Monday, December 31, 2007

brother has landed or docked.

listening to the tv
Mood: moderate

Okay, brother-in-law aka JJ. Has now docked in mina salman. which is awesome. they approved his leave and now we're going to pick him up at 4:00pm.

sorry bout the rant. I just had to let it out.

added pressure

Listening to: Zetsubou Billy - MAXIMUM THE HORMONE
Mood: Pissed

Okay I updated my comic yesterday with a toned page cause a person said this :

"um I dont read it, but you should really add some more work to your art If you want to get more comments.I would do inking, toning.I mean its only a sketch and you cant even say "finished". But its pretty good I think"

When I said:

"If you read this comic. Please, comment even once. Just so I know someones reading this."

She doesn't even read my fucking comic why the fuck is she criticizing it. FUCK YOU BITCH!

Then I updated the comic with this comment:

"Okay, Happy new year.

yes, I toned this cause someone told be to tone it in order to get more comments. I dont want comments. I just want to see what this looked like toned. I wasted my sweet icon making/photomanipulating time on this. Now you know why I don't tone my pages. cause I suck at it. I was lazy to shine and hair and shit. so don't complain. the reason I created this comic was to improve my anime skills not my toning skills. Besides this is not the first time I toned something.
I had 2 other comics before this one.

Happy New Year"

Then she commented again saying :

"heh, to me it looks cooler than only penciled version.And btw, just to let you know this is manga :P anime is animated stuff.Nice page btw"


Anyways. the actual added pressure is my mom telling to finish my work before April 2008. I cant do that I have 59 books to finish. thats more than half a hundred. Im not a miracle worker. Sheesh Mom. Besides I have 2 subjects that have 60 pages. how the fuck am I going to do that? and the score key of one of that subjects is missing. so leave me alone. I want a holiday. Oh What the hell. I'll just do everything so she'll stop nagging at me. Homeschooling will make you insane. Its surprising how I'm still sane. Don't you dare tell me to go to real school. IF you do I'll fucking KILL YOU! Then kill the students of the school your taking me to and then myself. Fuck you fuckers.

How depressing. Anyways. I'll go do US economics.
Nice way to end 2007 eh?

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Work? + Depressing relatives

Listening to : Flake - attic [Jun sounds so cute!]
Mood: annoyed

Nasser is annoying as fuck.
Okay, I was eating breakfast and I overheard my uncle telling my mom that our closest cousins are seriously depressed. Ever since their dad died they've been worse than before. The youngest wants to kill herself. The Eldest and the 3rd are always fighting. the 3rd who is closest to me. Is really really evil or something. Hes hiding a very mean person. Poor guy. And Im not there to comfort him like I always am. and the 2nd is hiding his feelings with humor. That guy is really handsome. blah! the Eldest is the one who gets hurt the most. I have a feeling he'll kill himself. POOR KUYA! I really wish I here to help them. :( But, I doubt we'll go there. there is a certain someone who will take advantage of our money. She just replaced her dad. Gosh.

U.S. Economics, is going to suck. theres an activity pack. A activity pack is 27 pages of questions to answer. Its accompanied with The reading material which is like 30 pages. plus the 2 page Test Paper. Thats like 60 pages. I'm guessing I wont be on until 19:00 which sucks. I want to finish making icons before the new year. and New years eve is tomorrow. GAh! I hate this.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sawsys Birthday Party

Listening to: The Tv
Mood: balanced

Okay, Uncle dondie is here. YAY for that. I got some presents from the philippines.

Back to last night.
Last night was pretty awesome. it was fun.
We brought sawsy to fuds. and she was surprised to see Noor and Eman there.
Me and Yasy sneaked off to get the cake at baskin robins. We hid the cake with the staff.
lol. We wait until, the waitress came and asked 'kakanta ba kami?' 'do we sing?' I said 'yes, please'
so they lit the candles and the staff sang for sawsy. it embarrassed her. lol.
It was fun the staff was nice.

Noor and Eman made a giant card for sawsy along with other presents.
I drew myv on the front.

After food :
And I finished it!
Then we went to costas. and went to yasys house. and hung out in sawsys room. YAY! I played with her patrick. and installed her sims. <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">
Guitars and Basses RULE!

