Wednesday, April 30, 2008


mood: Umm...
listening to: Mom flushing the toilet.

I think I should download 2 parts of O2Rs DVD today. So Tomorrow. I get to watch it! Wohoo! *dances* *sings Naihishinsho & エトセトラ* Wohoo! I watched one of O2Rs comments and when they say the band name they say it like One O'clock. Which explains the katakana name and how they got ONE OK ROCK. ワンクロシク.

Man. I should really pay attention to my language studies. I seriously have to continue it. Since now I have Chinese to learn too. Papa, wants us to learn Chinese too. And I'm taking this chance to learn. I actually want to learn Chinese. Its the best way to learn how to read Kanji. 雨月木虎将嵯峨。Thats about all I know. hehehe. Ame, Tsuki, Ki, Tora, Shou and Saga. Man... I suck.

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