Thursday, January 31, 2008

LuLu going Major?

mood: surprised
listening to: sink - 9goats black out.

Yup, the jrock band LuLu is going major. WOHOOOO!

i just had to say that.

i'm going to do some language studying.

Mr. clay by bamboo

I'm watching this right now.
My fav filipino band! Its in english. so you'll understand it


mood: Okay.
listening to : sink - 9goats black out (ya, i'm still obsessed with this song)

Okay, I finished both my english subjects at 1pm.
I'm tired and I'm going off after I spam somemore.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

a little incident that happened.

Mood: tired
listening to: sink - 9goats black out.

lol. i love keeping memories of random happenings.
Naser came in the bathroom with me and refused to go out.


Blossom by Sugar

Mood: tired
Listening to: sink - 9goats black out

by Sugar
Rating: ★★★★

Unexpectedly, I was shocked when I heard the intro, the sound of the bass is simply amazing in this song. It drags me to my own bass and dares me to tab the song.
The song seemed to be more bouncy. It wasn't like sugar, but I like this change.
As a bass player I would say that the bass solo is completely awesome.
I adore this song.


My internet doesn't work properly. ITS SOOO ANNOOYING! i can't even go on messenger.

devils in bedsife - 9goats black out

Mood: Attentive
Listening to : sink - 9goats black out (its on repeat)

devils in bedside (1st album)
9Goats black out
Rating: ★★★★

Soothing. something I didn't think I would describe the music of Gullet (Ryo's past band). Now, 9goats black out.
Their softer side impressed me as they did with their hardcore side. I'm a kind of person who treats soft music and hard music equally, so I would judge this album as one of the best 'other sides' out there.

Note: Sink is the one that makes one cry.
My fav paragraph.
'How scared were you while we were apart?
My fingertips touch your tears'
I have this song on replay. always.


This one I wrote on the way to pick up Nasreen from work. Which today. My internet is being weird. >_>

Silent Eve by Sadie Review

Mood: Attentive
Listening to: sink - 9goats black out

Silent Eve
by Sadie
Rating: ★★★

Sway my shoulders is all I do when I listen to this song. The floating sound of the bass clears my mind. Mao's voice digs into my soul and finds my rhythm. The whispers crawls in my heart and stings me.
Sadie's Silent Eve is a beautiful song.


These are old. I had to store them somewhere just in case my house burns down. (^_^;) hehe

Rotten Words for Dear. by Sugar Review

Mood: Productive
Listening to : sink - 9goats black out

Rotten Words for Dear.
by Sugar

Close my eyes and lay down. Listening to this song made me float into the clouds, It sends slight shivers down my spine. It crawls into my skin and freezes my insides. It calmed my nerves. It made me feel like I was a butterfly light as a feather flying with the wind.
This song are my wings.

Rating : ★★★  


I write reviews yes, but they are very vivid.

Scar. disbands.

mood: not very happy
listening to : sink - 9goats black out

I'm not very happy. Scar. one of my fav bands. is disbanding. I mean WTF. why! they're disbanding on Feb 15 after their ONE MAN TOUR 2008「DAYS」ファィナル.


well, after that bad news.
I found out that Gackt won an acting award. I mean is there anything that he can't do. this guys amazing. I'm soo happy I was obsessed with him during my first year of jrock loving. lol.

anyways. nothing worth commenting on here. move along.

I'm going to do my physics now.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


mood: happy
listening to: chaos - mannequin <3

I finally found what I wanted! mannequins single! they're awesome! and I'm so happy that I've got their first single downloaded and stuff. Seed of Empty flowers is awesome! this band is the SHIT!

I didn't wake up scared today! and I'm HAPPY! YAY! <3

anyways! back to work.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Etocetara & NaihiShinsho Covers

Mood: hippie

I love one ok rock! they're like hot and awesome! <3

okay, after I tabbed both the songs I didn't play it until the making of this cover. so butt out and no criticism needed.

