Monday, January 26, 2009


I don't know. I just wanted to do that.
Looook...!! its Eli my monkey! Its from a certain someone and its beyond cute if you ask me.

Anyways, that would be my bed when I'm hard at work in Indesign.
ZCCB is a working progress and its also moving fast.
I finished creating the letterhead. why I made it I don't know. I just wanted to see if they would like it or not and as for the event tickets all I'm missing are the content. I'm not sure if they'll like the colors... I still have to print out some samples for the colors. It might look horrible outside of the computer screen.

I'm glad Eli is with me! Hes a full on Naj Supporter! I think.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Instantly cut off.

mood: kinda sad
listening to: an unreleased single by sid

After 8 years of having this thing tied around my waist. I feel as if a burden has been lifted. Maybe its because the ancient coins that were in it were heavy. haha. but still. With this thing on I felt protected in a way. At first I wasn't ready to have it removed but... now, I think I should.

I wont tell the full story of my agimat. Its too long for its own good.

God, my throat is killing me.

3rd time this winter.

mood: sickening
listening to: 夢幻 -electric eden- ~ alice nine. (beautiful song)

I'm been sick for the 3rd time this winter its beginning to infuriate me into oblivion. *stabs self for not having a great immune system* I feel as though I was 8 again, always in bed sick and crying to get out of bed to go to school. I find it ironic that I used to love school so much that I even wanted to go even if I was sick. But now I hate it with every burning flame I have in me. Now, I'm only worried I might have given someone my cold which I have I hope he doesn't get a fever. *hugs him*

It makes me smile actually, how unexpected everything was. How unbelievable it is at first. I actually wasn't expecting much at the beginning, being as I always am. I wasn't so positive about it. I thought that maybe it'll backfire and It'll all end before it started but after the first date that all changed. Everything flowed so naturally. Another thing that seemed unbelievable. lmao. Honestly, I expected it to be utterly awkward but I'm happy it wasn't. Second date, was a big... awwh, too cute, makes me smile everytime I think about it.

This is going to be great beyond words.

loookie, I'm on the Unisono website:

My awesome purple achievement!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Mood: Happy ~ 
Listening to: Folkin' Around ~ Panic! at the Disco 

I <3>
Naz makes great Cappuccino. 
Its so nice having my eldest sister waiting on me.~ <333

Got an email from the boss. ~
Something about the webpage that I edited. *sigh* 
Today will be awfully short. Which is great. That way I get to go home and go online and... probably just rest. 

This week was so fucking hectic. I've never been so busy in my entire life and I love it. 
It tires me out but I'm satisfied. I'm a workaholic. Whoop! 

I think we're going to BCC on friday. o-o 

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Final Hello

Mood: annoyed
listening to: Jane Eyre Episode 3.

I'm so tired but happy.
I did nothing but artworking and some designing the whole day, which is abnormal for me. I would be doing some organizing or some research. But my day was packed. Mock ups, barcode artwork.

Fun, but tiring.

A little picture to end the day.
Me and Naser.~

Mom told him a little story about how I challenge myself everytime my best friend got a higher mark than me and how I wouldn't eat at all cause I was too busy studying. I was 5.
She also mentioned how I hated being taught. I always studied on my own. Lol I guess she thought it would push him to study harder. It did work. haha.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The final rainbow.

mood: :D (omg! i just used a smiley face D:) OMG! I just used another one.
listening to: CROSS GAME ~ alice nine. ♥♥♥♥

no seriously. thats the last time I'm going to be playing that song in front of a camera.

It took me fucking 2 hours to do it and I only got it right once! but that video was sabatoged by nada. *insert emote of eternally pissed off naj here*

then I ended up putting in some other vids just to correct my awful mistakes.
sigh... off of the cam I make zero mistakes... .-. stupid camera making me all nervous and crap.

I actually got vids of me messing up and then really throwing a tantrum. Lmao
Well, I didn't really throw a tantrum... okay maybe I did.


But the day ended so well. *insert happy grin here*

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dances along with Frank Sinatra.

Mood: winktastic [yay! new word]
Listening to: Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off ~ Panic! at the Disco

Again, me and Nada did something utterly useless.
We sat in front of her laptop watching drama for two days straight.

