Thursday, December 31, 2009

i -.- ed

My unofficial last entry of the year.
This year was an eventful one, worked, college, & Kal.

Theres more to it.
First off, would be Kal.
January 13, Our first date and the beginning of a wonderful relationship. I wouldn't change it for the world. I wish I could say more. But I don't have the writers sense right now to continue on.

May 31st, I resigned.
After wonderful 8 months of being an Intern doing a Junior Designers work (YAY), I've learned so much and I thank you all who was a part of it and I miss you guys too. T^T Most of you left already. T^T.

OMG! Finally, my phobia is no more and I'm glad. I've finished a semester and I'm proud! YOU BETTER BE TOO. I haven't gone to school since I was 8.

Renz&Naj Day!

It happened! Hahahahaha.

That is all.
Not in the writing mood right now.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Cold (c) Najla Qamber
Image (c) Najla Qamber

I'm cold, really cold sometimes. So cold that no one can ever think its me thinking those heartless things. Revenge is sweet, yes. But anger mixed with that. Damn, its too much. I hate it when I'm like that. Its like I can't think of anything else to help me ease my pain and all I want to do is inflict it to that one person who is hurts me constantly. Can I be that heartless? or am I just that angry at people who hurt me? I've thought of it so many times and I'm not very proud of it. Not very proud of it at all. I feel as though its gotten worse each time. Well, frankly, its cause I don't do shit to ease it. It just has to go away on its own.

So much of being me. So much for being that kind, supportive, guiding person everyone knows.
Theres always a second side to someone right? that side behind the sweetness or the side behind the bitterness.

To feel it constantly is like slicing your hand so deep that you could see the bone and to feel that blood flow is like the tears that never will give itself to fall. "Never" it says "Never will I give in to the temptations of an heart felt pain" it continues "Nothings going make us jump" it finishes.

Indeed don't commit that saddening sin that is suicide. Its never worth the tears, or pain. For when it does fall when it does commit that sin. The tears will feel like boiling hot lava piercing its way down my cheeks. It burns too much to stop the tears from falling. It won't stop. It'll never stop.

I can see it. The coldness.

I wish I was without that flaw.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Spring of Culture Talent Competition

Hopefully I'll get chosen. I'm joining in the visual arts category. (Painting)
Since they don't have Computer Generated Arts I can't send out my manips. sadly. T-T

Friday, December 11, 2009


We found her at Uni, actually Katie and Jp did.
She was hit by a car and had a broken leg. We saved her and Naz took her home to feed and mend her. We took her to the vet. He said there was nothing he could do. It was too late. She didn't survive long she died this morning. There was nothing we could do.

R.I.P. Kitten Zephrina

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


mood: annoyed
listening to: abduction-interlude

Looking around my neglected accounts on art communities online. I've realized that I've been so inactive lately, and have been neglecting the arts. Which I should say I love the most. Rather than Business. After resigning from work and bringing all the arts to a halt temporarily, I feel so unaccomplished and useless. I had that feeling. I remember the times when I was always doing something that would rather improve my skills rather than stop until I forget about it entirely. Its ridiculous.

I hate having insecurities.
I always need something to look up to.
I always need something to tell me that I'm going somewhere.
I always need to be an overachiever to feel good about myself.
I want to make a difference.
I want to be inspired and inspire.

It devouring, its idiocy.

then again who doesn't want that. (I always like to think that I'm the only one. Again, who doesn't?)

word count - 189


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Calamity in the works

mood: productive
listening to: Shindaze Sekai - heidi.

Working on my latest project. Check out the WIPs.

and me during the 4 hour project.

Comping of the background and horse

Comping of model

Comping of Dress

Comping of Legs

Comping of Hair

Color Change

Finished Pieces :,


Friday, October 23, 2009

Random piece from Unrequited

Fight sequence between Scarlet and the Third person in scarlets and Dafoes love life.