Rose blood cover

Mood: humorous
Listening to : ROSE BLOOD - ONE OK ROCK

Its my cover!!! woohooo! i tabbed the intro only. I messed up abit cause I started singing I cant play the bass and sing at the same time very well. But I'm working on it


Mood: tired
listening to: myself play Rose Blood -O2R

I woke up scared again. Its sorta pissing me off! This is the 2nd time in a row. I mean WTF! this never happens. NEVER! I usually wake up scared once every 6 months or something now its happening for 2 days. I DO NOT LIKE WAKING UP SCARED!

I finished U.S. Economics. 38 paces to go.
I'm exhausted.
I want to sleep all the fucking time. but when its actually time to sleep I dont feel sleepy at all. GAH I hate my life.

anyways heres a cover of 30 seconds to mars - a beautiful lie
Its kinda rusty cause well, i haven't played in awhile. and this isn't on youtube cause I talk. >_>

I'll post up more covers.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


mood: ( ;^_^)
listening to: the same LOST NAME song.

I was searching if I got added to a fanlisting by googling my name. and :

check this link out.
someone shared my UFO manip in a site. He credited me using my real name.

2 PACES vat?!?!

mood: bouncy
listening to: Darling - EVE (krock) now : 不平等な世界で - LOST NAME (jrock) duh.

I finished 2 Paces in just 4 hours.
Its probably cause it was just 40+ pages combined. I'm happy I actually finished then quickly.
I woke up this morning all scared and shit. Again.
I hate waking up scared. No. i did not have a bad dream. Its just one of the symptoms of my phobia. I got that instead of having nightmares about and insomnia. I'm just happy its not that. waking up scared is okay, I'll get over it in like 3 minutes and i'll get up and go to the bathroom.

I'm going to print out album covers of the cds I want. So i'll have reference.
Like always I must continue with whatever I'm doing.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Seef at 7?

mood: busy
listening to: twisted transistor - Korn. <- omg english >_<

yesterday, was fun. we went to seef when yasy came over. Because nasreen wanted world of warcraft so badly.
Adel came along. it was fun having him as a bodyguard.

We went Euphoria to buy it. I bought a 2bd korn cd. YAY!
Then me, nada, and sawsy went to the bookshop while the others went to Mayas. we followed after we checked out the Photography Exhibition. I wanted to ask the photographer for an autograph cause his work is soo beautifully captured.

We went to BHS afterwards to buy nasreen some office work clothes.

Me and Nasreen at another shop dressing room. -shes soo going to kill me if she knows I posted this pic up here.-

the shit I bought

and now... i'm going off.

Friday, January 25, 2008


mood: sleepy
listening to: Any other way - LOST NAME

Me and Nada cooked breakfast today. it was weird.

I woke up late today. I blame the fact that nadas home. I have to do Physics today. which sucks!
I hate hate hate hate hate physics with a PASSION!

I want to draw! I want to draw, and spam, and do nothing! I can't wait to finish all of my PACES! I want to feel bored again!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


mood: tired
listening to: the tv

the parents went for alittle walk again. My mom was upset at my dad cause she gave away the food of my father when she thought he wouldn't eat it and they argued about it for a good 5 minutes and then when we went to pick up the kids she ranted out on me. -again- I was laughing through the whole argument. I mean its stupid.

I'm tired I finished my work at 4 pm. >_> then I watched tv for a bit and came on at 6
check for jrock updates. did wat i had to do here and there and now i'm going to sleep.

but first more bad news.

the drummer of SCREW has seriously high fever that reached 40 and above. hes got tonsillitis. poor guy (v_v) so they canceled their 3 lives. I'm not really into the band so I'm not at all worried. though he should get well soon.

Whats wrong with this month. I mean. this is the worst start of the fucking year. I mean 3 horrible happenings. Tora, Ryo, Heath and now Jin. awww.... theres probably more.

get well soon guys!

I can't fucking wait until I finish all my fucking PACES. 43 left. when i'm done! i'll go FUCK YOU HOMESCHOOL!!


mood : do this fast
listening to: [burst] - LOST NAME

when I watched this. (I want this song, they only gave away cds with this song at their live. fucking assholes, not sharing)I fell inlove with shun. and his hair style. ( ; >_ >) everyone says he is the elder brother of aoi of gazette. and shun kinda looks like miyavi-kun. well ya.

I have to do my work. GOD!

I love you shun.

