Monday, October 29, 2007



I'm just wishing Nada would run up the stairs screaming "NAJ!! the magazine is here! its here". But she didn't.

waiting.... still


I keep looking out the window, I keep looking at the time. Nothing. Stop hoping its going to get here today, already. Gezz... naj.
How can something so precious, take a long time to get here.
Wait. I thought I heard the doorbell.
No, it was nothing.
How crude, how prejudice, how torturing.

I'm staring at my Shou and thinking... when the hell is that MYV DVD going to finish downloading already. I've been downloading it since 10:00am.


3 minutes has past. and I feel i should be writing this in my diary not my fucking blog. I give more attention to this idiotic blog then my own diary.


few minutes more and Nada should be here. I want my magazine badly. Badly.


i hope it gets here before November.

I hate waiting for something you aren't 100% sure it will get where you are. :(


here I am waiting patiently for my magazine. which is Arena37C november 2007, with Alice nine on the cover. While listening to Rasen - lynch. It's 2:25pm. It should be here by now. I'm watching the clock thick. I want that magazine desperately. Why? I dunno. I just want it, cause I paid to much for it. I've never spent 20 dinars on anything at once. and I felt bad when I paid for it online. :(
I seriously want it. :( I don't know what I would do if it wasn't here yet. It has been 9 days already. Yes, I'm counting the days. I'm afraid my parents wont ever let me buy anything online if I never get it. :(


Still waiting... patiently. while listening to the same song on repeat.
waiting for the doorbell, or even an envelope being slipped under my front door or something.
I looked out the window. Nothing yet.
I finished 11th grade. not fairly, but I did. I only copied the areas I didn't know. :(
I promised myself. I wouldn't do it again. I felt bad when I cheated. I wanted to cry everytime my pencil hit the paper while I was copying. I didn't like it. I didn't like feeling stupid. But I did it cause I HATE ALGEBRA AND CHEMISTRY!!! GOD! I hate my life.
I feel bad that my second mother has cancer and I can't do anything about it. :( and I want to see her but I can't cause we're not in the Philippines. I want to be there for her.


Nothing still.
I keep hearing piano playing around but nothings playing. no ones touching the neglected keys. no one. I hear a car pass by the house. it was nothing.
My hearts racing. I No longer can wait. I am impatient. and the magazine is not going to arrive today. :( we'll see if tomorrow will be the day it comes.

15 favs and 21 comments on a deviation I submitted 2hours and 25 minutes ago. I got 6 favs in the first 4 minutes. I was pretty happy when It happened.


It really isn't coming today. :'( I thought I will make my day. it didn't. :( next time Im buying magazines from I have to record the latest PACES mom corrected. Should I close this blog here?

I should.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bass covers + PSP

Okay, I had to do my american idiot bass cover like too many times to get it right. and it still sucks.
But I uploaded it still. (-_-) when I tried to upload it and it was tooo large. so I had to find a fucking program to reduce the fucking size.

At the same time I uploaded an Selfish love - MYV bass cover. 7 samurai session version. It was fun. cause I had to tab it myself. :( I <3 hige-chan
(My sister texted me and the phone rang unexpectedly)


Sunday morning, at 9 my dad surprisingly walked trough the door from china and I was Like "PAPA, your home, what are you doing here?, aren't you suppose to be in China?" After, showing me some stuff he got from China, I was doing my Filipino PACE, when my mom comes in the room and goes like, "Theres a Psp on our bed, wanna see it? its white, I told your father, why did he buy one when you girls don't play PSP games." Then I said "A psp? No way! No way! I want it! its a giant mp3 player! I want it, I want it!" So I took it and all. My sister came home and she got mad that she didn't get one. Well, HELLO! when she got a nintendo DS I didn't complain, when she got a sony walkman mp3 player and I didn't, I didn't complain. and my mom wanted me to give to her and I was like "But its not fair mom, when she got her stuff and I didn't, I didn't complain infact I didn't even react" GAH! but I still got it. what sucked is that it didn't have a memory stick. so I had to buy it the next day. I named my white psp shou as in shou from A9. why? because he has a white PSP too...

