Friday, February 29, 2008


mood: pissed as fuck
listening to : mei - caress anomaly


okay end of rant. >_>


mood: nervous (for some odd reason)
listening to: hurtle night - GallowS

I'm done.

*jumps up and down in head*

Nikki, slept over cause they had to do a project today. So weldon, leslie, mei and michelle will be here. right now.

Poor weldy his the only guy.

Hes soo cute at times. hehe. Hes like a child. lol

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


mood: sparkly
listening to : rem - heidi.

I'm sorry. But toru looks adorable in this pic.

I mean... aww......

Hes the only one in the band. that has huge goo goo eyes. lol besides alex hes american. lol

panic! at the disco

mood: blah
listening to: Requiem for.. - lost age

I saw their newest video a week ago. and I CANT FUCKING WAIT TILL THEY RELEASE THEIR ALBUM HERE!!! WOHHHOOOO!!!

i'm fucking sad

mood: sadness...
listening to: readme.txt - キジン譚

I'm sad, cause I can't fucking download anymore. cause I'm wasting too much money. Blah blah blah. stupid stupid! 15 fils per MB.

I mean who in the right mind will expect that much per MB. I download 20 MB per day. I MEAN WHAT THE FUCK!

Batelco better be happy. They're filthy rich because of my downloading damn it!


Does anyone care to spare me some MB!? Does anyone want to download for me and burn it into a cd and give it too me! Please!!!! gaah....

I have a fucking download waiting list. I download from it everyday and I still have to download shit loads of shit. seriously. and i'm too scared to download it cause Papa might get mad cause I download to much!!!


I'm going off....

I hate my obsession with jrock......

To-do List for March

Mood: Flabbergasted
Listening to: Ai ga Futari o Betsu Sumade.... - undead

I decided that I would keep a To-do list for after I've finished with highschool.

and it starts:

Update Comic[x]
Update Stock[x]
Update DA [x]
Finish Alex[x]
Make a Manip [x]
Make a LJ upload Playlist[x]
Replace the Mannequin in MF with the MP3 formatted Mannequin album [x]
Check Gaia[x]
Post up 'Neglected art' feature[x]
Finish Weight of water by Anita Shreve [x]
Draw Saga 'alice nine.'[x]
Reply to all comments[x]
Thank everyone on DA for the favs. '586'[x]
Empty Stock Inbox
Update Facebook [x]
Continue Japanese and Arabic lessons[x]
Edit 'unrequited'[x]
Post up 'unrequited' [x]
Change Avatar on DA[x]
change lj layout again.[x]

I'll probably forget about it if I don't type it up somewhere.

To-do List for 29th February

Mood: Flabbergasted
Listening to: Ai ga Futari o Betsu Sumade.... - undead

I decided that I would keep a To-do list for after I've finished with highschool.

and it starts:

Update Comic
Update Stock
Update DA
Finish Alex
Make a Manip
Make a LJ upload Playlist
Replace the Mannequin in MF with the MP3 formatted Mannequin album
Check Gaia
Post up 'Neglected art' feature
Post up 'Jrock Art' feature
Finish Weight of water by Anita Shreve
Draw Saga 'alice nine.'
Reply to all comments
Thank everyone on DA for the favs. '586'
Empty Stock Inbox
Update Facebook
Continue Japanese and Arabic lessons
Edit 'unrequited'
Post up 'unrequited'

I'll probably forget about it if I don't type it up somewhere.

33 books

mood: in a hurry

I'm going off to pick up siblings.

I officially finished reading 33 books! WOOHHOOO!! It's a fucking record. Man... i have to update my facebook.

