Wednesday, April 30, 2008


mood: tired
listening to: O2R

okay, the internet is still slow. I'm also downloading BS Player Pro. But no one is seeding it at the moment so its pretty fucked up and stuck. GAH! I was to finish downloading O2Rs DVD tomorrow by downloading 2 today and 2 tomorrow. But NOOOO... The internet had to stop my downloading. Stupid piece of shit.


listening to: something by clearveil.


----------------------TEME!!!!! TEME!!!!


mood: PISSED!
listening to: Sacrifice - Venus




mood: Umm...
listening to: Mom flushing the toilet.

I think I should download 2 parts of O2Rs DVD today. So Tomorrow. I get to watch it! Wohoo! *dances* *sings Naihishinsho & エトセトラ* Wohoo! I watched one of O2Rs comments and when they say the band name they say it like One O'clock. Which explains the katakana name and how they got ONE OK ROCK. ワンクロシク.

Man. I should really pay attention to my language studies. I seriously have to continue it. Since now I have Chinese to learn too. Papa, wants us to learn Chinese too. And I'm taking this chance to learn. I actually want to learn Chinese. Its the best way to learn how to read Kanji. 雨月木虎将嵯峨。Thats about all I know. hehehe. Ame, Tsuki, Ki, Tora, Shou and Saga. Man... I suck.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Random Thought of the Day

If I lived in Japan. My hobby would be going to Lives.


mood: Nya~!
listening to: Naihishinsho - One ok rock.

I should seriously empty my yahoo inbox and my DA aswell. Gah... okay... Lets EMPTY!!


mood: Happeh
listening to: Nada making noise.

I'm watching anime... WOHOO.

I finally downloaded a part of O2R. 5 more to go. Wohoo! 250MB each. Gah.... hours upon hours of downloading. I'm gonna download Bleach the movie. after that. >_>

Monday, April 28, 2008

Oh fuck off...

mood: upset
listening to: Lost my blood - Leviathan.

When I have School phobia. I have school Phobia. For fuck sake. I WILL NOT GO TO REAL COLLEGE. Not if my life depends on it. I know I'm ruining my own life by saying that. But I don't fucking care. I will live my life as a burden to my parents. I don't care. Don't talk to me bout college. Its scary then anything. I don't want to go. I don't I don't! If you make! I'll kill myself. YOU HEAR ME. I will KILL myself. I'll never learn to be independent. I will never be like everyone else. Do NOT try to make me into someone everyone knows I can't be. For fuck sake. When you talk about college with my little sister make sure the fucking door is closed. I don't want to hear how everyone is going to finish their school the normal way. While I'll be alone in the freaking house being a pathetic loser because I have a phobia I can't deal with. I've accepted what I am already. Just don't talk me into doing things I don't want to do. I will envy everyone I know who will finish their education. I will envy their laughter with their new friends. I will envy their freaking courage to do things on their own. I can't do fucking shit. !!!!!!!!!

I AM NOT GOING TO GO!!! I'M NOT GOING TO GO! I don't care how much fun I'll have. I don't want to go. I don't care if I'll never marry. I don't care if I don't have future. I DO NOT CARE. I know exactly whats going to happen to me. If there is nothing more to wait living for. I know exactly. what. to. do.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

iTunes + Hana Yori Dango Final

mood: inlove
listening to: Megane Fetish 1984 - Nana

I love iTunes.



mood: creative
listening to: something by maximum the hormone.

I was in a creative mood... check out what I did.


mood: Okay
listening to: a chinese bg music.


Koool... now I can learn putanghau.

Quiz I took

Which J-rocker are you?

Sensual, classic, artistic. You are Gackt.
Take this quiz!

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I'm gackt.

Wohoo. . . .

mood: okay
listening to: NEITHER - BERLIN

Okay, I finally found a torrent for O2Rs DVD. WOHOOO! I can't wait till its done downloading. Its going to take forever. But it'll not stop.

Father will be home in a couple of hours from China. Finally.