EDIT!!: OMG! I found an Mp3 of that song! OOOOOOOMMMMFFFGGGG!!! *faints*
I seriously need to get people more into Jrock. so jrockers would come here and do lives in a few years. >_> GODDAMNIT. US & Europe have their attention at the moment.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

MYV cover

mood: okay
listening to : desire - abingdon boys school.

I just watched my old MYV cover. >_> woohooo
i'm soo horrible at it.


mood: speechless
listening to : lost reason - abingdon boys school

Heath Ledger is DEAD! I mean I didn't expect him to die. hes such a great actor. Nasreen is soo going to cry when she finds out. Unfortunately he overdosed on sleeping pills. poor guy ( ; _ ;)

a lot has happened this year. and its not even been a month. I mean wtf!!! GEZ!

okay, i finished 3 PACES today. I dunno how I did it, so dont ask. I'm exhausted and I DONT CARE! 44 PACES left.

Today, is my moms birthday. Happy birthday mommy.
We're having Spaghetti and KFC! and mom baked a cake! WOOHOO!

okay, i'm going to upload some files on mediafire for back up. I have my files backuped EVERYWHERE! gosh. >_>

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

K-rock? + New PACE finishing stradegy

mood: tired & still coughing (if I made yasy sick, IM SORRY!)
listening to: Behind - EVE (OMG! my first Korean rock band!!)

Korean rock is totally awesome. though you can find more kpop then kjrock. (v_v)
The koreans sound like they're singing japanese. But they're not. I can't really tell the difference until now.

Okay, new stradegy. I'll finish 2 PACES/Subjects in one day that will just make it faster and I'll finish in the middle of the month rather than the end. so I'll be happy about that. because I'm giving up my precious bass and language lessons to finish this semester! GOD! I hate my life sometimes.

Monday, January 21, 2008

GAH! >_>

mood: okay
listening to : 45 - as.milk

Yesterday was tiring as fuck. went to seef. bought a book. hung out. it was fun.

Heres a video yasy sent me. -insert heart-

I didn't do my work yesterday morning so I took the chance to do it at 9 pm. took me about 2 hours or is it one. I can't do anything as much as before. x_x
I can't wait to finish my work. Gah! Just one month and a few weeks Naj. >_> You can finish this I know you can. I hope I can. GAH! thats it I won't go out of the house until I finish all my work. I loathe homeschooling now. I always did.

here are pictures me and nada took at Marina Park. after the cemetery.
Mommy and Daddy!! woohooo!


ya. now I'm going to do my work. -sigh-

Saturday, January 19, 2008


mood: sick
listening to: shinjitsu - nightmare <--- OMG *gasms.* (iTunes shuffle is awesome)

Okay, I think were going to the cemetery later to visit my baba oud.
and my pc has adware. I have to delete it.

homeschool update.

44 more to do and I'm done. WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!
if my dads going to china again. I'm going to print out a picture of a jrock cd I want. Gackt!!!!! WOOHOOO!

yesterday was funnish, all i care about is yasy is with me! woohooo! <3 Oh dudes! lets go to seef on sunday after lunch. what do you guys think?

--- time to leave for the cemetery

Friday, January 18, 2008

I'm sick.

mood: sick
listening to : blossom - sugar (the bass of this song is soo fucking awesome. I want to marry the bassist)

I have a cold and a cough.
it sucks.
I think I'm going to have a fever soon.
We went over to Mays house. for the first time in years.
I found it pleasant. I think now everytime we see them we'll be shaking hands and everything. Mahmood wasn't there. Thank God. >_>

Anyways I'm tired.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

-------------- >_>

mood: happy/sad
listening to : blossom - Sugar

I love sugar. Their new single is AWESOME! i'll write a review later.

May, Marwa and Mahmoods eldest brothers baby died a few days ago. I saw the ambulance outside the house and everything. Unfortunately the baby suffocated. We saw May by aljazeera so we went to talk to her. and she was crying. We'll probably go to their house in a few. I'm tired. I have a cold and I think I'll get a fever soon.

Kobby, were not going to seef tomorrow. Seefs closed tomorrow. I think. >_>

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

me and my lovely equilibruim

Mood: Okay
listening to : Jiorama Nebaarando - Dolly

Me and EQ.

