Monday, May 25, 2009

The case of the artist who cannot draw.

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I've noticed something, that I'm starting to hate that I even took the time to notice. I've known this since I started drawing. but I can't draw without reference and its annoying!! Like wayyyyyyyy annoying. If I want originality I have to find a stock image as a base of anything I draw or paint. I know its normal to have like bits and pieces of each image that inspired you and all. But seriously what if its just something that pops in your head and you want to draw it as it is still fresh in your mind.

~ Change (in the house of flies) ~ Deftones

But nooooooooo I have to go online and search for an image that'll situ as your stupid base for a drawing. I just want to be like you know those really cool manga or comic book artists that just randomly draw shit into little panels and make it look so awesome in so many ways.

I'm wondering is this something that happens cause of the way you practiced drawing in the beginning? I don't think so cause I used to draw without reference but they're just the same poses with really bad anato...

THATS IT! I must venture more into the world of anatomy and draw draw draw! Lets start with realism shall we. This is going to be fun. I know exactly what to do when I'm done with work in the next 2 days. *-* OH YEAAAAAAAAAAAA.

I'm all fired up. I must continue!


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