1 more

mood: excited
listening to: sign of birth - lost age <3

1 more pace. and I'm done. *faint*


mood: tired
listening to: nothing

I've got LOAD!!!! woooooooohooohooooo!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

soundtrack of my life

mood: spontaneous
listening to: 冥 - caress anomaly

I love soundtrack game thingies

Waking Up: With - My Aunt Mary
First Day At School: crackjacker - monolith
Falling In Love: desert rose - abingdon boys school
Fight Song: Volcano - girugamesh
Breaking Up: Shindaze Sekai - heidi.
PrinceProm: 9th revolver - alice nine.
Life's Just...:
sink - 9goats black out
Mental Breakdown: Dry flower - Sugar
DESPERATE - Black;list
hurtle night - GallowS
Getting Back Together:
欲望に満ちた青年団 [Yokubouni manchita Seinendan] - ONE OK ROCK
Birth Of Child: (you can do) everything - ONE OK ROCK
Wedding: umibe - L'arc~en~ciel
Finale Battle:
冥 - caress anomaly
Death Scene: Last Song - Gackt
Funeral Song:
LAST WORD「 」(re-recording) - Rentrer en Soi
End Credits:
Charles - heidi.

Sad..... lol

2 more paces

mood: anxious
listening to: mei - caress anomaly *head bangs*

2 more days.

I'm anxious to finish it all.


mood: nervous
listening to: mei - caress anomaly (new fav song)

I have to deliver a fucking speech to pass my english.

Fuck you english. I aint doing any speech.

Monday, February 25, 2008


mood: okay
listening to: the xbox

okay.... i finished hiroto.

16 hours.


anyways... you guys are going to see it on DA

that reminds me. I'm going to keep a list of the names of my electronics cause I'm weird.


I forgot my cameras name. >_>

phone - hiro
psp - shou
bass - equilibrium
camera - koto *new name* woohoo!

i'm going offf....

3 more PACES

mood: delusional
listening to : mei - caress anomaly

3 more days. 3 more paces.



I'm done with HIGHSCHOOL!!!!

all my hard work!!!

Jrock Splat Thoughts.


(This is a little part where I type my thoughts surrounded in the Jrock genre. If you don't like Jrock or you simply dont care, like every fucking soul in Bahrain.... turn ur heads. Better yet drown yourselves. I hate ppl who hate jrock.)

mood: hyper
listening to:

First off we have Diazystripper:




まゆ (mame)







they sound unique thanks to 夕霧. His voice is simply adorable. It makes me go awww..... lol.

a video that some ppl may hate. if you do. go fuck yourselves. (I tend to get very hostile when it comes to anyone dissing jrock) I love those glove things they wear.


anyways moving on....

Next we have... Caress Anomaly...
They are fucking hardcore! I mean! RIGHT ON!










真琴 has a really really awesome screamo voice. and in general a great voice.
If your the kind of person who likes to headbang. Heres a sample.

play the song myou.... actually I think the song is called mei. but. watever.


Now its time for the bands that are already famous.

heidi. & girugamesh.


They're on tour together. and I enjoy looking at pics of all those famous bands together. Its fucking random. the most attractive of the 6 in the pic would me satoshi of giru. Hes the dude on the right for those ppl who don't know. I wonder where Yoshihiko and kohsuke are. anyways.

here is


Kohsuke (heidi.) and Ryo (girugamesh) arm wrestling. lol kohsuke won. Go suke!


here is ryo and shuu.... poking Kohsukes bday cake. awww.....

that is the end of my monthly.... possibly weekly.... Jrock rant one entry stretcher. If you have complaints state them here and I'd be more than happy to kick your ass to pluto. Need. I. Remind. anyone. who. is against. my. jrock. posts. this. is. MY. blog. therefore no one is going to tell me what to write and what not to.



*sticks out tongue and runs away*

*this post is not directed to any of my nice readers out there who are not thinking about my posts being stupid and pointless. If you are thinking about that then I will bury you so far into the earths crust that the magma of the earth with incinerate you ass or I could say I have no life get used to it.*

New glasses

Mood: Adjusting
Listening to: 冥 - caress anomaly

Mom picked up my new glasses today. WOHOOOO!

