Saturday, November 29, 2008

Theres always a sting. But never a "oh I dont care"

mood: inspired
listening to: an illusion - lynch

There's always something that'll make that steady heart sting again! Oh the insanity!
I have alot on my mind at the moment and I hate that fact. I hate having a lot on my mind. I like just having simple things in there. Now, its going crazy!



When Chinese hats invade our house...

Pops is home!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

little bit of rain drops to add to the taste.


This is my tired sleepy face.
This is my eager to go to work face. hahahahahaha

See what boredom does to you.!


mood: sleepy
listening to: dekaron <- nadas playing the game.

I haven't done this in awhile... I'm going to anyways. Cause I miss slacking off and being an idle bum. But I don't want to get back to that.

Heres some awesome random Jrock splatiness...~!

Riku-sama formerly of Bullet 69. Now has a girlfriend. *sadface*


I downloaded Rentrer en soi's Best of album and it made me want to cry so much. T-T Why'd they have to disband >>

GallowS is releasing their first single and mini-album next year! *happy day* They're a girl vk bad! They're totally awesome~ !

Hiroto is driving me nuts!!!
What happened to the sweet blonde pon pon we learned to loved? Now hes fucking sexy... like *droooollll* sexy. I hate him now... Hes like super hot in everything he does. First it was Saga, Tora, Shou, and noowww.. Hiroto?! Oh come on! If im attracted to Nao. I'll kill myself.

I still have to hots for Saga though... I'll tell you why... this is why

37 frames of saga goodness.
I obviously missed some frames. gah! I hate gifs.!!!
(gifs dont work here. T-T)

*sniff* Miyavi cut his hair and took out hes lip piercing. T-T. The hair I dont care much about but but the piercing?!! Why miyavi why?!?!

Lol that concludes the end of my rant. hahahahahahhaaha...
Next entry will be normal again so no worries.!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Quick update

Mood: Sleepy
Listening to: SECRET SCARS -BESIDE YOU- - Rentrer en soi

Small update bout my day or week. Which ever.
First off this song is making me miss rentrer sooo fucking much. Why'd they have to disband. They're not disbanded yet. But they will in Dec. >.> I wanna watch them live before that.!!!


Anyways, about my week.
Sunday was busy as usual.
I did the internal tshirt design amends and it went to press(get them printed on shirts) the day after, Logo for banicon.
Monday, did the Icons, bag mock up, brochure mock-up (prototype), Banicon, & currently got recruited as a designer in another HUGE event thats happening next summer.
Today, Took over for Nasreen cause she didn't go to work today.
Normal work. Go bring coffee, tea, deliverable, print and amends on icons, edited internal web layout, meetings, & major planning for future events, & Logo/Poster Designs.

Time to de-stress.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

HYD Final

Mood: I feel fucking good.
Listening to: Kuroi Taiyou (Black Sun) ~ XodiacK [If you guys don't know this band then you guys suck. They're most definitely the band that'll replace Levianthan in my heart]

Got home at 7.
I was glad to get home. Though work was eventful in so many ways.
They actually like my work. Well, except my boss. Hes just one you can't easily please.
Today is my last day sitting in the creative department. I'll be moved to the front desk with my sister Naz. I'm still on the Creative team. They're just moving me cause the new Senior Designer is starting on Sunday. >.> Lol I don't mind. Its just I want a Designer next to me so they can help me with whatever I do. *sigh* Oh well. I'll have the internet. Yay!

I'm on the Creative Board now!! I'm so happy! hahaha It took me almost 2 months to get on that board. I'm glad I'm on it now.

What did I do today?
Made mock-ups of some stationary we designed, I put together the companies Team T-shirts, Designed the HPC Icons, Designed a Contact Card for the new comers, that people actually loved so much it resolved to them hugging me. haha. its sooo awesome.

Anyways, I'm here listening to heavy metal and burning HYD the movie for like everyone I know who loves it.
I'm going to start painting soon. I need to finish Kev's painting before Christmas!
Wohooo for that.

I have a lot of updating to catch up on~

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

When will Jrock conquer the world?

Mood: Yaying! 
Listening to: RAINBOWS ~ alice nine. 

I'm here at work. Sitting slacking off cause no ones here. mwuahahahahahaa
Everyones out to lunch. 

I can't wait to get home actually. I wanna do some normal stuff. 
Though I love it here. I would totally go home to do nothing but bum out. 

Right... Today is a packed day. People want me to do this and that. haha awesome. 
I'm useful.!! woohoo! 
Though lots of responsibility, I think I can take it. 
They've sorta banned me from doing anything that'll be produced. They don't want me to take responsibility for mistakes so they forbid me from doing artwork. I don't really mind. Though its kinda weird. I should be cause its my field of Graphic Design. I'm supposed to be one of the artworkers but I'm learning to be a Designer. Either or... I think its great. This way I'm learning both ways. Wohoo! 

 On Friday, I'm going to spend the whole day Tabbing Rainbows and Kaimu. I have to redo Rainbows cause some prick said it was horrible. F  YOU DUDE! Whoever you are. 

