Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Man... I just found another new band. That sounded good to me. and the members are like young.

Rui is obviously a girl. Can you tell which is her? I can. Shes the one with the pink hair.

Gt. 夜兎 -Yato-, ♂, Age: 18
Ba. 涙 -Rui-, ♀, Age: 19
Vo. 寿美也 -Hisashi-, ♂, Age: 19
Gt. ぽち -Pochi-, ♂, Age: XX
Dr. 魁X -Kaito-, ♂, Age: 20

Rui's a girl. hehehe! Go girl bassists!

I'm a girl bassist! woohoo for me.

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