"I may be too little into society but I have experienced difficulties you'll never ever imagine! I know what is right and wrong, whether or not I am too little or too much into society. You on the other hand, too much into society and you bring nothing but agony to anyone who is yet to know your persona. Your concept of right and wrong is to vague for you to even think or say that I'm just a beginner into society. I have long years ahead of you. You are nothing but a naive, immature, obnoxious, attention seeking woman with all the fake virtues that every good woman should have. You are nothing compared to me. Don't ever insult me thus again. I don't know why I tolerate you so." I turned away immediately storming out. Leaving her and Mr.Dafoe in an awe. The moment I stepped outside. I stopped and thought for a long while before breaking into tears. My heart only now realizing how much it hurt to be insulted thus. Maybe I am to sensitive. No, I have too much repressed feeling tucked into my little pieces of my heart. I clutched the side of my dress and walked quickly to the lake. I sat there and quivered.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

"My hopes were all dead-struck with a subtle doom, in night, fell it shivered away from my heart"

Mood: Indifferent

Call me selfish or competitive I might be one or both. I'm just having one of those times when I feel so productive that again instead of doing what I should. I ponder on my confidence level and lower it myself. Lol. Its unhealthy I know. But it can also be a good thing? I think. I know what you're thinking "So hurting yourself Naj would be a grand thing?" Lmao. Or something like that in a less writers format. Yes, I'm in that mode too. >.< style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0); font-weight: bold;">n't do everything at one time. Take it easy.

Imagine that.
I don't know, I miss those eight months of my life. Where I was often called the next generation of something. *sigh* Those were times when I actually smiled my brightest smiles. For some reason I feel disappointed.


Thursday, October 15, 2009


Enjoy life guys. You know its crap.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Memories that haunt and scare.

mood: slightly annoyed.
listening to: nothing.

Well, I miss you blog.
You know I can never actually leave you or not vent out on you anymore.
Its just not possible at all. What was my actual reason for starting a blog? hmm... I don't quite remember. I think it was cause I was sick and tired of writing "Dear diary, today I..." with colored feathery girlie pens. Sorry, that doesn't work for me. Actually, I haven't had the time to actually sit down and give a whole hour to myself. Since, I don't feel like manipulating I'll just blog.~ at least I can dwell a bit in the depths of my echoie mind. haha. okay. my rooms too fucking quiet. Nada turned off the ac. I'll just randomly bull shit and say. I'm not really in the mood to do anything productive yet I fell like it. But I don't really want to.

Yes, I contradict myself.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1st no show.

Excellent! An hour break then lab.

Uni, 2nd day

Only one class. Boring 1 2. Sigh.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Unspoken words

Closure statement.

Since I didn't really finish what I was saying in that AA cirlce. CAUSE EVERYONE FUCKING KEPT INTRUPTING ME AND THEY EVEN FORGOT THAT IT WAS MY TURN. (why doesn't people want to hear it from me? honestly?) Official closure. I have accepted the fact that Nikki and I have drifted away, weeks after I realized it which was over a year a go. I'm happier with or without her if she needs me I'll be there, otherwise I do not trust her with valuable info and in real life its either you don't have a bestfriend or you just have one and honestly I can't wait to get out of my teens so I can walk away from drama. People don't respect me enough. Anyways. Only people I'll get really close with right now are just going to be my good friends not best. My rule would be 'ONE BESTFRIEND ONLY!* (possibly two if a boyfriend(thats like a love and bestfriend in one) is involved) hehehehe. anyways. I'm going to be mean but its the truth. I don't care what goes on in her life. If she wants to be closed. I don't care. She says bad shit about me I don't care. But if its about other people that when I really flip and thats what happened for the 3 days of practice we had this week. Shes become intolerable which affected everyone. (obviously) but in the end I let it go. but then it got brought up once again. Which affected me cause I didn't get to finish damnit. anyways I don't care. Its done and over with. All I'm saying is the company is too personal. Boundaries need to be set and they will be set for me. IM GOING TO SAY THIS ONCE SO EVERYONE GET IT IN YOUR HEAD. I'm just Nikkis friend. GET OVER IT. I DONT CAST YOU OUT. NEITHER DO I CARE IF YOU CAST ME OUT. CAUSE FOR SURE I DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU AND NADAS CONVERSATIONS. SO STFU. YOUR NADAS BESTFRIEND FROM THE BEGINNING SO WHY SHOULD I BE OFFENDED IF YOU MISCELLOUSLY DECIDED TO BE WITHOUT ME. I DO NOT MIND. I DO NOT CARE. END OF STORY. WE ALL HAVE DIFFERENT FRIENDS. ITS NOT FOREVER. BLEH. WE HAVE A WHOLE WORLD AHEAD OF US. ITS ACCEPT AND MOVE ON. GEEZ. DRAMA QUEEN SERIOUSLY. SO STUPID. I LET IT GO ALREADY. YOU SHOULD TOO. GET OVER EVERYTHING ALREADY. GOSH. GROW UP. SELFISH BITCH. (sorry to those who get offended at that, I just think its fair I get to vent out somehow too)

That was out of anger yes. but I still do care for her and want her to see what shes doing to everyone and to herself. but I guess she needs to find out on her own. I'm done trying. Cause today I saw and accepted the changed Nikki. I still love her. Its just not as strong as it should be.
Since nothing is going to change. Might as well go on with my life. Haha. yes I gave up that easily. why? cause its a hopeless case.