I don't look different. hehe
more spammage.


mood: still adjusting
listening to : suicidal fair - Mica-type

They're all girls. O________________________O


I thought they were guys. No wonder I had a feeling that they weren't guys.


mood: adjusting
listening to: without pain - JULIETTE

Naser and Josh.



your my bwest fwiend.


I'm sorry...

mood: adjusting
listening to: kill myself - DUST HEAD

but this shit is fucking fun!

*falls off laughing*

Sunday, February 24, 2008


mood: kinda moody
listening to: nothing special

i had to look through theses chinese catalogs for Xs. I had to order them too... damnit.

it was mostly in chinese.

Thats it I'm going to learn how to read chinese if I'm going to continue doing this shit.

Dear Bitch

mood: laughing
listening to: 快感ナルシスティック - Dear Bitch

R O F L! L M A O!

I can't believe theres a band called Dear Bitch.


the band names the japanese come up with is amazing.

Filipino & unrequited

mood: okay
listening to: Tozairu Kousaten - Givuss <3

I'm going to go to my Filipino.

oh I'll post up my story here
one chapter at a time.
I'm still editing the first chapter so you'll have to wait. hehe

sneak peek into my victorian fantasy

mood: well enough
listening to: 花 - alvino

Heres a little sneak preview of my little story. since I can't upload it anywhere else. I'll make a new Blog for just this story.


this is scarlet telling her story. so first person.

Henri Dafoe is her love interest while Marianne her bestfriend is the one they think Henri is inlove with.


At time, I would hate to admit that my eyes searched for one person. I walked room to room. Bowing at every greeting. When my search was unsucessful. I searched for another thing. I searched for a place to stand without a crowd. I went to the balcony. There atleast there won't be awkward conversations.

Upon entering the balcony, my heart stopped, my face grew pale. the object of my heart stood infront of me dressed in fine velvet leaning on the stone railing as if morose.

I turned about to walk away, when his deep voice was heard.
"Miss Scarlet, Why do you always turn your back on the very sight of me?" His back still turned from me. His head slightly turned to the side as he spoke those words.
I turned. My lips moved but no sound came from it. I tried again. Nothing.
I looked up at the dark sky.
"I thought you would like to be left alone" I finally gathered.
"I want to be left alone at times, but now is not one of them." He spoke as if hurt. His voice pricking my heart slightly.
"Stand by me."
Before I could protest my feet obeyed him
" I don't know how I will tell her."
'Tell who?' I thought to myself. 'Her' could mean only one person. Marianne. I hate her. No-- I hate him.
"Tell her what?" I only asked.
"I don't know how to tell her, that I love her." At that very second those last three words were uttered. I felt myself being stabbed right at the center of my heart. 'I knew, he wouldn't1--' I can't. I closed my eyes tears slowly forming within them. I leaned my head back wishing the tears would go back from once it came. Thankfully, it did. I took a deep breath. Fortunately, we both stared forward at the view so he did not notice my change of attitude.
I didn't answer at first.
I swallowed the gulp that gathered in my throat and spoke.
"I wouldn't know. I have never been in such a position before." I said in a slightly shaky tone.
"Yes, women are not the ones who confess. But, generally how would you want a man to confess his undying love for you." "Being a woman." he added. He turned to me. Waiting, for my reply.

--"There you two are. I've been searching for you both." Marianne spoke walking into the balcony. I looked at her, then at Mr. Dafoe I gave him a look of apology then I turned my attention back to Marianne.
"Marianne, I must speak with Henrietta, excuse me."
I left them alone. I didn't want to. I felt precarious. I felt my heart drain itself. Crumpled like paper as I left them alone. I don't know why. I should've stopped their affair with all enmity I felt. But my heart or what is left of it commands me to spare them, to let them love for it was undeserving. I searched around for out of here. I saw my sister mingling with friends and Oscar staring at her from across the room not paying attention to the gentlemen speaking to him.

