Wednesday, April 23, 2008


mood: tired
listening to: flavor of life - hana yori dango OST.

Yesterday morning after we woke up. Mom, asked if we wanted to help clean nasreen apartment in Jid ali. We went along. We brought our laptops and some shit to do just in case we decide to leave late. We cleaned the walls.... the windows... the kitchen... every room. It was tiring. Then we went down and ate at tita's apartment. Wohoo! We checked out the roof and Kuya Romel has a pigeon. (?_?) There was a chicken too. (^.^) haha. Josh and Naser played around screaming jumping in the stairway and crap. It was fun... but tiring. Mom picked up Nasreen after our little rest. She helped out a bit more. Went home at around 5. We took a shower then helped Nasreen move shit. We had to put books in boxes and we had to move a couple of cabinets. We went to Nasreens apartment in Riffa and helped her bring up the cabinet and some shit she wants. God... was her apartment dirty. ._. soo very messy.

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jotabloguer said...

Hi! You was made a good job, lol! When I need just know where I will request help!
I`m playing, dont worry young woman!Sometimes we needs make good actions for others!
I back again in your space!