Saturday, April 26, 2008


mood: Productive
listening to: honeydip - SELFRUSH

Today, I'll be seriously productive. I want to finish editing my fucking chapters of Unrequited. So expect a chapter up. My comic will have its updates today. I am DIEING to finish it. I'm uploading MAXIMUM THE HORMONES PV Zetsubou Billy for someone online and it says its going to take about 5 hours... While I want to download O2Rs DVD sooo badly but I can't cause I'm uploading the PV.

I'm editing my chapters right now. After, doing that I'll probably draw more comic pages then I'll make a manip, Study Japanese and Arabic. If I update my comic 2 pages a day. I'm sure I can finish it by May 1st. Dude... its May already.... shit... my bdays coming on June. >_> shit.

Next week, I'll be going out with Nada, Nikki, Renz and the guys for a Surprise bday party I got invited to. I don't even know where it is. I'll call Renz about it later on. Shit, I still have to call Nikki too...

Oh whatever. I'll edit my fucking story now.

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