Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Quick update

Mood: Sleepy
Listening to: SECRET SCARS -BESIDE YOU- - Rentrer en soi

Small update bout my day or week. Which ever.
First off this song is making me miss rentrer sooo fucking much. Why'd they have to disband. They're not disbanded yet. But they will in Dec. >.> I wanna watch them live before that.!!!


Anyways, about my week.
Sunday was busy as usual.
I did the internal tshirt design amends and it went to press(get them printed on shirts) the day after, Logo for banicon.
Monday, did the Icons, bag mock up, brochure mock-up (prototype), Banicon, & currently got recruited as a designer in another HUGE event thats happening next summer.
Today, Took over for Nasreen cause she didn't go to work today.
Normal work. Go bring coffee, tea, deliverable, print and amends on icons, edited internal web layout, meetings, & major planning for future events, & Logo/Poster Designs.

Time to de-stress.

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