Friday, December 28, 2007


OMG! I was randomly making icons and then boom. MSN MESSENGER DISAPPEARS! now i cant open it.! GAH!!!! sorry Kobby!

Air Drums!!!!!

This guy is awesome! His wearing eyeliner and I didn't even have to go look at his profile to know that he's from japan. WOOHOO! his hot. -blushes-

THIS IS THE SHIT!!!!! Dir en grey! Rcks!

カル・ヴァリ (Kalvary)

Vocals - シネマ (Sinema [ex-Dari])
Bass - Ko-ich [ex-ARTS]
Guitar - 牡丹 (Botan[ex-Dari])
Guitar - Takashi [ex- ARTS]
Drums - 英治郎 (Eijirou[support drummer. ex-DEUSE, Juka support drummer])

Ex dari! Yo! I love dari. wooohooo! I have their whole disco. too bad they disbanded eh?
New random band that I saw over at shattered Tran...
Great site to find new Jrock bands. Okay, This will be added to my list of Jrock bands.
I hope they wont disband and crap. I want to listen to their music. But i cant find anything. so It looks like I'll have to add this to my list of bands to get cds of. okay, that doesn't make sense.
I'll have to go to their live to get cds. Boo... I cant go to japan. :( so soon enough they'll release cds all over China.

new hair cut!

listening to : the tv
mood: okay.

Okay, friday is my day off!
My moms friend is here with her son and maid. I've been installing games in the little boys laptop.
Yeah, yesterday, I finished English. I have 2 english subjects. which sucks. though it enlarges my vocabulary.

My mom cut my bangs yesterday. which looks like so.

Its short, I know. it was an accident that turned out very nice.

I finished Shou a few days ago.

It took me about 7 hours. GAH! and I hate it so much! it looks horrible!

Anyways look wat happens when I call nada!
The pic moves! WOOHOO!
Look at my screensaver.
I did my little self text on the 27th and here are the results.

My English pages. or in this case page.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

10 minutes

I have ten minutes to do watever I can online. God! I hate being behind my schedule.
Okay, My mom cut my bangs. I answered to many emails for my dad. I now wake up at 6:30am instead of 7:30.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007


listening to : shunkashuutou - alice nine.
mood: my eyes are burning?

ang dali naman ang filipino ko. akala ko mahirap. hindi naman. salamat sa diyos.
Ang kulit naman ang internet ko. walang kwentang internet! GAH!
ayokong basahin ang el filibusterismo. ang lalim naman ang tagalog. ANG HIRAP! super!

anyways... I just finished making 337 icons. a few more and I'm done. completely. I'm going off. cause my eyes burn. sorry for the tagalog. I'm too lazy to translate.


listening to : the vacuum cleaner
mood: moody

Okay, attic or JUN ex. .phatasmagoria. went solo. He has pink hair! WOOOHOOO!
anyways its 8:20am. I have only a few minutes on the internet before I go work. GAH! i hate being busy. I finished 2 booklets 62 left. and I'm done with Highschool.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


listening to : Ibitsu(live) - lucy

304 icons.

196 left to go.

last nights dream

listening to : Cab d. - Kra
mood: attentive/busy

Last nights dream woke me up at 6:15.
I was in a cd store in China I was actually buying shit loads of Jrock cds. I kept on stacking them up, then I said to myself, why the hell do I keep thinking about this. Gah, Its so lame. I've never been so into something in my life. I blame the fact they dont sell jrock cds here. If they did I wouldn't be so excited to buy Jrock cds by selection on CD racks. Man! 4 months! 4 Fucking months. If I just did my work. I'll probably be on the 4th month in 2 days. Lol .


listening to : SHINKAKUKAKAIRO -heart
mood: okay.

I just finish my college english. It was easier than I expected. It sure thought me how formal I should be in my CV.

Okay, i uploaded all 270 something icons on photobucket cause I was afraid my Pc would crash.
that reminds. I should put all my jrock pictures in a Cd aswell so i don't have to start over. I'm going to update my journal on DA. and update my comic and clean out my inbox and make more icons. after that, I'll arrange my folders and delete all the shit I dont want.

will update when I can.
study hour was from 9:15 till 2:15 with interruptions. Courtesy of my siblings.