I'm kinda disappointed in myself. I hate feeling useless. .-.


Something to get my mood back to its brightest:

My fluffy purple socks! they're so warm.! (yes... I'm wearing pants.) Ignore the paper beside it it was just me taking notes and specific colors and all. (for the posters)

I'm so not used to the minty green walls.


Green are spaces that Renz wrote and edited.
Red is untouched and written by yours truly.

"Sitting on the bare oaken chair, I was caressed by the winds that came in through the French windows. The sun gently beamed its radiance across my face and its warmth was very forthcoming. The old clock struck its regular mantra as another hour passed in our old house. I breathed out a sigh and stared down at my shoes. Again I was lost in my stare. The left was lightly scarred at the upper. Moving my toes up and down; I could slightly see the bulge of my left toe through the black leather. I continued my blank stare. A wave of jealously and insecurity wept its way in a surge through me. I shivered. I thought of the past and present. I thought of how my sister is most likely to live more happily than me. I can't rid my view of how the simplest things anyone does better than me. A fire immediately ascends from my wits and I grow mad at them first for their greatness and then at myself for being so inferior to their likes.

I find my traits so difficult even for myself. I wish, I just wish for my intellect to stop being as it is. No more of my lack of confidence. I don't know if I'm born with it or if I grew it during the years when my sister went off to school while I stayed at home burying myself in every book I could find so I could feel better about myself. It makes me angry that I even shed tears. A pathetic sort of person I think myself. My complexity only showing off its true greatness with every word I speak of now. If only I could laugh at my own sarcasm, as if it were as easy as I wished it to be."

Something I edited last night.
I just felt there was a line that needed to be replaced with something that had more meaning to every word.

Monday, January 5, 2009


*drags self into blogger*

I feel like shit.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

When SOC seems easier.

Mood: headache/fever/headache
Listening to: some korean music on nadas notebook.

Alright, I just got off the phone with best. He was like... I'm at work and I was like O_O what?!? lol
Working 16 year olds are a trend now. *laughs* I hope the... doesn't find out. *sigh* I didn't go to work today. T-T I feel incredibly shitty and theres no best or kal to make me feel better. T-T

*sigh* I have to come up with concepts for the Poster and shit.
I'll just talk to renz and nikki on what they want and hows the program going to be like and if they want me to design the tickets as well as the act program and if they want it in full color or duo tone.

Why does SOC (Spring of Culture) seem easier?
Probably cause I didn't do anything but play around with the ticket design.
*bows down to paul for his awesomeness*
Must ask him questions tomorrow.


mood: shitty
listening to: the secret audiobook

I feel like shit. I want to sleep for a couple of hours.
Before that. I'm going to update.
Umm... I waited an hour for my turn at the hospital. The other patients are all babies. >.>
T-T well, its not my fault I didn't get any shots after I turned 8. They usually give the vaccines to students at school. Well, I didn't go to school after 7. >.> *sad face*

i'm going to go sleep.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

I'm quite confused.

Mood: sleepy and possibly close to insanity.
listening: nine in the afternoon ~ Panic! at the disco / the one i love - the rasmus (OKAYY.... didn't expect shuffle to bring me there. seriously.... )

I've been trying to install japanese into my notebooks languages but i didn't have the files.
I spent 4 hours copy pasting files into a usb and into my notebook individually. Why individually? Well, I don't know what files are needed and the only way I know what files I need is through stupid error reports. This is annoying as fuck.

After that... I think I went a little crazy.

Its 11:37pm

I'm excessively tired.
I think its quite obvious that sleep doesn't seem to be at the top of my list at the moment. I just feel as if it has utterly deprived itself from me.

I don't enjoy being an insomniac. Its stupid.

listening to: and I ~ Ciara (WTF?! ?!? !?!?! ?!?! I still know the lyrics too... .*disappointed in self*)

"and I know he won't break my heart." Good God. this is so lame. *changes song*


Today was fun.
BCC with friends.

Despite the fact that we had to leave early. It was fun nevertheless.

Dec 31st at work. Me and Naz moved around shit and packed gift bags for clients over like 60 gift bags and thats me at the meeting table.

Everythings purple.!


I just lost my muse.
I think I'll just leave this entry as it is.