Thursday, December 31, 2009

i -.- ed

My unofficial last entry of the year.
This year was an eventful one, worked, college, & Kal.

Theres more to it.
First off, would be Kal.
January 13, Our first date and the beginning of a wonderful relationship. I wouldn't change it for the world. I wish I could say more. But I don't have the writers sense right now to continue on.

May 31st, I resigned.
After wonderful 8 months of being an Intern doing a Junior Designers work (YAY), I've learned so much and I thank you all who was a part of it and I miss you guys too. T^T Most of you left already. T^T.

OMG! Finally, my phobia is no more and I'm glad. I've finished a semester and I'm proud! YOU BETTER BE TOO. I haven't gone to school since I was 8.

Renz&Naj Day!

It happened! Hahahahaha.

That is all.
Not in the writing mood right now.

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