I was playing with him and I asked nada to take a pic of me and him.
I'm sorta pissed at the fact that a friend of mine has more posts then me on a forum. I was supposed to be in 2nd place but im in 3rd. >_> I'm soo competitive. It would suck even more if I was a guy. >_>

Dolly : Masa and hachi

mood: inlove
listening to : sugar - dolly

Okay, I'm obsessed.

Masa is like <3! hes hot and the guitarist and I adore his hair.

I LOVE VISUAL KEI!! what is with me and the fucking bassists. I'm always attracted to the bassists before I even know they are. GOD! >_> I hate myself. Hachi.
I love yer style and your boots!!! I want his boots sooo badly. >_> hachi, you are my fav member of Dolly. why? cause your god damn attractive. >_> and no its not cause I'm a bassist and hes a bassist. SHEESH!

I miss downloading like there is no tomorrow. anyways. Im posting this now cause well, I wont have time later on. >_>

>_> stupid non-jrock lovers. >_> offending us lovers all the time.
"They like girls, ewwwww" oh fuck you bitch, they're not girls.
We jrock lovers dont get it easy. trust me I know. They either call me gay or crazy. >_>
I neither. well, I may be crazy but im not gay. fuckers. you may die in pieces.

sorry I just had to say it. People just dont get us. T_T

Dolly + LuLu

mood: cold
listening to : sugar - dolly

I know i'm not supposed to be downloading. but I CANT FUCKING HELP MYSELF. MUSIC IS MY LIFE AND MY BOYFRIEND! minus physical contact. Lol

I found out that myv is releasing an 11 track album and heres what I posted on Jrockheaven.

"GOD MYV! don't you ever go out of the freaking studio. >_> I mean dude. You're going to kill yourself if you keep working. anyways I LOVE YOU!

-________- *ignore me. I'm a fangirl*

This guy has always something up his sleeve.

雅-miyavi- is releasing a new album called '雅-THIS IZ THE JAPANESE KABUKI ROCK' with 11 tracks including 「咲き誇る華の様に -Neo Visualizm-」 (Sakihokoru hana no you ni), 「素晴らしきかな、この世界 -WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD-」, and 「陽の光さえ届かないこの場所で -feat.SUGIZO-」 (Hi no hikari sae todokanai kono basho de). First Press has a DVD with bonus footage and a SHM-CD with high quality sound.

First press = 3800 yen
regular press = 3000 yen"

i love myv. he is just soo cute. with and without make up. hes like no other. too bad. you dont know me and youre 11 years older than me. I'm totally crushing on u. I think I got sawsy to like miyavi too at one point. lol

Lulu and Dolly! are the SHIT!!! they're visual kei and HOT. >_> I'm inlove with their music.

i go back to work.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


mood: HAPPEH!!!
listening to: Natsukashi hibi - metronome

TORA POSTED! he was like hes okay. and hes getting better. I'm SOOOOO HAPPY!!! I'm still going to send him something. well, someone else will send it for me. WOOHOO! i just want to let him know that hes got a fan all the way in this god forsaken Island.


mood: cold
listening to: rebirth + reverse - abingdon boys school

Okay, Okay, one really good indie jrock band is disbanding :(

Feadior, You've done good this far. :(

I can't believe.....

mood: cold
listening to: my pcs fan.


I hate it when my dad comes out of no where and gives me a HUGE list of stuff he wants to order from companies. GAH!!!

i was too busy, that i forgot to tone my comic and make a present for my twin brother. I'm sorry Abood. :(

and I sorta kept on watching Super Junior full house. its a korean reality show and i'm totally inlove with heechul and hangyung.

now i have to leave cause i have to go pick up my idiot siblings.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

i'm in my rooom

mood: pain
listening to: Nadas snoores.

I'm on in my laptop which sucks soo much. For reasons: I spilt milk on the keyboard now its just fucked up. I use a different keyboard. what sucks even more is that sometimes some parts of the stupid notebook goes wacky and doesn't let me do shit.

I just finished studying arabic and Japanese.
I'm not on msn. cause I dont have msn on this piece of fucking junk.