We need faster internet.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


mood: Productive
listening to: honeydip - SELFRUSH

Today, I'll be seriously productive. I want to finish editing my fucking chapters of Unrequited. So expect a chapter up. My comic will have its updates today. I am DIEING to finish it. I'm uploading MAXIMUM THE HORMONES PV Zetsubou Billy for someone online and it says its going to take about 5 hours... While I want to download O2Rs DVD sooo badly but I can't cause I'm uploading the PV.

I'm editing my chapters right now. After, doing that I'll probably draw more comic pages then I'll make a manip, Study Japanese and Arabic. If I update my comic 2 pages a day. I'm sure I can finish it by May 1st. Dude... its May already.... shit... my bdays coming on June. >_> shit.

Next week, I'll be going out with Nada, Nikki, Renz and the guys for a Surprise bday party I got invited to. I don't even know where it is. I'll call Renz about it later on. Shit, I still have to call Nikki too...

Oh whatever. I'll edit my fucking story now.

Friday, April 25, 2008

sink PV

mood: happeh
listening to: ダリア - Brodaiea

I just watched a preview of sink by 9goats black out. It was awesome... i love that song so much. I just remembered that the cd is still about to be released on the end of the month. Apparently the CD was leaked all over the internet 2 months in advanced. How? I have no idea...

watch it now!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

gokusen II

mood: Happeh
listening to: crimson memory - Cinema [S'trip]

We finished it. Like the first season but without Jun Matsumoto it was very eventful and totally awesome! The two guys of KAT-TUN that we like so much was in there. Kame and Jin. I love you Jin. To brighten my day Teppei was there too! He is just soo fucking cute! and his hair dos are soo cute!

Next stop, Battle royale II! MOVIE!! gosh... were addicted...

Gackt to star in Hollywood Movie along side Josh Hartnett

Mood: PROUD!
listening to: DEAD SCHOOL SCREAMING - alice nine.

ITs soo fucking true. I am so fucking proud of gakuto-san. The movie is called 'Bunraku' it'll come out next year 2009. Gackt will play the samurai partner of Hartnett. Fortunately, Gackt got recognized for his samurai drama.

and I can't wait to watch it on the Big screen!!! I will sooo be screaming in the theater to the extent of me being thrown out. This is the stepping stone to Jrock and its plan to take over the world.

Hes standing right next to JOSH HARTNETT!! OMFG!! Josh filmed a movie in the Philippines once. WOOHOOO!!! Gackuto!!! IKE!!! IKE!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


mood: tired
listening to: flavor of life - hana yori dango OST.

Yesterday morning after we woke up. Mom, asked if we wanted to help clean nasreen apartment in Jid ali. We went along. We brought our laptops and some shit to do just in case we decide to leave late. We cleaned the walls.... the windows... the kitchen... every room. It was tiring. Then we went down and ate at tita's apartment. Wohoo! We checked out the roof and Kuya Romel has a pigeon. (?_?) There was a chicken too. (^.^) haha. Josh and Naser played around screaming jumping in the stairway and crap. It was fun... but tiring. Mom picked up Nasreen after our little rest. She helped out a bit more. Went home at around 5. We took a shower then helped Nasreen move shit. We had to put books in boxes and we had to move a couple of cabinets. We went to Nasreens apartment in Riffa and helped her bring up the cabinet and some shit she wants. God... was her apartment dirty. ._. soo very messy.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


mood: tired
listening to: nadas guitar...

I'll tell you about it tomorrow.

Monday, April 21, 2008

NewS and Kat-tun

OMG... Kame!!!!!!! is the last one.


This is soo fucking cute! JIN!!! I LOVE YOU!

and this is just sooo FUNNY! the kat-tun boys are soo amusing.

disband. ?_?

mood: sadness
listening to: Death Loli Chou Pops [デスロリ調ポップス] - aicle

undead disbanded last month and I found out yesterday and I was on the verge of tears. ;_; why!!??!?! you such great music.

Juliadoll. They have seriously awesome music. and today I found out that they will be disbanding next month. Why? I have no idea. -sigh-

good bands.... always say goodbye

woho for me.

mood: completely normal
listening to: Over - juliadoll ♥♥♥♥♥

Since my mom kept on complaining about us being on our notebooks all the time. I went on late. like at 11. instead of nine. no difference at all. Umm... I drew, I read and I cleaned my shelves again. Dust.... Eeek...

