Sunday, May 17, 2009

What boredom brings.

Since my Daylite is being a bitch and doesn't want to load. I thought maybe I should blog to wait it out. Yes, I've finished everything I needed to do today. I still have a meeting later but thats at 3pm. 

Umm... I think everyone just recently found out I was leaving. Bwahahahahahahhahaha. Secrecy is awesome. While I waited for a certain someone to go on last night. I read a little then asked myself what happened to unrequited. Well, lets just say I haven't actually had the drive to continue writing. I would usually watch my usual victorian movies that sting a little then I write. (I need new movies) I used to write so much when I got hurt. Now, I'm just too happy. :D! Yay! but I can get my inspiration from that as well. But its taking awhile I guess. Since the story is still at its 'boo hoo' stage. Oh well. We'll have to wait and see.

Damn, I'm hungry. 

Yesterday, was eventfully fun actually. I actually went out and took Nasser with me. Despite his potty breaks that he keeps complaining about. I guess hes alright to take out as long as we don't stay long walking about. 

I've been thinking a lot. Naz is most likely going to ask me to sleep over her place when she moves back in Tubli being all scared and all as she usually is by herself in that place. Why don't I just pimp out my room and just move in. Of course only if theres internet. INTERNET = Life. 

I am determined to finish Mr. Darcy takes a wife! TONIGHT! *-* wooot 

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