you spell it.
We're dressed in jeans and crap. We're waiting for nada to come out of the bathroom.

I showed our band photos to motzy last night we took +3 hours just talking bout the pics. hes got these really funny captions to go with. Lol hes a #1 fan. lmao.
and hes my seme! YAY!! o3o. We were being soo perverted to the point of Nikkis discomfort. It was fun lol.

Resizing pics are a pain!

I slept at 3am. >> damn you motzy!

Friday, May 16, 2008


listening to: nothing

EV IS OFFICIALLY OUR DRUMMER!!! the hiroto look a like!!1

tab sheets

mood: happeh
listening to: Q - alice nine.

I found a site that generates tab sheets. OMG! I get to tab properly.

We just came back from the flat. We were at Daiso, & Ramez before that. The guy who sold us a watermelon was hitting on me. I was like . . . . . . Yeah. He had bad teeth.

anyways. I write down the bass tabs I tabbed.

Oh.... at around 11pm we played with our hair and dressed up and took these pics at 12am.
we have over 100 pics of us looking like this.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Me and my learning

mood: Okay
listening to: Yume yume (live) - ONE OK ROCK

Miyavi is in California. *random fact*

Okay yeah... I'm learning some chinese... Wohoo! and some some arabic.

tabbing progress.

mood: Okay
listening to: naihishinsho - O2R

okay, I officially tabbed the whole bass of エトセトラ! I'm still tweaking it. I want it to be a bit more accurate.

nada tabbed the intro and the verse part of Naihishinsho.
LoL which reminds me nada broke 2 of her guitar strings 2 days ago. hahaha! she replaced them nicely.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


mood: okay
listening to: aruhinokaku(something like that) by heidi.

I'm here all dressed up and ready to go to the dentist with Nasreen while Nada and possibly Nikki will be with mom at the flat.

We're leaving soon.

I can't believe I dont have devils in bedside on my fucking hard-drive. I'm such a loser.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Band Rehersals

Mood: accomplished
Listening to: Nada's Overdriven playing

Yesterday almost all night and day we've been tabbing and rehearsing our own songs and covers we're going to play at the music fest.

Our Song line-up:

Naihishinsho - ONE OK ROCK
Hey You! - Monsun
Ms all that - Monsun
Ubers De Welt - Tokio Hotel *if I wrote it wrong correct me please*
Etocetara - ONE OK ROCK

We've got Etocetara's tabs almost done. We're still working on Naihishinsho. We're getting the lyrics and Melody for Hey You! and Ms. all that soon. Thank you Motzy-kun for writing Hey You! for us. Motzy is awesome! ♥♥

Band Line-up:

*=possible choice of temp

Vocals: Nikki
Guitar: Nada
Bass & Vocals: Najla
Drummer: E.V. *
Guitar: Kevin *

Monday, May 12, 2008

Insect bites

mood: okay
listening to: something from School of rock.

We came back from adhari and there we're bites on us everywhere. Nikki has them on her legs and arms. Nada on her stomach and arms. Me on my arms. I mean WTF.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


mood: okay
listening to: something by midori.

Most stolen from EJ. heheheeheheheh

Ej, Me popping up, Robee and Nikz.

Robee, Shan, Nikki and Me.


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Adhari Park

mood: okay
listening to : love so sweet - arashi


Shan,Roberto Hesus Salinas Carillo Claudio Voncolm Y Hidalgo De La Reyno De Castillo Leon (O_____________________O) SO LONNNNNNNGGGG!!!!) Lol Go Robz. oh and EJ came along later. Yeah. Dinner Time I go and eat.

Friday, May 9, 2008

I won a contest

mood: okay
listening to: myself type.

Okay, nothing really new happened. Except that I won a contest on I wasn't really surprised. Hehe. I think its the 4th time I won something from that club. I'm still looking to join contest with Subs for prizes. I doubt I'll win. But it is worth a try. ♥♥

Thank you everyone who has voted for me! ♥♥

Thursday, May 8, 2008


mood: random
listening to: colors - exist†trace

I took forever to get the internet working! GAH!