I put up a poster of UVERworld. cause their music is pretty awesome.

heres a video of me being me at 9 am


mood: cold (as in the mood not the feeling)
listening to: Bamboo - these days

I haven't cried.
My eyes have tears. but they stood unshed.
I don't know whats wrong with me. I can't let go.
I can't let go for this. I can't let go when I found out my second mother had cancer. I can't let go when my best friend offends me and I'm overwhelmed with anger. I can't let go when my own sisters team up and beat me down. I don't know whats wrong with. I never cry anymore. I want to sooo badly. but I don't let myself. Am I too proud? what the hell is wrong with me.
I just realized this. after watching nada cry after she found out about Tora. Its just worry. thats all.
shes fine now. she only cried for like five minutes.

Don't worry about me. I'll get over the whole not crying thing tomorrow.

tora!!! >_>

You baka! you should have have taken some rest, you should have watched your health GAH!
I'm a guitarist and I know how it feels like to lose the ability to play temporarily. It broke my soul, when it happened to me. I wanted to cry 24/7. Your situation is worse than mine. I bet you're heartbroken as fuck. I'm here wondering about Saga. and why hasn't he posted anything about you. I hope hes right by your side comforting you like he should. fucking asshole.

I'm sorry. I'm just really really bumped out. I just can't help it especially when I'm holding back the tears. like I always do.

Lol. I'm such a fangirl.

Ignore me you guys. >_> I dont expect comments. I know you guys are like. (refering to Kobby, Yasy and Sawsy. ) "WTF! naj is overreacting a bit to much" Hey! when you're a fan. You care. when you offend them you offend us. so STFU! and let me vent out my feeling since I haven't cried in like a year and I think I'm holding in to much. so STFU. and I'm still not going to cry.

Tora of alice nine.

mood: about to cry

Okay, I know I'm not supposed to react like this cause I don't know the guy. But, I can't help myself. Hes from my fav band. I bought a magazine worth 30 dinars just to have their poster put on my wall.

Tora the guitarist of the band was in the hospital. he is suffering from Spinal dish herniation look here for ref
according to Shou (the vocalist of the band) that Tora is numb from the neck to his left hand. He has trouble sleeping and he is in Pain. he is out of the hospital cause the doctors cant do anything about it. The Band and the staff had a meeting that ended in tear shed. Unfortunately they're canceling all lives until futher notice. Tora might go paralyzed. please dont go paralyzed.
GAH! I hate 2008! first Ryou of Kannivalism is in the hospital cause of depression now Tora.
GOD! I know I shouldn't be caring so much. but i'm their fangirl. I have to care. It breaks me to know my fav guitarist is hurt. :( I hope the band is taking this well. they'll probably cry alot.

when I tell nada she'll actually cry.

We love you Tora. Take care of yourself. - From the fangirls

you can ignore me. its okay. I'm going to cry now. for the first time in a year. again.

Heres what the band members said about Toras condition:
Taken from their blogs.

"Everyone has been worried, so the diagnostic that was given today about Tora's condition is spinal disk hernia,
so it seems that he has lost all sensations from his neck down to his left hand, and his left hand only has been getting cold to the touch.
It's also been difficult for him to sleep as he's been standing up all night, so he hadn't slept since the performance in Sendai two days ago.

Of course, we were aware of Tora's injury since right after the live,
but at that time, we had no idea about the severity of his current condition,

We, including Tora, were positive about this situation, and since he went to get temporarily treated, we were confident that we would be able to carry out the live.

However, Tora returned from the hospital this afternoon, and since there was nothing they could do to treat it and there are risks of paralysis and the like if he keeps on doing more than he can endure, we had a discussion with our staff,
and at the last moment, it was unfortunately decided that the show would be postponed."

"I've also received a lot of messages of concern for Tora.
Tora's chronic disease has degraded, but after the performance in Sendai, his neck had been hurting since we arrived in Aomori and today too, he went to the hospital so we went to the venue...

Since we intended to carry out the live, everyone moved in, but he couldn't even hold his guitar and the painkillers weren't effective...

According to the doctor's diagnosis, if he continues to do the impossible we're afraid he might become paralysed, and as a result of a discussion between the members and the staff, we gave everyone a late notice, so I'm deeply sorry for all the trouble and worry we have caused you.

I knew Tora was taking painkiller drugs.
But since he always seems cool and composed, I truly thought he was doing alright...