Instead of an exit, I found another balcony in the other room. This one had chairs and a table. I sank in the chair my tears invading my cheeks making wet paths . I breathed hard. Sobbing. I tried to contain my emotions. My tears didn't stop its flow. The dam I built broke and refused to be rebuilt. I wished I never met him!.

1 - I knew, he wouldn't love me'

thats all for now.



little package

mood: anguish
listening to: clone - alvino

J.J. called mom yesterday morning asking if we received a package. Of course she didn't know anything about a package. so i grabbed the phone from her. I asked him when exactly did they ship it off. He wouldn't tell. fucking asshole is having fun not telling me and making me so fucking anguish for my package.

the package contains a very awesome magazine with a free dvd. This is what he bribed me with, when he wanted to go to the sheesha bar with me. so... I gave in in one condition. he buys me that and I go with nada. Haha. I thought I would forget. But he didn't.

Older Brother is being so nice. hehe

I can't wait for it. It should get here today or tomorrow. DAMNIT! I want it NOW!

heidi. & girugamesh

mood: surprised
listening to: Mother teaching naser

I didn't know Nao and Kiri of heidi. Hangs out (or goes out drinking) with Ryo and Nii of Girugamesh. Lol Guitarist with guitarist, drummer with drummer. Lol .

anyways..... Spams...

lunch time

Saturday, February 23, 2008

alice nine band members past bands?

mood: relaxed
listening to: trick star - givuss (shou and toras past band) Shous voice is soo manly. lol

I requested their old bands music on LJ. and I have almost all of them now.

I'm going to go cut my hair next week.

sawsy came over it was fun.ish. but we enjoyed her company.
Yasy wasn't over and I miss YOU YASY!!! <3

I want to watch jumper, sweeny todd, and 27 dresses. I also want to buy Silas Marner by George eliot. Oh I finished a book yesterday and started one today. I read 32 books. WOOOHOOO!

anyways... I have 5 more paces to finish.

Friday, February 22, 2008


mood: blank
listening to: atu hi no kokuhaku - heidi. <3

as endlessly boring I am.

that was random.

Okay, 6 more paces to do.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

new glasses

mood: bluriness
listening to: hurtle night - GallowS <- female jrock band. they sound sooo guyish. lol

yes, I have new glasses.
The new optical we're going to sucks. they always have to make a mistake a few times before getting it right. GEZ. My left eye is a blur. when I wear my old glasses everything is clear.

I'll post up a pic. when My glasses are actually fixed.

Japan vs China

mood: attentive
listening to: BlackDROPPer - daizystripper

I was reading the newspaper this morning when I check the sports page for football scores. When I saw that Japan won against China. DAMN IT I missed the game.

I quickly went to the tv and turned on the sports channel. and they it was. I missed 80 minutes of the game but who cares! I saw Endo and Suzuki again! Woohooo! I didn't expect them to play. <3>_>

7 more PACE

Mood: light-headed
listening to: Rem - heidi. <3

Due to a panic tantrum I had and nobody knew about. I'll be doing one more PACE after my PC time.

I have 7 Paces to finish and less than 20 days to finish it in.

I'm afraid that they won't accept me in this years graduation cause I didn't pass in the Papers before March.

They said March 14
But they can easily change the deadline without informing us.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

O______O *rin*

mood: died
listening to: revenue by Michihiro Kuroda / rin


just watched

something that totally

made me melt


dry up.

*is being a fangirl*

Rin is just soo fucking.....






Koto? + internet crash

mood: okay
listening to: with - my aunt mary (krock band, wa ju long *sings along*)

the internet has been down since early this morning. It sucked. I reorganized my folders and tried to finish alex<3

I'm almost done too...

loook ....

Koto... *pouts* I mish you! lol I haven't heard his bass in a loooonnng time *goes and listens to old sugar songs* JOIN A BAND ALREADY! pweese! *pouts pouts*

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


listening to: shindaze sekai(dead world) - heidi.

