Friday, October 23, 2009

Random piece from Unrequited

Fight sequence between Scarlet and the Third person in scarlets and Dafoes love life.

"I may be too little into society but I have experienced difficulties you'll never ever imagine! I know what is right and wrong, whether or not I am too little or too much into society. You on the other hand, too much into society and you bring nothing but agony to anyone who is yet to know your persona. Your concept of right and wrong is to vague for you to even think or say that I'm just a beginner into society. I have long years ahead of you. You are nothing but a naive, immature, obnoxious, attention seeking woman with all the fake virtues that every good woman should have. You are nothing compared to me. Don't ever insult me thus again. I don't know why I tolerate you so." I turned away immediately storming out. Leaving her and Mr.Dafoe in an awe. The moment I stepped outside. I stopped and thought for a long while before breaking into tears. My heart only now realizing how much it hurt to be insulted thus. Maybe I am to sensitive. No, I have too much repressed feeling tucked into my little pieces of my heart. I clutched the side of my dress and walked quickly to the lake. I sat there and quivered.

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