Tuesday, November 18, 2008

When will Jrock conquer the world?

Mood: Yaying! 
Listening to: RAINBOWS ~ alice nine. 

I'm here at work. Sitting slacking off cause no ones here. mwuahahahahahaa
Everyones out to lunch. 

I can't wait to get home actually. I wanna do some normal stuff. 
Though I love it here. I would totally go home to do nothing but bum out. 

Right... Today is a packed day. People want me to do this and that. haha awesome. 
I'm useful.!! woohoo! 
Though lots of responsibility, I think I can take it. 
They've sorta banned me from doing anything that'll be produced. They don't want me to take responsibility for mistakes so they forbid me from doing artwork. I don't really mind. Though its kinda weird. I should be cause its my field of Graphic Design. I'm supposed to be one of the artworkers but I'm learning to be a Designer. Either or... I think its great. This way I'm learning both ways. Wohoo! 

 On Friday, I'm going to spend the whole day Tabbing Rainbows and Kaimu. I have to redo Rainbows cause some prick said it was horrible. F  YOU DUDE! Whoever you are. 

Anyways I'm going back to work. I left my task timing on daylite. 

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