I finish Gokusen. Last night. wohoo.

I woke up this morning cause of Mama ouds alarm. Shes went out when it was ringing and she didn't even turn it off. It lasted for an hour. it was soo annoying! gah...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

My stomach hurts

mood: Moody.

I hate that time of the months.... Gah.... I had 3 times in 2 months. This is not normal. I'll be losing too much blood if this continues and I'll end up in the hospital like my mom. gah... Well, I hope its not like that at all. You know what. I actually dont care if I end up in the hospital. Just stop the fucking tummy pains. >_>


mood: sleepy
listening to: Wowowee

Okay, there is something really wrong with blogger. When I post up a new entry it doesn't show up until the next day. Grr....

I'm Pmsing again.... GAH! I was pmsing twice last month and again this month. GAH!!!! Sometimes being a girl sucks.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


mood: sleepy
listening to: nothing

I can't believe I forgot to post an entry.

We went grocery shopping at Jawad Center with Nasreen and wasted about 81BD just on food. Well, I'm guessing my mom doesn't mind cause nasreen is broke. Yeah, Shes not home though.

My came up to me and Nada and said in tagalog of course 'You know that its not healthy to sit on the pc all day long. You'll get sick. It was on tv.' Its not exactly what she said. But whatever. I forget fast when it comes to conversations. Thats what I hate about myself. ( ̄ー ̄)

Friday, April 18, 2008


mood: okay
listening to: nada watching jdrama.

I'm watching Gokusen. Its with Oguri Shun and Jun Matsumoto. Wohooo for Rui and Tsukasa. This Jdrama is awesome actually.


mood: hyper
listening to: my old hags(computer) fan being all weird.

Umm.... I posted up the link to my whole jrock playlist on several download communities on LJ and now I'm getting requests to upload some music. If I keep this up I might upload my whole playlist in a month.

anyways me go to seef with yasy&sawsy in an hour.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


mood: pissed

theres this dude... who wont shut up. all he does is vent vent vent.

lucy + my desktop thingy

mood: happpy.
listening to: Ibitsu - lucy

Umm... I'm currently really obsessing over lucy. I downloaded the live video too... and and.... well... ya. Sakaki voice is hot. and the piercings.... are everywhere. He probably has one on his nipple. Lol. *dirty thoughts* Why am I always attracted to the bassists. I didn't even know he was the bassist... I blame his mask. I had a crush on a drummer who wore a mask. hehe. Yeah. Its the mask. *yeah, naj keep telling yourself that.*

Did you guys see the desktop thingy? its kool ne?

internet is slooowww....

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Man... I just found another new band. That sounded good to me. and the members are like young.

Rui is obviously a girl. Can you tell which is her? I can. Shes the one with the pink hair.

Gt. 夜兎 -Yato-, ♂, Age: 18
Ba. 涙 -Rui-, ♀, Age: 19
Vo. 寿美也 -Hisashi-, ♂, Age: 19
Gt. ぽち -Pochi-, ♂, Age: XX
Dr. 魁X -Kaito-, ♂, Age: 20

Rui's a girl. hehehe! Go girl bassists!

I'm a girl bassist! woohoo for me.

video card

mood: gah
listening to: something by selfrush

There is something wrong with my video card... Everytime I play for like 20 minutes it freezes and a blue screen appears. gah....

Firsto Kissu

mood: spontaneous.
listening to: nada watching Daa! Daa! Daa!

Ano... We finished it!! Woohooo!


listening to: Ibitsu - Lucy

If you like Jrock. join NOW!

2008 releases

mood: happeh!
listening to: ibitsu - lucy (im listening to it on their myspace)

Because I had to.