I love the lyric translation.

nee, boku wa koko ni iru yo
(Hey, I'm right here)

nee, dare ka sagashi ni kite yo
(Hey, someone come look for me)

nee, boku wa koko ni iru yo
(Hey, I'm right here)

nee, dare ka inai n desu ka?
(Hey, isn't there anyone here?)

I love this song too much for my own good. It sounds way better in japanese. I understand the song now.

Listen to it. I recommend it.
shidaze sekai - heidi.mp3

Its such a powerful song. I LOVE YOSHIHIKO for his ability to make me want to cry when no order singer did. cept Gackt, hyde and ryo.


listening to: home sick - kannivalism

"we are all photographs and faded memories."

random. from whisler. I dont watch it. i saw the ad and it sorta made more sense than my life.


mood: moody with a headache
listening to: Blackdropper by daizystripper

Me, Mom, Uncle Don and Josh went to the optical to get my eyes checked. since, I've been suffering from dizziness, headaches and blurry vision for sometime now.
I'm getting new frames and shit.

I quit reading the Dr. jose rizal book thing. Nothings getting in my head. GOD.

I'm pissed. and I'm not going to say why.


I'm almost done with Hiroto.

14 hours. >_>

the internet still sucks. and i still don't have credit.

Monday, February 18, 2008


mood: pissed off
listening to: 月下氷人 - jeaniva

blanco. blanco.

Blank! blank.

I still don't have credit. and the internet SUCKS!!!
Sorry, to hear bout your maid Kobby. and Don't eat too much KFC. lol

anyways. I'm currently reading the tagalog Novel by Dr. Jose Rizal - "EL FILIBUSTERISMO"
I can understand some parts. But its in deep tagalog. so most of the words are hard. damn it. and its required for me to read it. >_>

I officially have a Download waiting list. since the internet sucks and cuts off the download. I'll just download it when the internet is okay.

coughing into all hours of the night

mood: busy
listening to: my pc

I kept on walking up every hour last night cause I kept on coughing. >_>
anyways I go do my english now.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


mood: Okay
listening to: I can fly - hurts
What I'm thinking: Bahrain should have more Jrock fans. So Jrockers will come here and I get to meet them! OMG! Its hard being a jrock fan from bahrain

I felt seriously dizzy during lunch time after I finished my work. I blame my old glasses. >_>
Look at the shit I finished.
Its not all of them ofcourse. These are just the latest ones mom checked. so yeah. I have more that aren't corrected yet. I scored 92-100. >_>

I was trying to log in WoW but the internet SUCKS!

No my pc is not really green. its the lighting

Saturday, February 16, 2008


mood: obsessed
listening to: shindaze sekai - heidi.

Dr. Kiri, Gu. Nao, Vo. yoshihiko, Bass. kousuke.

I am currently, really really unhealthy obsessed with heidi.. I hope it only lasts a week actually I take that back. I'm attracted to all of them except kousuke, who is the bassist. Which is weird. I usually like the bassist first. but this time I don't. WOHOOO!

You guys probably hate me cause all I talk about is Jrock. and not real life. well, ofcourse I will. I have no life. and I DO NOT LIKE going out and saying hi to random people walking on the streets. do I look that pathetic to you. GEZ. I only befriend people who already knows someone I know.

I hate not having a job

mood: impetuous <- is not even a mood
listening to: nothing

I hate not having a job. It makes me really sad not to like buy the cds that I want. Its just fucking 5 dinars and shit but I have to fucking pay for shipping. Yes, i'm talking about jrock cds. I look at my friends(online) and their list of Cds their parents or they paid for. Its cause they live in europe damn it. Its cheaper for them >_> I loathe my life.

I pray, I will find cds in China. damn it.

I want this....

CD w/ DVD <- PV! woohooo

17 dinars...

anyways I stop talking now.

Friday, February 15, 2008


mood: okay
listening to: Yuiitsu no Uta - as.milk

Apparently, Batelco is charging me 35 fils per text msg.