Merry Christmas To All

Okay, I'm doing this as fast as I can.
I'm going to go take a shower while my father oils my PC. I hate it when the fan goes all noisy.
I hope he doesn't touch anything that will effect my memory. I have valuable shit in this box of bolts! Gah! I hope he doesn't touch the hard drive. GOD! I wish he wouldn't touch the harddrives!

I predict him bringing it to his friend who will reformat my pc! (*ー_-*) (->_>-)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Busy. BUSY!

listening to : kra.
mood: busy busy

Okay, I just finished business math. which I started at 9 am and finished at 3 am. yes, That long.
Okay, I still see numbers. I've been fucking busy. I had to answers emails too. I have to burn all my stuff in my harddrive into cds cause It might crash soon. and and my dads going to get the fan repaired. so I'll be doing shit on my pc ALLLL night looong! SHIT! i have to draw a comic page. GAH! I should bring everything here.

I had a dream last night about One ok rock. they we're friends of mine and I watched them compose a song. Taka asked alex to play a tune on his guitar and he started singing and it all happened from there. the lyrics were amazing though I completely forgot what they were. I know how to compose shit now. I knew it would come to me in a dream. Yeah, right.

I'm going to make myself a t-shirt design so my uncle who is in the philippines will get it printed and shit. MYV here I come!


Its cold all of the sudden.
why? I dunno! I hate global warming.
According to saga-kun it suddenly went cold in Japan too... and and alice nine. is going to Germany!! NOOOOOOooo! shou-kun says that he'll be playing nintendo DS on the streets of Germany. goddamnit!

I have to do my work. buh bye!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

naihishinsho screencaps

listening to : yokubouni manchita Seinandan - ONE OK ROCK
mood: cheerful

The full videos screencaps.
Naihishinsho PV Screenshots

Lj layout

listening to : heidi.
mood: my eye hurts

I finally found out how to change my lj layout. now its MYV!! WOOOHOOO!

i love myv!

my fav socks in the whole world.

The rainbows are awesome!!!


listening to : charles - heidi.
mood: surprised

Okay, it is not supposed to be here. They sorta sent it too us unexpectedly. I mean we didn't pay yet. great. Now I have to do work. 12th grade is going to suck.

Okay, I have high school english and college english, Financial math, or business math, I've got phil and US economy, Filipino and physics. I hate physics.

I mean I even have to read a book thats like deep tagalog. I can't understand deep tagalog.

OMG! They sell jrock cds in CHINA!

listening to : cherry trees - kirito (his voice is soo cute)
mood: excited

yes, they do! I got my question answered on yahoo. and and they do sell jrock cds! I'm so going to make a list.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

270+ icons

listening to : charles - heidi.
mood: balanced

okay. I just made 270 icons and I'm running out of jrockers that I love.
Its either I cant find pics of them to make into icons or they're not so famous that I have to make gifs instead of actual icons. gifs are btw. moving icons. yes, i make moving ones.


Listening to - cherry trees - kirito
mood - still hating myself.

Okay, I was randomly surfing the net for jrock information. I was about to make Icons when Yasy called me and asked if I could come over. Then, I was like sure. I asked my mom she said okay. and I asked my dad to drop us off and he did after his failed attempts to sleep. I woke up Nasreen asking if she wanted to come and she was like no... we ended up giving her a ride to her apartment. we stopped by mcdonalds for her brunch.
(look I'm wearing the outfit aki wore in namida no ondo but black.)
Okay, I went to yasys house dumped my shit in her room. watched persuasion for the 3rd time. its too bad people weren't actually paying attention. Its a great mini movie. In the middle of the movie yasy ofcourse got a phone call from I think everyone knows who. Then she asked, wanna go to starbucks in abit. and I was like sure. So we did. drank a frapichino I have no idea how to spell it. Blah blah oh, forgot this bit. I saw our cousin, well he sorta is not our cousin. but watever. Hes french. He seemed nice. but i'm not attracted to him like yasy. I mean I don't desire him. Lol
(I remind myself of shou sometimes)
(one ok rock is love)
Then we went to fuds and had a ceasar salad. I was stuffed after eating that. Before that we had shirley temples. I love shirley temple.then hamany and khalid decided to grace us with their presence before we ate. HI KHALID! <3 T.a.t.u came on the stereo and sawsy came in and said one of them is pregnant, khalid came into the convo and said yasy? lol. that was funny.
One of the waiters was like cute. and he actually noticed me and he is neither filipino nor arab. Hes probably Thai. either way. We left, Yasy wanted to kidnap us. and I talked her out of it. and ya. thats about it.