I totally want to scream like Jyou of exist†trace. I would sound soo fucking KOOOL!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


mood: okay
listening to: in pain - Sugar *this song is awesome! the drumming is just OMG*

Okay, I'm done being useful for the week. I'm going to lay down on this couch and spend my day online like usual.

I was shocked to find a community on LJ for Middle Eastern Jrock fans.
I'm so happy. Theres only 8 members.

So join it if you live in the middle east and love jrock.

Hana Yori Dango! ♥♥

mood: happiness
listening to: the tv it works!!!

I'm downloading Hana Yori Dango Episode 1. If only it was faster. I left my notebook on all night and it just 115MB out of 699MB.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008


mood: okay
listening to: Nothing

We finished painting nasreens apartment!!!! WOOOHOO!! We picked up nasreen after that. I cut my own hair just now. It looks kool. Me go play albert now.

Monday, May 5, 2008


mood: argh
listening to: OMG!! its..... Yume yume - ONE OK ROCK.

I wanna cosplay someone! Maybe, Saga... I have the whole nose thing going on. But then I have to do some shit to my eyebrows. Gosh... the clothes are the problem. How do actual Cosplayers do it?! they make their own clothes. NO FAIR! I should stick around my mom to see how she makes all those pjs.


mood: okay
listening to: Over the screen - ブローディア

Heres me and Nada going down to the car to go to a party.

Heres me with my V!nyl Syndicate Mag! (´ε` )

and sawsy and nada

Father has been making us do office work like listing all the items in his shop. I would love to help when I'm not to rapped up in the internet. seriously.

I still can't wait to watch Gackt's hollywood movie. Gackt is just awesome. I don't understand why some people hate him. ( ̄ー ̄) (ミ ̄ー ̄ミ)

- ナジャラ!


Mood: Happeh
Listening to: hidden track - ナナ

I'm still freaking out about Miyavi-san featuring me in his blog. I luv him even more cause of it. Good Luck with all Myv!

I sent him an email pointing him to the right vid. Hehe. I started it with Hey dude. Lol
typical me.

Okay, we finished painting the Living room at Nasreen's apartment. Gah I don't like doing all this shit for her when shes not even going to live there. Gah... 。_。 何で!


After. Look MONKEYS!!!

I'm thinking of finishing tabbing "Selfish Love Seven Samurai sessions Version" Hige-chang's part ofcourse. I'm not that good of a guitar to tab MYVs part yet. (^o^)

look HELLO KITTY! hehehe

Miyavi WHY?!?!?

mood: Shocked & crying
listening to: Juliet - guy's Family


WHY ME!?!?! THIS ISS SOO EMBARRASSING! I'm in tears people. I am the only girl on the freaking list!!!!!! Cries!!!!

oh and happy birthday JJ.


Mood: Wohoo
listening to: return walker - Guy's Family

Okay, Mom should be here any minute now to pick us up so we can go to the flat. We're painting the walls blue!! wohoo for us. ._. anyways... I go check my email.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

im still awake

mood: sleeepppy
listening to: Emily Sink - JILL CHRIST

I finally found JILL CHRIST's first mini-album. Wohoo for me. We have to wake up early tomorrow to finish painting Nasreens apartment. Tita Lani finished the hall way all by herself. I mean woah. She must be really into it. Anyways, I'm going to sleep my battery is low on my notebook aswell as on myself.



mood: tired.

We came back at 1 from the flat and we're going again soon. Gah.. >_> We finished one room now we're doing another. Next we'll paint the sala and hallway blue! wohoo! <333

I just read a fanfic with shou/saga and Nao... and ewww... I was reading it cause nao was paired with someone else from another band... so I was reading and reading and reading until i got to the part and I couldn't stop reading dammit! I hate fanfics. and the stupid fangirls who write. its soo obvious that i dont really mind it as long as they're paired with none of their band mates. Haha.