I just blew up cause Nikki wasn't only hurting me anymore. She was hurting everyone. I only get too far with my tolerance and patience, but one word against... umm... lets just put it this way, I could be the mother lion trying to protect her cubs. something like that. okay maybe I'm just that protective to a select few people (Nada, Renz, Kal (if hes affected but hes not) etc.) but still.

Other than that, its an office not a freaking drama club. WHEN ITS WORKING HOURS. WORK! do NOT slack off. Get there on time and work when its done go home. end of story. I DONT GO THERE TO COME HOME EVERYDAY WITH A SAD, PISSY MOOD. I'M GETTING SICK CAUSE OF THIS SHIT. LITERALLY! only 2 weeks of this shit getting too intolerable and I'm already getting really really feverish and weak. another 2 weeks, I'll get sent to the hospital and this shit is not worth it. SET A BOUNDARY. I've done that since this thing started. Did what I had to do went home when transport is permitted. Other than that I keep to myself and talk randomly amongst friends or watch practices since I'm done with my hours then home. End of story. I've worked in an office before so I know how I should be with or without my friends as my co-workers. [BOUNDARY]

Anyways, I'm done with that and this is the last time I'll be thinking about or talking about it unless it is brought up again, I'll only reply if I have to, otherwise I'll just listen.

Officially closed.
Drama no longer exsists in my world as long as I can help it. (Neutralism)

Got a problem with that? EXECUTE ME!

Now, I feel much better. No more weight on my shoulders. Still feel sick though.
Hmmmmm... I like the smell of my pjs. Smells like comfort. Lets start with the logo shall we.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Year 1000.

Its been a month since my last blog.


*cough* confession *cough*

Its been a long week. Literally. I was staying over at Naz's the whole time and its tiring but fun. Wake up at around 8am, eat breakfast with mother who usually comes over at that time. Then leave and I always end up going with her to the bank despite how messy I look then home, shower then I watch TrueBlood until it was time to leave again at around one. Then Dance Practice/Design Meeting. So it was like that for about 4 days. I got a little pissed at the fact that sometimes we just don't fucking practice. The show has been postproned yes. But that doesn't mean we have to stop. Cause after this week, I'm taking the whole week off for myself and school. bleh. Its starting the week after and I'm not sure if I'm ready but we'll see. I'm a little scared but who isn't?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oh my.

That last entry was stupid. >.<


Thursday, July 2, 2009

when I was murdered virtually.

mood: .-. <- ultimate upside down sad man face
listening to: Quarter Life ~ lynch

Sometimes I really hate it when I know people read this pathetic piece of shit. I don't really care anymore. Cause they JUST read it. Its not like they do anything about it if I said something sad or if I'm disappointed or scared or freaking unhappy. None of you do shit. Its pretty much like having that journal always hidden under your pillow. You're all just reading thoughts and thats it eh?

Fuck it.

I had a little revelation its that kind thats usually called 'Left'. Not the advejective the verb. yes. left. left out. left alone. LEFT. I hate it when I remember 'left'....................... Oh fuck it. I'm not going to be discreet anymore and sugar coat what I really mean. I'll just pretend that this is just a private blog that no one reads so i can speak my mind. fuck hell no am I going to try and talk to you guys again about this its just the fucking same shit over and over again. Okay, I don't like it when i'm left out. I get really really really really angry that instead of absorbing myself in that feeling of being left out I absorb myself in that anger and out of anger, since I don't hurt myself anymore I just take it out with this little shitty blog entry OR! or I take it out on art or getting better in so many other things. This anger turns into need and that need can't be met until I'm satisfied with what I've done with that anger. But still nothing. I get really determined to replace everyone with things that don't even talk. If not that then with what I can do. Thats why I was a fucking loner at some point. Stayed home, built useless jobs for myself and created things. Drew things. Disappeared in my own little world for the fucking last four years and to come out of it to begin again. Dreadful I tell you.