Its sad.

Internet still SUCKS!

mood: balanced
listening to: friends - unfade

Well, freeforums is under Maintenance.
looook large font!

Nada went to prom and she looked pretty. lol so did everyone else. I felt a sense of envy you know. cause all my siblings will be or already have been to the prom while I stayed at home by myself like always. Solitude is a scary thing. Impetuous I find it.
I wasn't home the whole day yesterday. I was for like an hour to 10 minutes and then left again. thats what sucks so much. I slept in today. I woke up at 8. I usually wake up at 6:50 to do my work. but I didn't. DAMN IT! I did my Filipino while in the salon waiting for Nada to finish with her hair. After I'm done doing whatever on the pc. I'll take a shower and finish my math so I can do my Physics and have only 13-14 Books left.

While alone in my room, I rewrote my story. I have no idea whats its called yet. I'll get something. I'll soon upload some of the stories I wrote. I guess... I'll add a link here. I also finished Weight on water by Anita Shreve. I only took 2 days reading it. Its because I'm used to reading victorian novels that i read really fast and shit. Modern Novels are too cut down and simple. It lacks sense of emotion, or passion. Well, maybe its just Anita's writing. Victorian Novels have detail and ardent passion, and more LARGE paragraphs. Though its nice reading something new.

Mill on the floss kinda sucked. cause both the main characters died at the end. Sad ain't it.

get this, I just read something that really shocked me and really explains something. Tora of alice nine. is 1/4 American. One of his grandparents is American. Which explains why his accent when he speaks English is so not cute japanese. lol Luv ya Tora-shi. <3>

Thursday, February 14, 2008

internet suck

mood: pissed
listening to : the printer

okay, the internet sucks! so I'll probably not be on today. I have to go with nada to the salon so she can get ready for her prom. GAH! and i officially have a Day off. sorta. I think I'll do my filipino later.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

english english in 5 hours....

mood: feverish
listening to : make up irony - scarecrow

I finished English(highschool) & English(college) all in five hours straight. I so happy I didn't take like 7. other wise I wouldn't have internet time.

anyways, went out with mom and nada to buy new shoes for nada. and then we bought KFC. lol

look its mama ouds rose. she left for haj a few hours ago.

My pc is really really slow that its starting to freeze. so I'm gonna have to doing everything one at a time.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I have a fever - how ironic-

mood: feverish
listening to : moshimo taiyou ga nakunatta toshitara *raps with it*

yes, I have a fever. (I blame nada) It cannot be helped, We sleep in the same room.
37.2, a slight fever. I woke up aching from head to toe. then I went with my mom to drop off nasreen at work and they were arguing about things that are not even important. I wanted to jump out of the car at that time.
well, nasreen has my mom stubbornness so they're pretty much annoying, when they argue. I end up to be the person my mom vents on. again. I have a fucking fever for godsake. v_v have some sympathy. Odious my life seems to be. anyways. on the way home from the bank. I was seriously weak so I sorta leaned to one side staring at nothing like a weakling and mommy dearest said that I should take some vitamins so I'll be more active and stuff. Lady I'm not taking vitamins. >_>

I have 18 paces left to do. and less than 31 days to finish them. and NO I WILL NOT TAKE A BREAK UNTIL I ACTUALLY FINISH ALL OF IT! thats how determined I am. I will not waste my time doing other shit. x_________x

I found SCARECROW uploads on LJ and crap. and Im soo happy I did. Now I want to download their video cause rin is just soooo fuckkiiinngg hot. ahem..... *fangirl moment* he's like a stripper with clothes on. lol

Monday, February 11, 2008


mood: accomplished
listening to: yuushi kokyuu - as.milk

yasy took this. its naser being LAME.

here I go again

mood: anguish
listening to: my pc.