My life is so not interesting.
(my msn doesn't work)

a gift from a friend in china

Listening to : The Red Carpet Day - Versailles
Mood: hating myself (if that really is a mood)

I got a little gift from my dads friend in China. Her name is Quan Quan. shes nice.
I love my gift very much.

random drawing update

listening to : forbidden gate -Versailles
Mood: hating.

Oh look what I doodled a few days ago.

To full view just click the picture.

Update on my drawing of shou.
It looks butt ugly, I know.
I spent 6 hours on it. and I'm not done yet. I usually finish a drawing in 3 hours or just 5. so this is the first time i've taken 6 hours on one drawing.

cause of the rant

listening to : cold - kirito
mood: sad

well, I want this but I can't have it now can I? I haven't asked my mom. so I wouldn't know. but i just GAH! I dont know whats wrong with me. I just want it but I'm not doing anything to get. GAH! I don't care if I finish my eid money. I want it. its just 9 dinars including tax and shipping. aww.... It has a DVD. it has a fucking DVD! with the boys of sadie, 12012 & an cafe. I MEAN SERIOUSLY! I suck! I officially suck!

I hate being obsessed with jrock. its just not fair. its just not fair.


Listening to : kousai - alice nine. (officially the song I listen to when I'm sad)
Mood: disappointed

why do I have to be such an ascetic. I mean, seriously. why do I have to understand my parents money problem, why do I have to know about IT? why do I have to be sooo unfun. like that makes sense. I mean, I hold myself back from the real pleasures in life. why? I have no fucking idea thats why I'm an ascetic. I hate being one. I hate hate myself. I dont have courage to do anything. ANYTHING!!!!!!!!! GAH! i just want to kill myself. (ー_-)何で!!! 何で!! Oh and don't listen to the dictionary when they tell you that an ascetic is a monk and shit. well, you can use the word to describe one. GAH! and I loathe loathe loathe my life. the situation I'm in right now is not agreeable! NOT NOT agreeable. to be exact its far from agreeable it SUCKs!! GAH!


P.S. hello yasy, sawsy and 5alid! <3

Friday, December 21, 2007

Layla (ライラ) again.

Okay, my internet works for like a 5 minutes at a time.

Time for rant! I CAN FIND ANYTHING ANYTHING Or ANYONE of Laylas songs. Its like clearly impossible to find it. GAH!!!! 100 copies sold at their live on december something blah blah blah blah..

5 words


-will update tomorrow morning-

layla 〔ライラ)

listening to : close sky - maverick
mood: hyper

okay, I sorry, that all I do here is post up some random bands info. well, hey, its my blog so STFU! and besides this is also my bookmark. I post what ever band here with thei info. so I can come back and look it up. So I dont have to find it all over the place AGAIN.

so STFU! and dont complain.

Female visual kei band.

Bass. Marie, Gu. Toki, Voc. Az, Dr.


yeah I'm done.


listening to : kousai - alice nine (its 7 minutes long)
mood: still refreshed.

They look awesome. they sorta look oshare kei. but whatever I love vk.

Vocals - 祐也 (Yuuya)
Guitar - レイ (Rei)
Guitar - 牡葉 (Otoha)
Bass - 樹蘭 (Jura)
Drums - カレン (Karen)

Okay, new band, came into the spot light on October. I haven't heard anything of theirs cause they just released their first demo. so yeah, I'll be keeping my eye on them. I must must bookmark their OHP.

heidi. new mini-album REM!!

listening to : kousai - alice nine
mood: refreshed

releasing on valentines day.

OMG! I want heidi.'s new mini cd so badly! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it!I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it!I want it!I want it! I want it!I want it!I want it!I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it!

.....but I can't have it. cause I suck and I have no monies. no MONIES!! WHY!!!!?!?!?
thats it if they sell their cds in China I'm buying it! I am!! I am! GAH!!! I should make a list of Cds I have to get. It has to be in japanese cause well, yeah. its going to be in japanese.


listening to : 虹彩ー アリせ九 (Iris of the Eye - alice nine.)
mood: sad

this song is sooo fucking sad. I can hear saga singing in the background. he has such a beautiful voice. -cries- cries-

here are parts of the song in english that I love.