Honestly, I did tell every one of you how I felt about these things and the response was either nothing at all or yea, its okay. I know! okay. I know! that you don't even bother with invitations cause well cause you know I'll say no cause of my parents but still. Its still nice to hear them. I have so many different groups of friends and to feel left out in every group just adds to the anger. I just realized how fucking pathetic I'm being. WELL! I CAN'T HELP MYSELF. Its too much for me sometimes okay? So quit it with your judging. I hate it when people judge me. Especially those I care for the most. Its just too cruel.

I really loved working at least then I didn't have time to think about this shit. Its not worth it. But I still do. Cause it still hurts. Renz for example probably thinks I'm talking bullshit and thinking maybe I was just being cute or just trying to complain about shit just for shits or for his entertainment. Well, renz. I'm not. I'm 110% serious. and yet he does nothing then kal does pretty much the same thing but with an added 'Its okay, hun' <- maybe the same thing renz would say. If I tell Nasreen. Oh yea I know what her answer would be. "Fuck them. They're all cunts. Go out with me that way you'll skip their childish attempts of being friends with you." blah blah blah and yasy! yasy, feels my pain. *huggles yasy* mary feels my pain too *huggles her aswell*

that concluded my selfish disdain of feeling left out. I bet you guys don't remember what you read. HAHAHAHAAHAHA. You can do nothing about this now. I'm going to go to something more useless like maybe sulk about deviantart and get inspired enough to make a burning red deviation to show everyone how freaking angry I am. I'm not the only useless thing anymore.

fuck you.

Monday, June 22, 2009

My little disappointment

One fine day, the day I was actually excited about. Seeing my unisono family again, plus it was on the occasion of my birthday. Little did they know I did not invite anyone but them and a few outsiders just so I can have my attention solely on them. But no. They choose to stand me up with their peti excuses and leave me with disappointment. Never thought I would have that from them. *sniff* I should've known, they would rather be out somewhere else rather than spend time with me. That teenager that left.

gah... not a good time for him. bestie isn't on. why is it always when I need them the most.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The stray entry

A supposed journal entry dat strayed away and ended up in da first pages of my sketch book.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One, Two, Step Ahead.

mood: bleh
listening to: recall ~ sadie

Somethings seem so beautiful that it'll make you cry. Some times the most beautiful moments are taken for granted and is brushed away like it was the dust on your shirt, or the curtain on your window and we let it go most of the time. But when we have enough even a sorry we never hear. They'll always notice their hearts more when we're not there anymore. When they see us walk away with our fists clenching and eyes filled with unshed tears. They say 'What have I done?'. They'll always be doing something wrong. Always have something to hurt the other. but not enough to satisfy their esteem I think. They'll just keep doing it. Why is it that sometimes a person loves you so much everyone can see it but you. Reminds me of bad times. Bad plays of the heart.

WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! random thoughts of the day.~

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

late night


Muted the mic and turned off the cam.
I'm not bothered to let out my hidden feelings in a book, nor to call my bestfriend cause I know how much you hate me running to him instead of you. I guess, when I do want to run to you its either you're out somewhere or you're too tired that I don't even bother anymore. Why am I typing this up? This time I won't just forget the problem and just let it rot in my insides cause later on that'll just come back and hurt me with even more impact. I just want you to know, even if I'm not sure you'll read this because I'm not going to tell you to.

Sometimes, I can deal with your mood swings as I try to get used to it and understand even if your sharp tone just seems to like hurting me the most. I ignore, and comfort you the ways I can even if I suck at it every bit I try. I try my best and I'm sorry if I can be useless sometimes. Trust me it hurts me the most cause I can't seem to make you smile when you need to the most. I feel helpless and hurt cause even the tiniest things I can't do. Im sorry. Right now, I want nothing more than to go back a few hours and just say 'Hey hun, I missed you' when you called. I wished I just listened to what happened to you without thinking about how I felt. I guess, I couldn't this time. It just bugged me so much that I felt a little angry as well as upset and I'm sorry. I'm too emotional. hahahaha.