23 - Dali: Heroine
30 - 9goats black out: devil in bedside


3 - Merry:Midnight Shangrila/Karappo na uta ~final cut~
7 - D: Birth, lucy: 『Discord』, n'Dool: 「14分の1 パニク♪ROCK 」 (14 Minutes of PANIC ♪ ROCK)
12- V'ernia: END OF GUILTY
14 - D'espairRays:Brilliant
21 - Nightmare: Killer show
28 - Dali: inkblot, ONE OK ROCK: BEAM OF LIGHT, tokami: mist of cherry blossoms, SINCREA: 「光」 (Hikari) , Daizystripper: 『星空と君の手』(Hoshizora to kimi no te),


11 - DualJewel: 「アイオライト」 (Iolite), Angelo: CHAOTIC BELL
18 - Sugar: Antlion
25 - Dali: Endroll, Daizystripper: 『ジュリエットのナイフ』 (Jurietto no Naifu (Juliette’s Knife)), Villain: DISCORD, Dolly: 「JULIET」


2nd - alice nine.: DVD: alice in pictures I & alice in pictures II
16 - Nega: reminiscence
17 - Sugar: Ruby afterglow


mood: HAPPY!!
listening to: Ibitsu(studio version) - lucy

Imma happy... Lucy... the vk band. Is finallly releasing something. woohooo! I can't wait!

sorry... I just had to let that out somewhere!


mood: random
listening to: search in the dark - hikoboshi

I woke up, went to the bathroom, ate breakfast, fixed my closet, got ready for a shower, drew Saga, took a shower, then went online. The internet is slow. I only hope its just the first 3 days. ._.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


mood: Happy
listening to: waru aru beki basho - MUCC (2003)

Okay, Nada is playing Mickey Mouses Kitchen. While, I'm busy downloading shit! FINALLY! I can download whatever I want without worrying about the payments.! Woooohooo!

But its slooowww.... maybe its just at the beginning!

Monday, April 14, 2008


(=^_^) (=^‥^)

I made it myself... Hehe!!

HYD Words you Should know.

mood: spontaneous.
listening to: the azan

okay... these are the words you should know while watching Hana Yori Dango.

nande: why?!
areinaitsuno: unbelievable
wakatayo/wakata : Okay
Honto: really?
Mochiron: Ofcourse
Baka: Idiot
Baka Janai: are you stupid?
Baka Janeyo: I'm not stupid!
Baka Yaro: You Idiot!
Chotto Matteyo: Wait a minute!
Chotto: hey!
ano: um...
yameteyo: Stop it!
Hayaku: Hurry Up!
Sayaku: Terrible/horrible
Nani kore: whats that?
kawaii ne: Its cute
do: how do I look?!
So desu ne: Thats right.
So ka: I see
Itekimasu: I'm going
Masaka: No way
Dame: No way!
Itadakimasu: thanking for the food.
demo: but
dakara nande: so what?
Seno: Ready go
Suki: I love you
Moide: Its alright
Yosh: alright
watashi mo: Me too (female)
ore mo: me too (male)
Doshita no: whats wrong?
yatta! : I did it!
sugee: Kool
kakoi: Hot! (as in that guy is hot!)
atsui: hot
samui: cold
ikuzo: Lets go!
Dajobou ka ne? : Are you okay?
Dajobou: I'm okay
Ogenki desu ka: How are you?
ame: Rain.
chikusho: Damn it!
Maji? : Seriously?
Itai: OUCH!
uro se?!: SHUT UP!
bimboni: poor girl.

today!!!! p_p

mood: okay
listening to: drink it down - laruku

Went out with siblings and mom. We went shopping! I bought 2 new shirts so did Nada. Nasser was there too... So he bought himself a shirt and crap.

I updated my scrap book. *finally* I still have to print out more pictures of March. There are no pics of January whatsoever.

the new internet is slow. which sucks. I can download whatever I want but its slow. ._. nande!

anyways... I go back watching First Kiss. ,_,

Sunday, April 13, 2008

first kiss

Were not watching long vacation. Its too 90ss...

First Kiss is with Makino from Hana Yori Dango.


mood: Lmao
listening to: Nada Laughing


Look at hirotos face. Its just priceless. LOL. and Saga.... man.... that man is damn hot. look at nao pointing lol. and shous smile... Damn. That boy can smile.

anyways enough with the admiring! hehe!

