Sunday, January 4, 2009

When SOC seems easier.

Mood: headache/fever/headache
Listening to: some korean music on nadas notebook.

Alright, I just got off the phone with best. He was like... I'm at work and I was like O_O what?!? lol
Working 16 year olds are a trend now. *laughs* I hope the... doesn't find out. *sigh* I didn't go to work today. T-T I feel incredibly shitty and theres no best or kal to make me feel better. T-T

*sigh* I have to come up with concepts for the Poster and shit.
I'll just talk to renz and nikki on what they want and hows the program going to be like and if they want me to design the tickets as well as the act program and if they want it in full color or duo tone.

Why does SOC (Spring of Culture) seem easier?
Probably cause I didn't do anything but play around with the ticket design.
*bows down to paul for his awesomeness*
Must ask him questions tomorrow.

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