I can't sleep. I always thought it stupid to cry. It'll just tire you out you know. So I never do it unless I can't help it. This is one of those times I think. You've taken a toll on me, never been this upset since that time you came home a little out of mind a couple of weeks ago and you asked why I was on the phone with renz?. Lets just say I don't like being called clinging. Thats like one of the reasons why a certain someone wouldn't give a moment to think I would be a good enough girlfriend for him. I was afraid, so afraid of losing you. I promised myself long ago that I wouldn't make the same mistakes again and I did just ever so slightly, I felt neglected what was I supposed to do? stay as far away from you as possible? That'll hurt me more than being neglected. I came back from the Philippines to someone so busy and stressed.
I didn't mind it much, I tried to be there, helped you in any way I can, tried to make you smile when you needed it, told you to take care of yourself cause I wasn't always around to do it for you. But you can never help the feeling of neglection. No matter how hard I try, I'll always be clingy when I miss someone. I can't help it. But for you, I'll try not to "annoy" you with my attention and hugs for that I'm sorry too.

Main point is, you've been out of your all too usual mood all week and it hasn't just affected you hun, it affected me as well. I worry about you sometimes- all the time and when I ask whats wrong you never answer the way I want you too cause you can't. I don't even know why I even try asking you a couple of more times it'll just bring out that 'shut up, you're annoying' tone that you use to make me feel so tiny, subconciously of course. Well, I can't help asking either. Sometimes I think if I don't ask anymore you'll think that I don't care. I don't know why that stupid notion came into mind. I feel like a kid, complaining about this all. I'm not even sure if I should post this up or not. gah, what the hell. I just had to get that off my chest otherwise I won't be able to sleep at all tonight.

Forgive me, hun if I'm being immature. I am after all only sixteen.

I love you so much kal. I'm sorry.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The case of the artist who cannot draw.

mood: productive
listening to: SIN - LICKER

I've noticed something, that I'm starting to hate that I even took the time to notice. I've known this since I started drawing. but I can't draw without reference and its annoying!! Like wayyyyyyyy annoying. If I want originality I have to find a stock image as a base of anything I draw or paint. I know its normal to have like bits and pieces of each image that inspired you and all. But seriously what if its just something that pops in your head and you want to draw it as it is still fresh in your mind.

~ Change (in the house of flies) ~ Deftones

But nooooooooo I have to go online and search for an image that'll situ as your stupid base for a drawing. I just want to be like you know those really cool manga or comic book artists that just randomly draw shit into little panels and make it look so awesome in so many ways.

I'm wondering is this something that happens cause of the way you practiced drawing in the beginning? I don't think so cause I used to draw without reference but they're just the same poses with really bad anato...

THATS IT! I must venture more into the world of anatomy and draw draw draw! Lets start with realism shall we. This is going to be fun. I know exactly what to do when I'm done with work in the next 2 days. *-* OH YEAAAAAAAAAAAA.

I'm all fired up. I must continue!



4k all won booty grabbing in forums. Im addicted 2 it dat i cant work properly. Wah!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bad news

I just read nadas blog and she said one of our aunts died today. I just dont know which of our aunts has fallen ill and past away. Sigh. Fate has a way with us mortals.


I am bored. Its okay. As lng as im busy on my last 2 days. Last day, on da 28th. Woah. Its almst there. I wonder if i can finish 3 mre books b4 uni. w00t.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

7 habits!

I was reading an article about Junior Designers and how many of them usually last in a studio. The ones that actually last longer are the ones who practice these seven habits: 

  • Work quickly, produce a lot
  • Attend to details
  • Be versatile
  • Make an effort to learn
  • Anticipate problems
  • Set goals
  • Display a positive attitude

  • I'm happy cause thats pretty much what I do naturally! w00t w00t! Positivity is scary but it helps you to keep moving forward! yay!

    My desk.

    I was planning 2 screenshot my section on da unisono website but I'm too busy to do that right now. Hopefully, I'll have the chance to tomorrow or next week.  (my page in the website) 

    Honestly, I'm actually very happy that I'm working here. I guess my selfish disdain for fun came in and told me to quit to just kick it and rest. *sigh* 

    Life indeed will be one heck of a ride. 

    Monday, May 18, 2009

    magic words

    mood: productive
    listening to: Nails for breakfast Tacks for Snacks ~ Panic! at the disco

    Well, I'm here at work being productive as ever cause I'm actually doing something. 
    Fixing up the unisono website. I'm actually making major changes to one of the pages. w00t. 
    I have logo shit to do later too. But first I wanna blog. 

