Tuesday, August 31, 2010

[VTOP] House of Night - Untamed

Day: 4
Title : Untamed
Series : House of Night
Volume : 4
Author : P.C. and Kristin Cast
Hero/Heroine: Zoey Redbird
Werewolves : No wolves just a very big yellow dog.
Vampire : I got over the adult backstabbing vampires. Now, I'm loving the Kool as adult vamp warriors. Super kool.
Witches : Grandma Redbird is awesome and Zoey and her friends are really getting way too awesome for their own good.
Gods/Goddesses : A lucifer popped out. I think he was more like Zeus or something. Nyx is still as awesome as she always was.
Hotties : Darius and Erik is just. *argh*
Sexual Tension : Not much.
Romance : -.-
Fight Sequences : Does fighting birds count. I think they're going to have to kick the entire schools ass for this.
Deaths : almost.
Teenage Angst : Theres a vague amount of it.
Comments : Loving this volume. It actually had a fair about of everything and it balanced itself out except the part when the prophecy came in and totally kicked me in the butt. Theres a GOD?! I like things being matriarchal. Its much much cooler. *is totally not being sexist* ^-^I find it really admiring how The Casts wrote this. Loving the Mother daughter team work here. Its simply unputdownable. *I can't believe I just used that word*
Stars : 7.5/10 stars.

Monday, August 30, 2010

[VTOP] House of Night - Chosen

Day: 3
Title : Chosen
Series : House of Night
Volume : 3
Author : P.C. and Kristin Cast
Hero/Heroine: Zoey Redbird
Werewolves : None yet. But somehow I expect some to pop up.
Vampire : Okay, Stereotype Vamps starting showing up and I'm starting to really hate the adult vampires they're backstabbing bitches!
Witches : (are technically vamps) They're all getting pretty powerful and it amazes me on how cool their powers are! With the swooosh! Bam! BOOOm!
Gods/Goddesses : :D
Hotties : I hate Loren, I hate Erik! I hate all the guys in this! Cept Jack and Damien.
Sexual Tension : Fuck the tension. It sucks.
Romance : Screw this too!
Fight Sequences : Yes, and I wished it ended that evil backstabbing bitch! ARGH!
Deaths : 2
Teenage Angst : Made me cry like a baby. Its not even funny.
Comments : This Volume got me so pissed off as soon as I finished the last few chapters. This is unbelievable. Now, Zoeys gotta deal with this crap on her own!?? You've got to be kidding me.
Stars : 6/10 stars.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

[VTOP] House of Night - Betrayed

Just a reminder: I won't post of actual details of the books. I don't want to spoil it for anyone.

Day: 2
Title : Betrayed
Series : House of Night
Volume : 2
Author : P.C. and Kristin Cast
Hero/Heroine: Zoey Redbird
Werewolves : None yet. But somehow I expect some to pop up.
Vampire : They're getting cooler with every volume I read.
Witches : They're getting powerful! Its exciting!
Gods/Goddesses : :D
Hotties : Loren gets added to the bunch of guys thats on the spotlight this time. Together with more of Heath and Drew and Cole popping in.
Sexual Tension : Getting more intense guys! Hold onto your bookmarks (okay that was lame)
Romance : Loving it. Loving it. Give me more!
Fight Sequences : Once, and it was pretty cool. The elements are involved as well as a tunnel.
Deaths : *cries*
Teenage Angst : Angst is reeling in, not that bad. Its just how shitty she feels cause of all the stress and pressure she has to deal with .
Comments : The second book made me go "OMG" as much as the first one did. I don't think I'll ever get bored with this series (I might change my mind as I get into it more, maybe not). The best parts is the friendship shared within the group. I wish I had friends like that. *sigh* As well as the tension. *wipes brow* damn. I never know what will happen next and that keeps me reading!
Stars : 7.5/10 stars!

[VTOP] House of Night - Marked

I've made a little form kind of thing so I can fill it out every time I finish a Vamp Book.

Day : 1
Title : Marked
Series : House of Night
Volume : 1
Author : P.C. and Kristin Cast
Hero/Heroine: Zoey Redbird
Werewolves : None, I was really getting sick of them. I started seeing them in every typical vampire book. But this one doesn't seem to have any. Not in the first volume anyways.
Vampire : Most of them are! But I love how humane they are. They're powerful, beautiful and very unique. This is the first time I've heard of pretty tattoos on vampyres!
Witches : Vampyres in this book don't need witches. They're super powerful themselves with the powers of Nyx and the 5 elements.
Gods/Goddesses : Yep, again I say, this is so different from other vamp books I've heard of! I might change my mind once I get deeper into this project.
Hotties : TONS and I'm not kidding. Erik, Loren, Heath, and the list goes on.
Sexual Tension : The best parts of every vamp book! Its like they're about to but they never do. Cliffhanger much?
Romance : In this book lots. Makes me swoon every time the "Protector" comes in and wipes our heroines tears off.
Fight Sequences : Not much of it in the first book.
Deaths : nooot tellling!
Teenage Angst : I'm so happy to say this ! There isn't much of teenage angst in this volume and I ❤ the authors for it.
Comments : This was a great book. I couldn't stop turning the pages. Every time I put the book down I had to fight the urge to pick it up again. Love how Zoeys life is played. Slightly reminds me of HP because of the how she gets marked and gets called to a boarding school (thats like a castle) for vampyres so they can learn about vampyres as they go through the change of turning into one. Not much of fangs involved, not yet anyways!
Stars : 7/10 stars!

Vamp take over project

I brought excitement to myself as I came up with the idea of reading all the best selling vampire books out there. Since it is a trend right now. I'd like to see why each series and one-shot books are selling so well within the teen circle and how its taking over the book as well as the movie scene.

Lets see how far I get with this one!

Monday, August 9, 2010


It seems as if the opposites always sees us as the kind that will stay put at home, with no friends and no other life other than home duties and boredom and when we do figure out a way to wiggle ourselves out with the specs of dust that grows between the red and yellow bricks of the pavement. (also known as our friends who finally enter our lives and the opposites don't seem to care whether or not we are at home or out there on our own without them)

I'm surprised by the images of myself always constantly feeling jealous, out-landed and an obscure amount of dislike whenever the opposites seem to bounce around the world like its nothing but a smoothly flattened surface with not even a bumpy spec about it.

I dream of that one day, when I stop feeling so raveled and so unfair towards the opposites. I was never the victim but the suspect of such a hopeless crime that even the longest time in exile will never change.

Hoorah for my hopelessness and welted hopes of ever changing.

Plain silly

Magic magic
Boom boom?

I'm tired.
I'm wondering what I'll be doing in the next few days.
Ramadan is close I don't know what I'll be doing.
I wonder if anyone reads my blog. anyone? hellloooo?

*hears an echo*

okay... how sad.