Long Vacation

mood: woooooo....-
listening to: me and nada type.

Okay... We finished Nobuta wo Produce a few hours ago. Wooo... Now we're gonna start watching Long Vacation. YATTA!!

My dad came home with a wireless router from a different internet company. So our downloading is free... I had to help him install. I had trouble with it. Dads friend is going to come over and install it for us soon.


mood: -balanced-
listening to: 吉開学 17歳(無職) - SID

I started downloading again! wohoo! I think I'm going to be seriosuly productive today! Imma happy bout that. But first me and Nada are going to finish watching Nobuta wo Produce.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Nobuta no Produce

mood: Happy
listening to: Jdrama.

LOL! Nada was seriously trying to find a new Jdrama. After looking for one for hours she finally found one entitled 'Nobuta no Produce'. Its a drama about this girl (who happens to be the girl from Hana Kimi) who looks depressing and she gets bullied for it. Then this popular guy tries to turn her popular with his classmate who happens to be the retard (he acts all drunk. But its soo adorable) of the class. In the process they fall for her. Me and Nada are watching it on The Buffering is so much faster there. But theres no Hana Yori Dango there. v_v. There used to be but it got deleted. Speaking of Hana Yori Dango. I got Yasy and Sawsy addicted to it. Haha! I love myself. lol for the first time I get to say that. Its not really me. Its the drama. Its just soo fucking good.

Nikki went home today. She forgot her towel and toothbrush. hehe
On the way from her house. My dad asked if I could speak Japanese. and I said a little. Then he asked if I wanted to go to a Japanese school. I was all 'YESssssssSSSSSsSSSSSSSssssssSSsS!!!!"

lol. Well, we'll see.


Friday, April 11, 2008


mood: 0_O
listening: RED RUM - lycaon

GV...Yummy. Japanese gay men. So KAWAII! <3 <3 We found 'Coat West' while looking for nightmare pictures. ShoXhikariXNagi. Its soo Kakkoi... I mean woah. Woah

4 am

mood: sleepy
listening to: mirror ball - may

Me, Nada and Nikki stayed up all night till 4:35am. We were watching the final episode of Hana Yori Dango Season 2. Nikki slept through parts of the last episode. But she got up for the last minutes of it. It was soo awesome! The best J-drama in the whole fucking world. Damn. I woke up at 8:45. I only slept 4 hours and 10 minutes. I can't wait to drop dead on my bed tonight.

I'm sad that it ended! I mean WHY!!! demo I'm glad it ended though. I was getting agitated at all the fucking triangles. ._. but in the end it was a happy ending. Love you always Tsukasa-kun! Sorry, Jun Matsumoto. Woohooo!

Nikki is not here right now shes out at Sacred Heart for its 'fun day'. She'll be back later.
Um... The thing I don't really like about her is that she doesn't care if shes the only girl amongst a group of [arab] boys in my neighborhood. She can do it anywhere else. But here she shouldn't do it all the time. Shes always out with Nasers friends. She also doesn't care when my Dad, Mom, Mama Od and Tita Susan tell her that it doesn't look good. Shes staying in our fucking house she should at least respect our wishes. Either way. Shes still a nice person despite her unusual acknowledgments to the opposite sex.

This is how sleepy I am...

ya. (v_v) *sleeps*

"Slaps self." okay I'm not sleepy anymore.

My right hand is painful for some reason. I think I'm going to sprain it soon if I don't be careful.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dana Mall...