"With the transparent warmth that I had been gazing at, my faith in you won't change till the end of the world"

"My beloved, try looking up, because the rain of light is falling, gently wiping away the traces of your tears"

Shou writes sad sad songs. :(

I'm trying to cry cause my eyes are still red. but I can't!!! WAHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

jrock discographies

listening to: doll - glasier
mood: GAH! SHOWER!!!

There are shit loads of jrock bands I mean LOADS! over 50 that need my attention. Man! how much I love jrock. I can't download as much. which is sad. :( :( I can't even download my fan bands sometimes. :( sigh.

okay here are the bands that need me!! lol

watch out looooooong list! BLUE!!!

What the hell! its supposed to be names not links! Gah! Oh watever!

4 GB

listening to : 涙の温度 -シド
mood: okay

Okay, I woke up, and I was thinking, isn't my dad supposed to be here? and then I went to the kitchen on my way back to the room I share with nada, my mom walked in from the stair door and told me that my dads here. I was like 'What are you doing here? aren't you supposed to be in there (points at her room) sleeping?' she said 'no I'm here' lol

Pops, bought us 4 GB memory cards!! Wohoo! he bought nasreen a black PSp and nada a pink one. the slim psps SUCK! i like my old one. its more like 蒋s. -sigh- I love 蒋!! He is AWESOME!

anyways I'm waiting for nada to give me my fucking USB cable.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Arabic and Japanese Test.

listening to : cherry tree - kirito
mood: calmer than before

I started a study strategy, that involved me learning a few words in both arabic and japanese in one day. I'll be doing this for the whole week. at the end of every week I take a test I make. and I took this test last night. I passed in both languages.

The results. click to full view.

I sorta learned more in japanese than arabic. I dunno. I remember more when it comes to Japanese so I keep adding more. Arabic. I'm trying my best to study more.

anyways Im off to watch happy feet with nasreen in her room.

hummingbirds message

listening to : AURORA - quell (bass in this song rox!)
mood: shitty sucks! alot! I mean seriously! why is DA on system maintenance?!?!? (;。_。) (>_>)<<>_>>>










icon resources

I woke up before 7am. I couldn't open my other eye. and then boom. both my eyes are completely red.Sucks I know. I dont have a fever anymore which is a good thing. Oh look, Nada is finally reading the lord of the rings.

I'm downloading icon resources and stock packs. I want to photomanipulate, so that would mean, I'm not on any messenger. (。_。)

I had a weird dream,
Okay, There was this guy, who was our bands vocalist (wah? i know), he signed us up for a show. and we don't even know what to play. stupid idiot. I told this swedish lady to take pics of us and we went to get our instruments. Me and sawsy, took our bass and guitar. Nada sat by her Drums. and the guy turned into Yasy and I woke up. BOOO!! I want to play the live. (≫∇≫) WHY!!! 何で!何でなの! 何でなの! いや! いや! いや! 

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

235 icons

OMG! ya, that many.

I just made 35 more. WOOOHOOO. mostly of o2r! I had to make 10 of each member. I love them. they're sooo normal!

im gtoing off my eyes are being irritating

Japanese Emotes.

They're sooo coool!!

( ´∀`)☆(≧ω≦)(´ー`)(つд`)( ̄。 ̄)(*~▽~)( ^▽^)σ)~O~)(=゜ω゜)(´ω`)(ノ_・。)(-_- )ノ
(´ヘ`;)(^^;)(>_<。)( ´∀`)((((゜д゜;))))(=ω=;)(。・_・。)(o´ω`o)(^▽^)(*´д`*)( ̄□ ̄)

I stole it from reo. of guys family. I couldn't help myself.


昨日なんと珍しく病院に行ってきたんだけどね、扁桃腺の腫れはまだ人よりすごいらしいけど、熱も下がってたし一安心(*´д`*)" Reo wrote. (。>_<。)

reos blog.

My sore eye is becoming sore eye(s)

listening to : desert rose - Abingdon boys school
Mood: pissed.

Okay, My sore eye is spreading to my other. I've already started putting drops on that eye aswell so don't worry about it. >_<>_>


I've been drawing shou from Alice nine. check out the progress. well, I'm not done yet. 4 hours total.

my internet is sooo fucking sloooowwww!!!