I didn't think his condition was that bad.
I feel sorry that we hadn't noticed it sooner."

"Everyone's been worried about Tora-shi's medical condition, but in addition to the original hernia, because he hurt his neck during last summer's tour, the condition of his cervical hernia has started to degrade to the point where his hand is getting numb and he can't hold his guitar.

We won't know how long these symptoms will last or what sort of treatment will make him feel better until he returns to Tokyo for a more thorough examination.

Tora himself always seemed cool at first sight, but because he truly loves music, because he truly loves alicenine. as well as all of our fans, I think he's done his best to continue until now.

Tora-shi truly fought until the end with the members and the staff to be able to do this live, but on doctor's orders, since he's more important than anything else to alice nine, since it's something that might affect his whole life, he had no choice but to stop..

I play guitar too, and there's nothing I fear as much as not to be able to move my hands freely.

Also, for someone who truly likes music, his band, playing guitar, doing lives and all of those who've gathered with us, it's truly a harsh decision"

Saturday, January 12, 2008

quick post

mood: busy
listening to: Rude - lulu

I'm going to make this real quick. I've been seriously busy. GAH!
I started my college english at 9 am and finished it at 4 pm. GAH! I am so pissed off. I wasted so much time talking to nada in between. I have ADD. GAH!

here are my test scores on my language tests. I aced japanese.

and here is me working. courtesy of Nada.
GAH! . >_> I hate physics.

Friday, January 11, 2008

work is done.

mood: happy

I finished 2 PACEs today. and I'm happy that I did. GOSh. now i'm going to go off and listen to my shou, while I read.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

another realization

Mood: determined

Like I always do. I realize something like every five minutes. cause well, I have time to open my eyes. I have realized how much I admire and love literature. I have a passion for writing now. all i want to do is gain inspiration some how and write till my heart bleeds.

I am surprised to see me utterly ardently passionate I am to this writing business. I mean. I want to write reviews, book notes. I want to be an editor. WTF I know. To tell you the truth I don't really know what to do in life. I've always thought of owning a bookstore. but how in the hell am I going to manage that when I'm not used to people. I can't be anywhere without people I know. I'm fucking pathetic that way. as nasreen says.

I need my Shou so badly.

Oh Kobby, remember when you asked be what job would you get if you studied english? well, if you studied english literature. You could get a job as a reviewer or editor and possibly work in magazines writing articles and stuff. Lol. I hope that clears up a bit of things.

work .lis

listening to : Natasha bedingfield - we're all mad (OMG! Pop) lol
mood: peaceful

slept in till 7:30am
went to take a shower and ate breakfast.
nasreen isn't home yet. she hasn't brought my Shou back. I want my PSP! GAH! i miss shou.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

( " __ " ;)

listening to: Japanese Lessons : Track 1
mood: stressed out

Yesterday, after doing my work, after finishing what I had to do, after finding out that I have to finish all my work before March 14, so I can graduate this year, I closed my computer, and stared at the black screen and screamed.
I'm loosing it.

today, I just realized that all I want is someone to tell me that I have a reason to stay in this world.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

March 14!!

listening to : アヤメ - billy
mood: stressed.

I just found out that I have a deadline to finish my books. If I dont send in the finished books by March 14 I may not be able to join the graduation until next year. (v_v) (T_T)

My graduation is on april 30th if I make it.


listening to: the sound of my stupid computer
mood: busy.

Even if its just simple subtraction it still is to much and it takes me only 10 minutes to answer a whole page of subtraction and I still get careless mistakes. I hate HATE numbers, I barely remember what I learned in the last PACE.

55 left to do. If I do one PACE a day for the next 9 weeks I can finish it all on March. I hope I can resist holidays.

9:40 am and Im already in page 22. 38 pages of math is horrible its better than 47 pages of algebra I had last semester.

10:50 I took 35 minutes to do the test. GAH! my voice is all rough for not talking to anyone for hours.

Now, I'm talking to kobby, while doing so many other things at the same time. I have to tone my comic aswell today is the update.

I haven't even posted up the icons yet.