mood: happiness
listening to: Inshouwa Porno - dali

Umm... went to Dana Mall with Tita Anne (Nikkis mom) to get Nikkis new contacts. She got blue ones. Ate at Burger King and waited downstairs for the taxi. While waiting I spotted a Japanese looking guy. Hes got that sorta big bag you carry below the waist. Hes got the bleached highlights and spiked up hair and the air just screamed Japanese. We followed him like pathetic losers. Lol. We saw him again. Nada Choked. haha! Nikki was going 'KAWAII' lol. I was like 'Ure se'. We were being too obvious. We walked around again and he was right behind us. Nada choked again and I said 'Daijobou' to Nada. He looked over when I said that. Which confirms it. He is Japanese. God. We're Pathetic. I'm happy we have been seeing lots of asian men all of the sudden. I bought a shirt for like 3.5BD it was supposed to be 7.9BD. Sales are awesome.
While walking around... We were being N3. Lol F4... Another lame moment. Nada and Nikki were speaking Japanese and they were being Tsukasa & Soujiroh. While I was quiet Rui. He suits me so much. lol we strutted like losers. Lol I'm happy someone noticed me. Some really cute Filipino Salesman. Man, were they cute. I don't know why but I rather date Japanese guys. I blame Jdrama & Jrock. ._. Anyways... any guy would suit me. As long as they love me and I love him back.

I think I'm going to take a break before starting college.

*Kawaii - cute
*Ure se - SHUT UP!
*Daijobou - Are you okay?/You're okay.


mood: happy
listening to: adore - lynch.

It was raining! woohoo!! We just finished watching 8 episodes of Hana Yori Dango.
Woohooo for me. >_> Nothing interesting happened to me yesterday or today. Went at the park while it was drizzling. Today? Nothing happened. Nikki might go home today.

Umm... stayed up until 2am. Watching Hana Yori Dango season 2. Gah. I want to finish watching it already. It keeps me up all night. ;_;

We're going to Dana later. o_o

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hana Yori Dango Season 2

mood: crazy
listening to: wish - arashi

I hate watching Soaps its gets you all anxious to see what happens next. The best ever would be Hana yori Dango. My god. Its the best thing in the world. *faints*

I finally got my lazy ass up and started uploading more music on Mediafire as a back up and shit.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

F1 Recap

mood: okay
listening to: -----

I missed something from the F1.
We saw a guy who looks like Tsukasa from behind. that day was awesome.

anyways Pics.

Nada, nikki and EJ.

elijah. hehehe. I tried calling him that once and he sat on me and I pushed him. hahaha >_>

Me with EJs hat on. I like these kind of hats. Its comfy and Big. lol.

Jrock Weekly Rant

mood: sad/HAPPY
listening to: Binzume ni ugomeku homunculus - Zenkei iro kusari hateru ima, yuiitsu... -remix- - Rentrer en soi

I haven't done this in awhile. So I'm doing it now and before I upload some vids and photos from F1.

Starting with SectMa. The circled band members are leaving it. Its really sad. Gene is a great vocalist and Mar a great Drummer. I mean Why?

ONE OK ROCK! Is releasing their second album very soon. Wohoo! I can't fucking wait! I LOVE YOU GUYS!

9goats black out. Is making their first PV and it happens to be my fav song 'sink'. It will be released as a DVD together with the regular version of their mini-album 'devils in bedside'. I can't wait to fucking watch it. Ryo you have a wonderful voice. Keep it up.

Eqlipse disbanded last year.
Why am I mentioning them here? well, they're an interesting band that came straight from Canada. Yes, they're a Canadian vk band. Its really awesome actually. and the vocalist 'Jin' Likes to call herself a guy when its obvious she is a girl. Her voice, her body and the fact that she does not have an Adam's apple. They all speak English of course. their first live was in Canada. They only released one mini-album and its sad that I can't seem to get a hold of it. But, I was able to get an Mp3.

Jin has a MySpace, Youtube and Livejournal account.

Hurry up and Join another Band Jin. I can't wait to here from you.

Heres her commenting on their disbandment on New Years Eve 2006.

Shes soo pretty.

Monday, April 7, 2008


mood: wuut?
listening to: the tv

Went to the F1 at 11:00am. Had trouble getting in. We had to walk all the way to gate 1 & 2 to meet EJs moms friend to give us the passes. We got in. Walked around... we saw robotmen, dancers & a band. Watched the programmes. Walked around some more until we found a seat. Ate pizza for Lunch. Heard the race. Hamany was there. He looked right at me and did not say hi. He was either shy or really rude. Either way...
Then we stalked this really really cute Japanese looking Public Attendant. He was soo fucking... damn!*pouts* We're soo pathetic.
While waiting for EJs mom. I saw Muneera! Man, I missed her. She was soo pretty.