I should make a forum for jrock fans that are middle eastern and who are just people who live here. maybe, it'll get us noticed.

I'm thinking of making a Jrock forum for middle eastern jrock fans. what do you guys think?

Monday, December 17, 2007

as a fangirl

As a yuuya fangirl I must say. Yuuya is fucking crazy. I mean hes worse than miyavi. Miyavi actually looks cute doing whatever he does but when yuuya does it I mean its cute ya sure but he goes overboard. he looks like he needs locking up.

NO ONE SLAP! I am sick!
Even though hes crazy I still love him.

hi ho hi ho offline I go


I'm not on msn! yeah, if your wondering why? I dunno why! i'm too lazy to reopen it. since I gave up trying to sign in.

200 icons

I just made 200 icons. its amazing really. I can't wait to finish all 500...

I seriously have to look for more O2R scans if there are any.

100th post.

WOHOOO!!! 100 posts! how fast was that eh?

man, I really need a new 2 GB memory card for Shou. My playlist needs to be in it.

silent eve screencaps

Okay, random post.

Here is the screencaps of sadie's silent eve.


OMG! Alice nine? acting? OMG! OMG! OMG! now i want to download the movie, better yet. I should buy the DVD!! OMG! OMFG!!!... too bad i dont have money eh?


hurry xmas

i really hope the internet doesn't disconnect so I can finish downloading l'arc~en~ciels pv!

Number six [PV]

I did not know they had a number six pv. OMG! i love you a9!!

Tsubasa Screencaps

I'm going to take screenshots of alice nines pv Tsubasa! cause I need screencaps to make nao icons. >_< I can't help myself. I love making icons.

ultimate spammage!!

a few more and i make it to 100 posts!! wohooo!!!

omg! hurry xmas

that song is awesome and and and so is the pv.

HYDE is hot. <3

I feel like

making icons!

I just need a few more to do. and I'm done. I have to get scans. >_< Its so hard to find them sometimes if the band is unknown

namida no ondo vids!!

okay, yeah I sorta forgot to add this.

its awesome!!

Insan stock agian.

I sorta pissed off. cause well, people link back on the fucking userpage. I mean what part of DO NOT LINK BACK on the userpage dont they understand!?!??!?~?!? GAH!!!

namida no ondo

I just finished watching the making of the pv. and I was like. OMG! aki is soo fucking hot. Yuuya is scared of spiders, Mao is so cute and shinji tripped on the stairs! ROFL!!!


okay, I was trying to record something and mixcraft goes alll registration code. and when I give it the registration code and it doesn't fucking save!!!! >_<



this is soo fucking cute.

Nao going up to the camera and saying number six! in the cutest way possible! WOOHOO!!

i'm so going to record it and put it as my msg tone.

My internet SUCKS!!

WTF is wrong with my internet!!!! GAHHHHH!!!!!:!?!?!:!Iikdlajfl dskfal?EUr923749713798q

OMG! I simply love heidi.

listening to - sono yukue - heidi.
mood- obsessed

i'm pretty much obsessed with heidi. I mean the vocalist has such a wonderful voice. -faints-
music is my life!!! well, until I get a boyfriend. wait... no.... Music will forever be my life!!!!


listening to : The farewell - the.last
mood: Okay

I completely forgot to check the stock, I'm in such big shit. >_<

youtube comment

listening to : cherry trees - キリト
mood: still sick

okay, I got this really mean youtube comment that pissed me off. it was on my bass cover of american idiot. Ppl on youtube suck soooo much. they have no heart wat so ever

pages of my diary.

listening to : cold - キリト

日本人じゃありません。 the pages of my diary. and ya I'm not japanese. ofcourse not. haha i just wanted to write something in japanese. anyways. I dunno I love my diary its awesome looking.

Okay, health update.

listening to - charles - heidi.
mood- sick

Okay, I feel better, I have a stomach ache. :( and now, i'm not the only person who has a fever. Nada has a fever too... it sucks I know.

I had to drink 3 different pills last night at the same time. I mean WTF.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

im feel so bad

i'm seriously feeling bad. My fever is high and now i'm going off.


listening to : farewell - the.last
My dinner.
- insert mcdonalds here-

Its soo annoying my camera refuses to fucking connect to my pc.

I love mcdonalds. I don't like expensive food. its like not worth eating.