Monday, January 7, 2008


mood: accomplished
listening to : ame - billy

I successfully finished making 500 jrock icons! OMG!! yay! now i have to put it up on LJ! I'm so proud of myself. I'm never making 500 icons ever again. I lost count and and and I over did things too.

Today I did English. Highschool english. I nearly cried reading the most beautiful poem. :( so sad.

After that I watched this: I didn't expect the french kiss. Lol 5alid! DO NOT WATCH THIS. Lol.

Its the hottest thing I've ever seen a Jrock band do. the bassist and guitarist. the band ofcourse is Fatima. and no they are not gay. Its an act. If your a Visual Kei jrocker then they sometimes do this, to give the fangirls a treat. Its cause almost all Japanese girls like yaoi. But you rarely see the kisses at lives. Most bands get out of the visual kei scene. Its probably cause its getting old. Lol.

Sunday, January 6, 2008


listening to : Hai no Yuki - exist trace <- I love this song
Mood: accomplished

I just finished doing my college english. I finished it in like 3 hours. which is a new record! its probably cause my pencil hasn't left the paper till I finished it. lol
I'm happy I finished it though. Now, I can do stuff online. I hope I finish my icon making today!

Saturday, January 5, 2008


listening to : Hai No Yuki - exist trace -thank you sawsy for downloading this for me-
mood: upset

My day did NOT start off well. Like an irresponsible prick I overslept. I didn't sleep well, and I missed my usual computer time. So I didn't go online. when I was done with a shower and I was already doing my work. Nada, came in and told me to come with her to the tailor to help her pick out a prom dress. that just ruined everything. It has been two weeks since I started doing my work and I feel I haven't done anything that satisfies me. NOTHING. In the current situation I'm in. I don't know if I can go back to my usual situation. What made me feel better is when we went to aljazeera and actually bought 'Becoming Jane' DVD. that made me happy. When we came home it was lunch time. we ate and baked cookies for school tomorrow. Before watching the movie. Me and Nada sat abit with my parents. Mom, told pops that we bought a DVD. and then BOOM. my day flipped back to what it was when I woke up. My Dad complained. he shouted at me. Telling me not to spend money left and right. The DVD was only 8.9 BD dad. Chill. but no... he started ranting about the cable and how he bought it so we can watch all the movies we want. I said. 'Baba, its a BBC production. BBC movies don't show on television alot, and this movie didn't even hit the movie theaters, it went straight to DVD' But no he kept on ranting on about money. Which made me seriously angry that I could cry for hiding everything with a smile and a chuckle. 'come on nada lets go watch the movie' I said. we left the room.
In my opinion, I think my dad is just taking out everything on me. cause well, we're sorta broke. when he and mom went and bought new kitchen shit like a mixed and a rice cooker. I personally think that he is telling me everything that he should be telling himself. I've seen how many times he orders things that aren't needed for his shop until this summer. We have no way of paying for this. He takes out his anger on the smallest of creatures.

Becoming Jane, made me realize that, 1 out of 100 never get their happy endings. It has also inspired me to live by a pen. for me to do that. I'll have to increase my vocabulary and pratice writing as much as possible. Everyone has a happy ending. mine will not come.

I look at the pile of work that I have to do. I don't think I can finish it in 3 months.
Looks like I'll not be having a holiday as I hoped for this semester.

God, help me.


Friday, January 4, 2008

Language Test

Listening to : sleepy - Sugar
Mood: Busy

I was so close to acing the tests. GAH. my spelling sucks in arabic and japanese.
I almost aced japanese! damn it!

look what I got from the bookshop. I didn't pay for it JJ did,

older brothers are awesome sometimes.

this is how I learn and remember most things. Its pretty simple for me. I usually take about 3 minutes to learn a word.


listening to : sleepy - sugar (the solo is AWESOME)
mood: busy

Okay, I'm busy as hell. I'm going to make a list of stuff I do everyday. well, almost everyday. heres my schedule for today.

6:30 clean the living room
7:00 breakfast
7:30 PC
-post in blog
-post in forum
-reply to comments
9:00 shower
9:20 work
12:00 lunch
12:30 work
14:00 scan comic- tone comic
16:00 update comic
17:00 Japanese/arabic lessons
18:00 Bass
20:00 Dinner
21:00 read
22:00 draw next comic page
23:00 sleep

GAH! work work work!

