Friday, November 28, 2008


mood: sleepy
listening to: dekaron <- nadas playing the game.

I haven't done this in awhile... I'm going to anyways. Cause I miss slacking off and being an idle bum. But I don't want to get back to that.

Heres some awesome random Jrock splatiness...~!

Riku-sama formerly of Bullet 69. Now has a girlfriend. *sadface*


I downloaded Rentrer en soi's Best of album and it made me want to cry so much. T-T Why'd they have to disband >>

GallowS is releasing their first single and mini-album next year! *happy day* They're a girl vk bad! They're totally awesome~ !

Hiroto is driving me nuts!!!
What happened to the sweet blonde pon pon we learned to loved? Now hes fucking sexy... like *droooollll* sexy. I hate him now... Hes like super hot in everything he does. First it was Saga, Tora, Shou, and noowww.. Hiroto?! Oh come on! If im attracted to Nao. I'll kill myself.

I still have to hots for Saga though... I'll tell you why... this is why

37 frames of saga goodness.
I obviously missed some frames. gah! I hate gifs.!!!
(gifs dont work here. T-T)

*sniff* Miyavi cut his hair and took out hes lip piercing. T-T. The hair I dont care much about but but the piercing?!! Why miyavi why?!?!

Lol that concludes the end of my rant. hahahahahahhaaha...
Next entry will be normal again so no worries.!!

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