Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bai bai Yoshihiko

mood: sad, tired and busy
listening to: nothing 

I've spent 3 hours backing up all my files cause tomorrow... my dads going to take my laptop away to have it reformatted so i can do shit on it once again.! hopefully i wont download music that'll take up 8gb of my space wen i get meh old but reformatted notebook once again. 

too much jrock ppl. >.<>

I'm a total jrock lover. 

I heart purple. I'm going to dress work like tomorrow. 
I'll have pictures up tomorrow anyways. 
Tomorrows our last day of work till Jan 4 .

miss ko tulo si kuya. 

Hmm... I never thought I would actually get along with paul so well. haha hes so cool. I want to be just like him (childish remark) he just makes more sense than anything. Hes more on the creative side of his mind rather than his mind itself and the amount of passion he has intrigues me so much. I could learn alot from him. Wohoo! someone i actually really really do look up to. Right on Paul.! 

The open seas. 
Today, I've learned to think outside the box as much as possible to have something that doesn't resemble anything. I don't know what the fuck i'm talking about. But in general, creativety can spread like a disease if youre lucky enough.

For some odd reason my mind just... wants to I dunno absorb more knowledge than its already getting. Its like so hungry and needs more of what its getting. sounds fucked up. 

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