Okay, since nasreen isn't going to work today(she has the cramps) I get to go on for like 10 minutes. I only have a few weeks left to finish my home schooling and i'm far off. 26 paces left to do. I blame the fact that my siblings are home. When they're home they follow me EVERYWHERE so i get no peace. >_> damnit. so i might not come on today. x_x

Sunday, February 10, 2008


mood: kinda of pissed
listening to : LOVE SONG : deathgaze

Seriously, i wasn't able to come on until 6. I mean seriously. I woke up, and I started doing my work then I ate breakfast, my dad asked me to record all the orders I sent to this specific person. it was alot, went to Seef area to drop Nasreen at work, went to the bank and waited patiently for my mom to come out while doing my work, then to the market and then home. I took a shower at around 9 and I started my work again, until father called me and asked me to call my uncle to ask about the stupid pictures of his shop.So, I did. and I called father back, he told me to burn the pictures in a cd. so i took my usb and saved it from one pc to the usb and opened it on the pc that has a cd writer and burned the cd and continued with my work. I ate lunch, and right after I finished my work, me and mom went to pick up the siblings at school so from 1:30-3:00. after an hour we went back to the seef area to pick up Nasreen and we waited for 20 minutes. >_> then off to our apartment building my dad owns, Nasreen wants to see her flat. Came home at about 5:30. I watched tv for an hour and came online. (x______x) *dies*

look pics I took while waiting for Nasreen.

Nada is sick. awww... now i'm going to get sick! I have to finish my work before I get sick. cause when I'm sick I'm really really reallly reallly really sick. >_<

anyways More pictures and videos coming your way.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Busy day....

mood: my stomach hurts x_x
listening to: you can do everything - One ok rock

I won't be on today. >_> I'll be doing 2 english Paces and with the siblings home all day. It'll take me long to finish it. So won't be on all day. >_>

(I read a deathnote fanfic and L died. ;_; and since raito was his gay lover. He cried even when he wanted L dead. *puts* Its soo sad. He kills himself after five years.)

Friday, February 8, 2008


mood: agitated
listening to: the tv

I'm excitedly reading a story. I have to finish reading it before 10. so I can do my work. DAMNIT! I hate my life sometimes. >_>

Thursday, February 7, 2008

busy busy

mood: Busy
Listening to : EDEN - angelo

I finished 64 pages of math. *faint*

I'm burning my whole j-rock library. Over 866 songs. i love Jrock.
I'm also answering some comments on DA.
and uploading and shit.
~ posting up shit.
~ blah blah blah.

look at what i drew. It took me about. 10 hours and 30 minutes and i'm not even done. >_> I still have to shade it.

anyways, I made progress in my current victorian story. Its very not like me. x_x

anyways me... go do somemore work now.


mood: sleepy
listening to: Desperate - Black:list (headbangs)

Okay, fast entry.... I just found out that saga of A9 is the older brother of Yu-ki of lolita23q. *in shock* bassist and guitarist. hehe. reminds me of me and nada. >_<

anyways. its 9:00 and I have to take a shower and do Math.... NOOOOOooOOOooOOOooOOOoooOOOooOOooOoooooooOOOOOoOOOOoOooooOOoooooO

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Photoreading courses.

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I want to photoread.

I finished both my English PACEs.
I didn't come on for more than an hour. Yesterday. It sucks. I know.
I was out with my mom and siblings the whole day. >_> Shopping for shoes with the sisters. I didn't buy anything of course. and then we bought food and went home. In the morning I was out with mom. we went to drop of nasreen at AXA insurance company cause she works there, then went to drop off Uncle Don. I actually don't remember everything. I need sleep. >_>

I'm tired I'm going to sleep. (-_-) Zz

Monday, February 4, 2008

Math... yesterday

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listening to: blossom - sugar (shingo marry me please!!)

I was sooo A.D.D yesterday while doing Math. >_>

look what I took with my phone.

41 pages...
I draw allloott.... on my paces...
Looook!! its Mao of sadie!!

this one i took this morning.