Ejs mom had to drive her friend to Mcdonalds parking lot and there was no space in the car, so I had to sit on Ejs lap. Bought Mcdonalds. Ate it on the way. Ofcourse I wasn't sitting on Ejs lap the whole way. gah... Went to His house... hanged around his room before we started watching 'Snakes on a plane' in the living room. then left for home. Ejs mom is seriously pretty while his dad was fucking hilarious. I got a new little brother... (EJ) Hes fun!

This is soo not detailed. I'll probably type down everything again later on.


Sunday, April 6, 2008


mood: inlove
listening to: Eraser - alice nine.

Went to the F1. We didn't really watch the race though. okay, before anything. I want to describe Him before he fades.

Nada first pointed him out, while we strolled around the area. Wearing his white polo, filling his black pants perfectly. Wearing that orange, flashing vest that said 'Public attendant' at the back. Something about him gave him an air of 'perfection'. The way he looks. Hes face craved by di vinci himself. His eyebrows slightly quizzical as he peered through the crowds. He clearly had a mysterious side to him. You can not tell what he was thinking. Nor what he was looking at. So we stared at the perfection that bestowed us. Right then and there our hearts leaped. His eyes sparkled, beckoning us to approach him. His nose so Japanese. His lips completely luscious. His hair....just.... slightly ruffled and out of place. When he was out of our vision our hearts craved for him. When we caught a glance of him again. He was leaning on a railing above. The wind blowing in his raffled hair, and with the sun shinning on him... his hair turned brown. A natural brown. As his vest blew open by the wind. We sighed a heavy one. He was on the move again. He moved to the railing closer to us. He did the same. The same movements the same thing that made us long for him ardently. He glanced at us and our hearts leaped out of our chests, and he looked away and our hearts bled, and there he was again. On the move. This time we could not following cause we had no passes.

Quotes from that moment:

Nikki: "Its like a scene right out of a J-drama."
"I want him, I want him, I want him."
-sigh- -sigh- -squeal-

Naj: "Oh my god, he is sooo cute."
"Oh my god!!!"
"We are such stalkers"
"Hes Japanese!"
"OMG! hes just sooo.... -sigh-"

Nada: "I shouldn't have pointed him out to you"
"say thank you nada"

EJ: "we are disbanded"

I just had to write down how dreamy he was... soo.... dreamy...
The rest of day will be written tomorrow. Cause me and Nikki have to mend our broken hearts.
I shall draw you as I saw you leaning on that railing staring about like we were nothing.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


mood: -----
listening: Coming closer - L'arc~en~ciel

Yesterday was fun.
Ice skating, bowling and fooze ball(how ever you spell it.)
I got bruises on my legs cause of Ice skating I dont know how I got it but I got it.
We walked around Marina Park. Made fun of dudes. Played football, volleyball and American Football. TACKLE! We were trying to get in Marina Coral Club. Cause we're pathetic. Hehe

While waiting for Uncle Noy to come. There was these 2 guys who we all think we're drunk harassed uncle don. Cause well he's gay. There were so many of us. All girls ofcourse. The only boys were Uncle don and the 3 kids (Monsour, Josh and Naser). Okay, they touch uncle don at first and called him bakla. When they came back Tita Lani told them "NO". Then like always my temper got to me and I told them to "Back Off". Then they said to Uncle Don "I want to fuck you". then mom, yasy and I. flipped. I told them "fuck off, back off, or I'll call the police, you are harassing us." They left and came back again. This time Yasy took action. She started swearing in arabic. Then she kicked one of them. She was wearing heels soo thats a good thing. She said khaneefa. or something like that. I can't spell arabic in english. >_> Saudians. really. The guys close to us said they we're.

anyways It was fun.... ish.


There are so much more. Yasy or Sawsy, if you want the pics. IM me! <3

Friday, April 4, 2008

Nadas Bday.

mood: ecstatic
listening to: haru, sakura no koro - alice nine.

