Monday, April 25, 2011

The Challenge

Tonight, will be the first night we won't say goodnight to each other. The first night you won't tell me that you love me. The first night you won't wish me sweeter dreams.

Tomorrow, will be the first day I won't call you to check if you have eaten or whether you'll be out or if you're coming home. Tomorrow, will be the first day we won't kiss each other over the phone. The first day that we won't know what each of us are doing.

I'm not comfortable writing down my feelings anymore because I fear the tears and the pain I'll feel burning my chest. Also, because I'm a bad writer. Haha.

I somehow have hope that one day we'll meet again and talk about what we were and what we are now. And somehow we'll end up together again and with everything you've told me and said. I can't help but hope. A year may go by and we will change. This obstacle this challenge will change us. It'll tear us apart then glue us back together again but we'll be different. I may become stronger and more confident and you'll be strong, ready and decisive. And in the process of this. We will be glitching we will cry and break and cry and break until time heals us. And right now, All I can focus on is the moment I can't feel the pain anymore. The moment I'll be happy again. And if fate chose us to be together again then let it be.

No matter what you'll still be my bestfriend.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Thought Database

Hey everyone!

This will just be a database filled with all my past thoughts etc. :D

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