Thursday, January 3, 2008


listening to : Bamboo -these days
mood- masaya

Okay, NO this is not a JROCK band its a filipino one. These guys came over here last lasts years Rakrakan this year we'll have Kamkaze and Paranyoki ni Edgar.

I love this vid of Bamboo.Hallelujah its called. I love the chorus.

Halleluuu, hallelujaaah
Sinong sawa, sinong galit
Sumigaw ngayong gabi
Halleluuu, hallelujaah

In english

Halleluuu, hallelujaaah
Whose fed up. Whose angry
Scream Tonight
Halleluuu, hallelujaah

My own translation.

heres my fav song of kamikaze

This video is sooooo FUCKING AWESOMELY CRAZY! they're on crack! NOoo I'm just kidding.

WOOHOO for filipino ROCK!

though i still prefer jrock to it.

Seef time

listening to : Lujo - ONE OK ROCK
mood: content

1st of January we went to seef.
We walked around with older brother. we first went to an electronics shop. Then we went to the book shop and he bought me a Japanese lessons book. WOOHOO! then we went to euphoria and bought naser crash titans for the psp. At lunch we at dulce. that place was expensive. I didn't see the bill but still. My mom had to use a credit card. Then Nada bought shoes!

The food at dulce was awesome. The pizza tasted GOooood!


LOok!!! Its mommy and naser and nada and FOFOOOOOD!


listening to : lujo - ONE OK ROCK
Mood: content

okay, I finished physics. But I forgot to do the test. Now, I have to do it. (TДT)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


listening to : charles - heidi.
Mood: happy

I actually joined livedoor. to those who doesn't know what 'livedoor' is Livedoor is a Japanese blog. used by many jrockers and other random ppl.

the link to my japanese blog.

shesha restaurant

listening to : kafuka - deadman
mood: merry

went to the shesha restaurant and crap close to aljazeera mahooz.
I brought my physics and my tagalog required-reading. They had rooms that are awesome. they had kool old things and awesome paintings.

Im trying to join a japanese website. I'm having trouble finding the register button. lol

1|1|2008 2|1|2008

listening to : 瑠璃の雨 -アリセ九
mood: evil

I made older brother to buy me some shit for me online. WOOHOO! it was a preposition. he gets me that I go with him to a sheesha bar. (^'A'^)
^^^^^ LOOK its nao and shou with sagas bass. why are you biting sagas bass, Nao?

For those who dont like Jrock. Look away. Jrock news. Note: I also set up news. for people who want to know shit about certain bands.

Sugars Drummer atsuto is soo cute okay rephrase. His hot. He doesn't show his face. but now he does! Wohoo! but he should seriously cut his hair.

they have a new bassist his name is shingo. Hes cute but I still miss koto. (*;__;*)
whats funny is that theres an actual band called 'Daizystripper' lol.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Things I want. that I'll never get.


V!NYL SYNDICATE another edition "Party 1"

Synchro/Hyururi - heidi.
Kaso - heidi.
Shodo - heidi.
Clover - heidi.
Dokuko- heidi.
Naihishinsho - ONE OK ROCK
etcetera - ONE OK ROCK
Keep it real - ONE OK ROCK
Rebirth Under the Chaos with DVD - Nega
illegitimacy - Nega
Hi no Hikari sae Todokanai Kono Basho de [w/ DVD, Limited Edition] - Miyavi
Subarashiki kana, Kono Sekai [w/ DVD + Photo Book, Limited Edition / Type A] - Miyavi
7 Samurai Sessions -We're Kavki Boiz- [w/ DVD, Limited Edition] - Miyavi

Hitorigei 3 [Limited Release] - Miyavi

I will add more later on. were going to seef.

there are so many things I can't have. :( (T_T)

Pasalubong {presents}

From the philippines!

Present from My cousins husband. he painted it.

Invitation to my nieces /Goddaughters Christening.

New Year + Equilibrium

Listening to : anime
mood: okay

I stayed up all night with nada until 12:00 WOOHOO! then we checked wat time it was in Japan and Berlin. It was 7am and 21:00.

anyways HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Equilibrium is my bass. my love!

Bassists rule!