Saturday, October 20, 2007

bald finger + American Idiot Cover + Magazine + My shelfs + Paino

blog entry to show you invisible people my bald finger. Lol a few days back my skin around the blue stuff sorta started falling off so I removed the rest and got rid of the dry blood then my mom started cutting my nail after she poked out all the dry blood underneath it. I know disgusting ain't it. Lol

I played American Idiot on the bass. Its a short cover. Cause my sister kept on interrupting it and I got sooo fucking tried of trying to get it right so I just uploaded that for now.

10 more books and I reach 100 books!! YAY for me. and I only read 24 books. hehehehe. Including all Jane Austen books and 4 Tolkien books. yes no j.k rowling I do not like her hp series. no offense to those who do.

I started learning how to play the piano, Since my sister knows how to play it really well. I decided I should learn the piano aswell. I now know how to play the bass, guitar and piano(sorta) and I'm the vocalist of a band! YAY!

My Next Portrait would be of Nao of alice nine. Since I already drew Tora of A9 I'm going to do the whole band. I havent started yet.

the arena37c november issue magazine Nao was talking about in his blog. I ordered it and its on its way here! I had a fucking hard time looking for a site that sells that magazine and that sends it here in this Godforsaken island called Bahrain.

-Naj (^_^) (^_^) 

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Takeru update

I'm almost done with it. Though I have to fix the face a bit and I'm done! just a fucking update!

WTF why do I have to make a new blog??? + takeru drawing + introduction + blue finger

OKAY SERIOUSLY!!!! did someone hack into my other one or something this is my Original blog I mean I wanted to update my blog with the exact email I was signed in google with and BOOM! i had to do everything all over again. You know what? my fcking blog is still there! it would've been better if it got deleted instead of like it lingering there not being updated!!!! I'M SOOO FUCKING PISSED!!!

Ola meh amigos.

I am Naj,
Pencil/Digital artist who is also in a band as the Vocalist and bassist.
I love Jrock btw.

I'm looking for pictures of sadie on LJ for my sisters T-shirt design I'm going to make her.
The internet is being slow and I'm guessing my older sister is downloading movies again. (-__-)
I'm listening to ruri no ame by alice nine while posting on I love that forum its so much fun there. and I'm bitching like fuck at the same time! and I'm trying to fix this fucking problem!! GAH!!!!

anyways My drawing book is filled with Jrockers. Lol.

heres my latest jrock drawing Takeru from SuG.
I pretty much like this. I love how I did his eyes. It took me like an hour to do. -faint- (T_T)

足連れ たける!! (^3^)

I love my keyboard! I learned how to programme it into Japanese! so I can type Katakana and hiragana.

This injury was cause by a certain car door that I hate with a passion. Tuesday afternoon, as usual during Ramadan. I and my mom went to pick my little siblings from school. I was reading like usual when I transfered to the back cause I was sitting in the front seat. while closing the car door I sorta closed it on my thumb I didn't feel anything I just pulled away my finger without opening the car door. slowly the pain came to me and I was in so much pain, and all I was thinking about was how the hell am I to draw, photomanipulate, digital paint or play the guitar. I was striped of my right hand thumb for a few days until I gathered the guts to go to the doctor. I was so fucking depressed I couldn't do anything without my fucking thumb. I wanted to cry every time someone mentions that I couldn't do what I love the most. I was crushed. and in great pain. My nail turned blue and it died, then the blue stuff(blood) ended up spreading all around my finger, I got scared and went to the doctor and crap. Dr.Sanjay an Indian doctor, he was nice so I wasn't so afraid then he told me that he'll be drilling holes on my nail without numbing drugs and crap, then he said "don't worry u won't feeling anything cause the nail is dead" and I said "but the skin underneath the nail isn't" in my head though. then he started using this small needle and drilling then he said "Nurse, can I have a bigger needle" thats where I got scared. I was looking away, he drilled like 4 holes before he found the right place where most of the blood came out, then there was blood everywhere! he bandaged it and we left the hospital. After like 2 days my finger is still leaking blood and all and I cant really use my thumb much, and the nail is going to outgrow the dead one probably in 6 weeks. or so. (-_-) Hopefully when My thumb is no longer blue I'll be able to do stuff with it. Maybe it wont be blue next week or in a few days. And finally the hole stopped bleeding and my mom being weird and all stared pricking my finger in the blue areas around the nail. and my finger started bleeding ALOT! and no change what so ever. (><) I hate my life.


I bought suspenders on monday and it looked sooo good with my jrock outfit.