Okay, i'm spamming.....

listening to : Cherry tree - kirito

for a single objective of posting the 85th blog post.

yeah.... so ya... I bad at grammar when I actually talk.

One cd is missing from the collection. which is ONE OK ROCKs 1st full album. sawsy borrowed it.
I'm going to buy mcdonalds with mom. brb

the medicine I got.

listening to : cold - kirito
mood: sick

went to the hospital, american mission to be specific. and they prescribed me to these.

I lost the zyrtec for like a couple of hours, until I found it hanging about on my towel on the clothes rack.

156 and internet

Okay, my internet sucks officially. I only have like 5 minutes until it disconnects again. so yeah, I have sucessfully created 156 icons. nearly 200. I'm proud. >_<

to the hospital

listening to : the tv
mood: sick as fuck.

okay, my eye is fucking red. I have to go to the hospital now. >_> I don't want to get shots! >_< No worries I dont have a very high fever. THANK GOD!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

sore eye + arguement + fever + miyavis english

Listening to: JUDEA - exist trace
Mood: feverish

WARNING! looking at this picture might give you a sore eye. yeah right. JK

I know i'm not supposed to be online but I had to update my blog. and I have to update my comic too. I have a fever. and a Fucking sore eye. It was only like red in one part of my red eye and then when I woke up this morning it was like all over my fucking eye. GOD! I feel terrible.

Nasreen, was home the whole day yesterday, I was like fucking feverish as fuck. and she was bored so we watched moon child. I watched it for like the 4th time. Nada cried like a fucking baby. Nasreen is now totally into Gackt and Hyde. YAY for me. >_<>_> I don't want to get involved in this crap. I'm too fucking sick for this shit.

Okay, I'm going to the brighter side of my life.
Lets talk about miyavi!
his english is getting so much better. I read his blog and he fucking reads some entries in english. I love him so much. He is awesome. >_> the blog.

though he posts more at the kavki boiz blog more.
I want to go to China, I want Jrock Cds. atleast 10. you know Miyavi, Gackt, A9, more O2R, gazette maybe, lynch, exist trace, sugar, abs,Hyde, l'arc~en~ciel, nightmare, nega, SID, heidi. and scarecrow. atleast one of each of these. so I'll have a variety of cds. if they sell jrock magazines there, I'm so buying for the posters, it so looks like I'll waste my cash on Cds and mags instead of clothes.

I'm going to take a shower. maybe, I'll fell better after that.

Friday, December 14, 2007

dp (digital paint)

listen to : charles - heidi.
mood: feverish

I want to digital paint but I dont want to. My eye is heavy. GAH!
I want to do other shit too... I'll probably just finish my icon project or something. I love making icons. its soo much fucking fun.

sore eye

my right eye is red and sore. >_< I loathe my life sometimes.

went to the mall yesterday. I bought another book and the paramore cd.
I was wearing that white jrock shirt from china. which completely proves that they actually sell jrock shit there! YAY! i hope we go there next year.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

another thing.

do you guys think I can make it to 100 posts before the year ends?

?_? ?_______________?

we'll have to see now.


before I go. watch this. its awesome! heidi is awesome. JROCK RULES!


why does it say that I have 68 posts when my dashboard says 71?



I'm off to the mall with the cousins! BOOKS!!!! >_<

70th post and 126 icons?

I have successfully made 126 icons.

Okay lets subtract.


yes, thats about right.
so I have a total of 374 icons to go. WOOHOO! almost done!
Okay since this is my 70th post and all I'll give you non-existent people a preview of my icon set.

The first 4 are gifs. <3 I heart gifs.


Listening to: U - scar.

I woke up at like 6:30! GAH! and the internet doesn't work. The only site that works is this. THANK GOD! I can spam.... and rant.

Mom, sorta woke me up while she was screaming at my little sister to get some of the plastic bags she was carrying. Shes on the way here, to pick up something, then she'll go buy some KFC for my little brothers christmas party at school. So I'm alone at home. Tita susan(our housekeeper) is downstairs feeding my grandmothers birds.

speaking of my grandmother, My great grandmother died last night. she was like 100 and something. I hope that doesn't affect us going to the mall. I haven't even met my greatgrandma.

and the only cousin that actually visits her is the eldest in our generation. the rest of us either never saw her or only saw her once.

