Thursday, January 1, 2009

I'm quite confused.

Mood: sleepy and possibly close to insanity.
listening: nine in the afternoon ~ Panic! at the disco / the one i love - the rasmus (OKAYY.... didn't expect shuffle to bring me there. seriously.... )

I've been trying to install japanese into my notebooks languages but i didn't have the files.
I spent 4 hours copy pasting files into a usb and into my notebook individually. Why individually? Well, I don't know what files are needed and the only way I know what files I need is through stupid error reports. This is annoying as fuck.

After that... I think I went a little crazy.

Its 11:37pm

I'm excessively tired.
I think its quite obvious that sleep doesn't seem to be at the top of my list at the moment. I just feel as if it has utterly deprived itself from me.

I don't enjoy being an insomniac. Its stupid.

listening to: and I ~ Ciara (WTF?! ?!? !?!?! ?!?! I still know the lyrics too... .*disappointed in self*)

"and I know he won't break my heart." Good God. this is so lame. *changes song*


Today was fun.
BCC with friends.

Despite the fact that we had to leave early. It was fun nevertheless.

Dec 31st at work. Me and Naz moved around shit and packed gift bags for clients over like 60 gift bags and thats me at the meeting table.

Everythings purple.!


I just lost my muse.
I think I'll just leave this entry as it is.

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