Today is Nadas bday! We're going to Funland! Woohoo! and I have no idea what to get Nada. Maybe more cooking books. Or SIDs DVD. I don't have money for that. seriously. anyways. I'm going to print out pics of Nao, Gustav, Matsuda Shota.

Naj Loves:

Matsumoto Jun : a complete hottie. From Hana yori Dango.

<3<3<3<3 style="text-decoration: underline; font-weight: bold;">
Akanishi Jin: Anego & Part of the pop group KAT-TUN.

Matsuda Shota: Hana Yori Dango.

Oguri Shun: from hana kimi & Hana yori Dango.

This is what Happens when You watch tooo much Jdrama. lol

I am Completely addicted to Hana Yori Dango.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hana Yori dango 4

mood: pissed
listening to: a word never say - higoboshi

from 10am till now... everything is still buffering....

I think we exceeded the download limited. gah... everything is slow at the beginning of the month. I mean what the fuck.


hana yori dango 3

mood: ANGRY!
listening to: nada move

Okay, this is fucking pissing me off. I mean.... When its completely buffered it stopped for no good reason when I wanted to pause it. For fucksake this is seriously pissing me off.

I HATE MY INTERNET CONNECTION! Its fucking slowing me down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!













I updated 'unrequited'

Hana Yori Danago 2

mood: excited
listening to: Nada on her notebook & Nikki brushing her hair.

Finally, the internet is being faster than usual! I'm happy!!!
We have a million things to do today. that includes watch more jdrama, clean room and spray the place for insects. Its summer and bugs are sprouting everywhere.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hana Yori Dango.

mood: Excited
listening to: Dirty Faith - Nega

OMG! I just watched half of Episode one and it took 3 hours to buffer. But it as worth it. This Jdrama is awesome! Oguri Shun looks soo fucking hot here. *squeals like a fangirl* It is by far the best jdrama I ever watched and Im still on episode 1. god.. I'm a loser.


mood: sleepy
listening to: parents talking

'My hold on my sketch book grew tighter as I hear them laugh. It is as if I wasn't there'
taps paper with pen. Umm... I think I should have it more different. Or unique.


mood: not in the mood
listening to the tv

Hana Yori Dango is seriously taking to much time buffering. Gah...
I'm seriously not in the mood. I mean I woke up seriously grumpy. I didn't each much and shortly after I had to help my mom do something. I don't mind helping but I was just not in the fucking mood. I fell asleep on the coach few minutes ago. gah...

I'm sleeping early today.

hana yori dango

mood: not cold
listening to: the tv

I'm in the sala now. I change my mind. I'm going to watch hana yori dango. Since its taking a long time buffering(because nasreen left her notebook here and shes download something really really large) I think I'm going to learn a couple of things or continue editing my story.

I'm addicted to Jdrama now.

I've watched:

Attention Please!
Hana Kimi

Now I'm watching:
Hana Yori Dango


mood: cold
listening to: Peoples Error - the GazettE

Okay, its soo cold in my room right now. I need to charge my Yoshihiko and Hiro. We need more plugs in the house. Anyways I'm going to go off and read or something.

Anego btw was very nice but the ending was sucky.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

april fools

mood: sleepy

April fools mother fuckers!


Anego 2

mood: WHAJTHLAJKHDLKFJkaghklshdkj!! jhkghsdlk
listening to some guy on Tv

Okay.... WTF! the ending of Anego wasn't really that good. I mean... get married already. What sucks is that they only kissed once. For fucksake.

I'm also trying to not swear so much.

But swearing are my cigarettes.
It is very hard to give up something that relieves you from anger and pain. Not to mention stress. (vov)


mood: heart- warmed
listening to the ac

I was watching 4 episodes of anego. Its sooo heart warming and Sooo fucking cute!

A 32 year old woman who hasn't married yet. Has a 22 year old new employee falling for her. He is sooo fucking hot. my god. I would die if I saw him in person. *faints* as it turns out hes from the pop group KAT-TUN which explains everything.


Mood: Wacky
Listening to: Nada whine

Nada has a notebook now.
We're playing with our cameras and screen caped these.

We're soo pathetic its almost heart breaking. lol