My internet go DC and I'm writing this offline. I'll probably post this when the internet works.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

last fucking post.

mood: regretful.
listening to: clearveil.

Okay... I'm soo going to buy rocksound every month. They mention jrock bands! Like MUCC and D'espairRays oh and The Underneath. Apparently they're going on tour with Bullet for my Valentine. Lucky bastards.


mood: sadness...

I was staring at Guy's Family's Official Website for long 5 minutes. I'm still processing the fact that they disbanded. If I react this way when they disband. Just think how devastated I will be if alice nine. disbands. *knocks on wood*

Guy's Family Disbands.

mood: in tears
listening to: nothing.

I can't believe this.
One of my first favorite Jrock bands are disbanded as of May 1st. There was no Final Live. and the members haven't spoken to each other since the live they announced they are disbanded. I can't handle this. I can't believe what I just read. It looks like the sweethearts of Guy's Family had some serious drama. Some fans say its Kights fault. But I dont care whose fault it is. Just tell me why? I didn't expect this at all. Why?! I mean. Why?

Kight, Reo, Shinobu, Takumi, Kazutake. You guys are awesome. What ever happens I'll still follow you guys if you ever join new bands.

Gallhammer in RockSound?!?!

mood: Shocked!
listening to: Ben 10 on tv. *naser*

I bought the latest Rocksound magazine because 30 seconds to mars are on the cover. I was looking through the pages till I found the all girl black metal Jrock band gallhammer. OMFG! Its cause they had a live in London. They are not that famous in Japan and and they hit the pages of rocksound before exist trace did. Great job girls! <3

Friday, May 2, 2008

mah nails yo

listening to: locmaria - GLAMOROUS HONEY


Red room.... okay... I seriously had paint on my hair too..


mood: ergh
listening to: Nada blabbing about blogs.

There was a Rally near adilya yesterday. It was so cool. people marching and the police blocking the roads. Ppl with flags and crap. WOOHOO!

Last Nights Party

... was filled with children and a few teenagers and They didn't really notice us. But it was all good. I didn't want to be noticed. hehehe

its 7am

mood: awake
listening to: Nada playing with gustav

Okay, I woke up at 7 instead of six. I actually woke up at 5 because of a nightmare. HAHA me and my friggin nightmares. I went back to sleep after that.

I'm downloading O2Rs part 4 of the DVD. I'm glad Nadas Hitsugi was nice to us yesterday and allowed us to download the part 3.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Red Room

mood: Gah
listening to: an arabic channel on Tv.

Came back from the flat. we painted nasreens walls red. It looks like Sawsys room. It was fucking tiring I came home looking like I killed someone with all the red on my arms and shirt.

Man am I tired. Later we're going to a party and I don't Have time to download O2Rs DVD. I tried twice today but it stopped. cause it went on stand by cause of lack of activity. sheesh. I can't download anything. >_> Im getting pissed. I can't do shit tomorrow either. thats it I'm going to wake up at 6 am tomorrow. Thats how desperate I am.


mood: in a woah...
listening to myself type.

Its fucking May. I just noticed that. ._.

time goes by faster than last year. I should start learning my languages.


mood: Okay
listening to: Moms printer

Okay, I started downloading part 3 of the fucking O2R DVD. If I finish this one I'll have 3 more to download. I hope It can finish before we go to a farewell party for Layla. its really ironic that I have to go to 2 farewell parties right after the other. Haha.

ano... I just fixed moms printer.

BERLIN is disbanding on July 19th. Right after I fucking got into them. That totally sucks man. I really hate my luck. I can't think what I'll do if alice nine. disbands. I think I'll cry and what happens if tokio hotel disbands. the whole world will cry. and poor sawsy. GOD FORBID. *knocks on wood*