GREAT now the only thing that works is the oor blog! >_< GAH! Ryota updated. aki of sadie updated too... thank god he like translates his own blog entries. I love him so much. hes awesome!

I'll go make icons while the internet is busy fucking up.
I have shit to do DAMNIT! I wanted an early start and i was hoping the internet would work.

I took a screenshot of my stupid firefox browser to show you haw fucked up everything is.

Last night was pretty fun cause i was studying arabic and japanese its surprising how many words I can learn in one hour.

OMG! thank god for drafts I thought I had to write everything al over again.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

silence my newest deviation for lowey666. I just came back from picking up the kids. I haven't done anything useful today. though I had loads of fun studying arabic and japanese last night.
and The mill on the floss by George Eliot is a wonderful book. >_> I only read like 3 chapters. >_>

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


this is fucking funny!

I clearly hate my life

okay, seriously.
my flick finger hurts like fuck and I'm typing with it and not caring.
I sprained a fucking finger how fucking stupid is that.

Red hair

I gave up on getting the myv cd. >_> the internet wasn't working for about like 4 hours. so yeah. I've been making icons since. I made about 85 in total. I have a long way to go.

its fucking red. WHOO CARES!



Okay, I colored my hair finally. and it turned out to be red not purple. stupid box lied to me. (>_>) cd.japan declined my moms card so I can't get MYVs CD which is like 30% off with a fucking poster and the fucking DVD. I think its because I didn't ask for my mom correct permission and now God, is saying 'No no no, to have what you want you must ask with your utmost sincerity' or some shit like that. Okay, Okay. I'll do it. if I have the Guts. >_> If I have the guts. this is once in a life time opportunity. How many times does a MYV Cd is like 30% off? NEVER! I must get it. It took me like 5 days until cd.japan followed up my order and to tell me that my moms card declined.

I loathe my life.
my finger hurts! great! now I cant flick myself off any time soon.
GAH!!! My internet doesn't work anymore! I fucking hate my life.

someone stab me here and now.

Monday, December 10, 2007

39 icons made

39 icons made.
461 left to do.

I made shit loads of gifs. I like gifs. I think people do too. >_> It takes me about 5 minutes to make a gif. strictly depending on how many frames there are.

release. & caged

My recent 2 deviations has been hit with over 50 favs. why? I have no idea. I don't even like how I composed it.

I keep on getting featured now. to many people to thank for the favs.

scarecrow jrock band

they're awesome. after seeing them in my copy of arena 37c I wanted to listen to their music. they're pretty awesome. but sadly, I can't find anywhere to download their songs.

I love this video.
the vocalist is hot as fuck.

Sunday, December 9, 2007


scar. is awesome.
Junya the guitarist is soo fucking cute/gorgeous/handsome.

their profile/OHP

I think...

I spam more than Nao. Yuuya still spams more than me. >_> Aho. Oh yeah I should check out his blog, to see if he took a pic of his bday cake or something.

m.u.s.t. s.t.o.p.d.o.w.n.l.o.a.d.i.n.g

stop downloading!
I must! I MUST!!!!
to much money is being spent. >_> okay najla. all you're doing tomorrow. is burning cds. not downloading more. OKAY? okay.

I hate being a girl

Yes, sometimes it sucks being a girl. I mean seriously. I want a peaceful life without guys pushing themselves towards you. >_< I just don't want so much things in my mind. especially when It involves trying to get rid of one. (3_3)

annoying guy who keeps calling me.

Theres this annoying 21 year old who keeps calling, and asking me out and shit when I already said no like a hundred times. its greatly infuriating. I can't wait till he actually gives up. he is soo annoying.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Yuuya (SID) & Kenzo (ayabie)

Saturday, December 8, 2007 bleached

listening to : clever noise - xTRIPx
mood: lazy as fuck.

I had my hair bleached today.

I looking fucking gross. Oh watever.
I saw a 1920 vintage car. Its soo awesome.
My dad left for China 2 hours ago.
I wanted to ask him to buy me Gackt CDs. but I doubt he knows where he can get them.
either way. >_> I Hate my life.

I felt so bad yesterday. I have seriously bad luck. I'm so depressed and guilty.

I updated my gallery with this piece of crap.

I' making a list of jrock birthdays cause I'm a freak.