Saturday, May 2, 2009

light my fire

Everyone has the will right?
The will to live, the will to die, will to be strong and fight, will to be brave and win.
How bout the will to be great?

Sometimes, I think as long as you start young and fresh you'll end up being someone in your future years (im speaking work wise) but isn't it the same thing for the old and worn out. Only difference is the age and the general out come cause of maybe more wisdom and maturity increased how great at something you are? Isn't everyone someone the moment they are born? I mean, you have a name and people who know that name isn't that being someone?

I wonder how and why my mind tends to be so morbid when the reason to live is faint. Its not cause of depression. Thats something I don't really find as my reason. I would sometimes just draw or paint or manipulate whatever when my emotions remain blank or unmoving. Its just natural. But when people see what I did they think otherwise.

I know now though. My work remains a slight bit happier.
If not happy maybe slightly more macabre or advant garde.

I don't get why nothing I work on has a story from the artist herself.

I don't get it.

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