Anyways I'm going back to work. I left my task timing on daylite. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fuckity Fuck

Mood: Fucked up...
Listening to: 一萬個快樂 - 飛輪海 <- fucking sad song.

Okay, I'm here home from work.
Thinking... "Hey, They're going to pay me this month" and that's Kool. It makes me want to work even harder. yeaaaaa for me.~

Now, I really have to work harder.
I have to stay out of my comfort zone and speak up.
Be strong Naj. You can do it.
It would be nice if I had a supporter. .-. who'll say... "You can do it!, Yay! for naj~ go naj!"

I miss my best friends.

I'll be working probably until or before September 2009, IF theres pay.

Im going to pass out.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fucking Hell.

Mood: Fucking depressed
Listening to: Memento-Mori - Sugar

Depression took over.

Nothing seems to be going right.
One of the consequences I know would happen when I did something that'll probably hurt like crap. But I know I did the right thing. It wouldn't be fair at all for either side if it kept going.
What I heard... wasn't what I wanted. I guess, thats what happens if emotion takes over and once a simple rant turns into exaggeration and exaggeration turns into offending words that'll possibly spoil every bit of your name that only exsisted in society for a short while. I've been through this before, at least I had control over that sitaution this... this... is not in my hands.

I'll let it be.


I would like it better if no one commented on this.
I don't want to hear any sense of advice at the moment. I've already heard enough.

I'm tired, I haven't had time to think.
I look like shit at the moment, the weekends are too short. I can't wait for December.
The Holidays, 2 weeks... 3?
Anything, I need serious me time.
5 weeks... just 5 weeks left.


Shelf Test.

I barely sat down today.
Printed out labels, (got interrupted, we had to have a status meeting that lasted an hour) Cut them neatly, pasted them on 9 different bottles.
Went to Al Jazira with a Senior Designer & a Project Manager to see how the labels look amongst other brands... It didn't quite stuck out. Came back it was 12:30. Ate, did library work. Lifted things back and forth.

My Design is finally on an actual t-shirt. It looks like crap though. They fucked up my design. Tom's going to be pissed. ha.ha.ha.

I'm tired.
I think I'll just sleep.
I have to clean my room a bit tomorrow morning.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dir En Grey on fucking mtv two!?!~?!@!#?>#!

*rolls on blog*

For the first time in Jrock history! A Jrock Band, knowingly Dir En Grey (One of the Biggest bands ever to come out of Japan... yes, even bigger than alice nine. >.>) are actually going to have a PV of their new single airing on MTV two... on headbangers ball!! Holy shit...
and I can't watch it cause cause...

the channel doesn't work.


*sigh somemore*

Panda & Koala

Mood: Distant
Listening to: Memento-mori - Sugar

Toystore Panda and Koala.
Me and Ren found that utterly hilarious to find both of them sitting together on those shelves like that. o-O fucking hilarious.

Future Christmas gifties~ hahaha


I suck. .-.
People know why.



Went to seef and BCC.

oh joy.~

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Went to hell and back.

mood: still fcked up but with a lighter burden
listening to: Reminisce - 4way speakers

Last night was hell. It was like the first few weeks of the 'Everydays fucked up and it keeps on getting worse' thing me and renz had.

It was like that but with all 8 weeks rolled up in one.
I fought with Jp. Fucked up my friendship with renz. Yelled at Nasreen and cried cause of all that plus knowing my boss will be giving me hell the day after and she not being there didn't make me feel any better.
Lets just say I wanted to lock myself in the bathroom, quit my job and not speak to anyone until something horrid ended my life. I needed a fucking smoke so bad. Never... NEVER hang with smokers... >.> they'll actually let you smoke. Fucking asses.

Everything I thought of that night no matter how unimportant it was I wanted to cry. I felt so fucking emotional.
It wasn't normal for me. No, I'm not used to this crap. Crying hurts my pride. >.>

I woke up so early in the morning and it was like me being 8 again with the same fears as going to school. It fucked up my head so much. I couldn't even think straight. All I wanted to do was hit my head on the wall so fucking much. I was a coward. I am not one now.
I have so much shit going on at the moment that I can't seem to fucking get a good nights sleep. Though I don't have as much work as the rest and I still come home tired. Fucking hell, I don't have much time for myself.

After a few more months I'm quiting. I'll get ready for Uni but first 2 whole weeks to myself. Just me, yoshi and my tablet. I miss my idle days. Then hopefully we'll get to go to the Philippines and China. I really hope that happens.

I miss Photo-manipulating, I miss writing, I miss painting, and drawing oh and reading! I used to finish a book a week. Now, I can't do crap. >.>

4 months.


I quit.

Interns dont stay for more than 2 months actually.
I have to ask around bout it. >.>

Sunday, November 2, 2008

from the immortal words of Kal.... 'November Misery'

this is the time where girugamesh's puzzle fucking rules my fucking world.

I wonder what it'll be like if there was no one there to support you in every way?
I'll tell you it feels like the fucking world is ready to collapse on you.
then again having that support still causes u hell.
But we still bear with it.
Probably because its better than the world collapsing on you.