    My hun is probably on his way to his driving test. I hope he passes! I'm sure he will. 
    I'm wondering what I'll be doing in the meantime when I resign. Hmmm... I wonder if I should just you know slack off again. Go out on weekends. The whole thing. 
    I'm worried I might end up regretting leaving this place. Its one of the best things that ever happened to me last year and this year as well. I've learned a lot and my character grew here. I'm no longer as shy as I usually am. I can speak out and just live. Not like before... I keep on holding back and staying away. This place taught me a lot in the last 8 months. I'm happy I actually took the chance working here. I fought my fears and it got me places. Now, I'm going to aim for doing the same with school. Watch out people! I'm not going to waste my youth working! 

    Sunday, May 17, 2009


    Is our bestfriend. Swatch books are awesome. But are 2 expensive. Gah, i'm annoyed people are annoying me.

    Dont forget

    Ahhhh. I was in da mood 2 draw.

    What boredom brings.

    Since my Daylite is being a bitch and doesn't want to load. I thought maybe I should blog to wait it out. Yes, I've finished everything I needed to do today. I still have a meeting later but thats at 3pm. 

    Umm... I think everyone just recently found out I was leaving. Bwahahahahahahhahaha. Secrecy is awesome. While I waited for a certain someone to go on last night. I read a little then asked myself what happened to unrequited. Well, lets just say I haven't actually had the drive to continue writing. I would usually watch my usual victorian movies that sting a little then I write. (I need new movies) I used to write so much when I got hurt. Now, I'm just too happy. :D! Yay! but I can get my inspiration from that as well. But its taking awhile I guess. Since the story is still at its 'boo hoo' stage. Oh well. We'll have to wait and see.

    Damn, I'm hungry. 

    Yesterday, was eventfully fun actually. I actually went out and took Nasser with me. Despite his potty breaks that he keeps complaining about. I guess hes alright to take out as long as we don't stay long walking about. 

    I've been thinking a lot. Naz is most likely going to ask me to sleep over her place when she moves back in Tubli being all scared and all as she usually is by herself in that place. Why don't I just pimp out my room and just move in. Of course only if theres internet. INTERNET = Life. 

    I am determined to finish Mr. Darcy takes a wife! TONIGHT! *-* wooot 

    Thursday, May 14, 2009


    Woah, im actually realy bored, i want 2 rearange my files in my harddrive. Its lil 2 messd up. Gr. I cnt wait 2 c my bby! Yay! Just a few mre minutes. Whoop. The entry b4 ths was postd by kuya john. He was playin wit my phne. Haha. A funny pic of tom.

    Tom at d ofis


    Wednesday, May 13, 2009


    The wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works.the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works. the wireless at home works.

    GAHHHHHHH IM GOING CRAZY!!! *hitshead*

    At cocos

    I wish i was with my kal. .-.

    Im off 2 work

    Happy monthsary bby!

    Tuesday, May 12, 2009

    .12 days to relaxation

    And idleness. I can't wait. I'll be missing kal like mad because of the idleness but that just reminds me that im alive. Well atleast now i can focus on my art nt just digital but traditional. Its weird i had three different dreams last night and kal was in everyone of it. Theyre all drama sadly.

    Monday, May 11, 2009

    Pauls bday

    Cake! Im not really fond of it but whatever. Happy birthday paul l.! Get that mohawk already.

    My jeans

    I dont like wearing the same jeans all over again. I need more jeans!

    Sunday, May 10, 2009

    13th warriors


    At the apartment

    Waiting, waiting, and more waiting. Sigh. I cant wait for what is to come.

    Friday, May 8, 2009


    Nd i cn sleep. I think

    At the diplomat


    Thursday, May 7, 2009


    Almst tym.

    Wat boredom brings

    Arabic keyboard

    Finally! I got an arabic keyboard.! Wohoo.

    I r bored

    Nd i stil mis my bby

    Wednesday, May 6, 2009



    I miss kal!!


    5:15 almost there.

    When looking for images are fun.

    Got a very long list of image place holders 2 find. It tottally consumed my time. Yay! One hour till its time 4 home.

    Lunch tym.

    Time 2 check my email.


    Bck 2 my lonely corner.

    Tuesday, May 5, 2009


    Yay! Nw 2 wait 4 my one nd only 2 cme hme.

    Almst tym

    2 go hme.


    Yum. Strawberry.

    Is 34 favs enough?

    Yes, it is!


    Grid system. Grid system. Im so annyed. Gah. Email template.

    Kuya chito sharping his pencil

    So random

    Lunch time

    First time in a very lng time most of da team ate 2gther.