Sunday, December 14, 2008

my japanese flag doesn't nothing but sit still in the wind.

mood: eager
listening to: into the dark ~ lycaon

First off.
Don't EVER call me useless... EVER again.

Yes, umm... this time I'll bitch about the 20 bands that disbanded within Nov and Dec.
I find it completely ridiculous. Why even start a band when you'll disband after like 4 lives? HUH??!!?! seriously. >.>

This Christmas all I want is my family, my bestfriends and friends all together and I also want my Koala. Which I doubt a certain someone will get me. *Sigh*
Honestly hun. I hate it when we fight. I don't like it at all. Its either u dis me or try to say something that pisses me off or me... doing something stupid to make u do that crap.
We'll just end up hurting each other somehow or is it just me who's getting hurt? haha I'm too emotional. T-T

Wuv u bwest. I know all u want for me is the best and I'm just being stubborn and not listening to your advice. But I will this time. okay?

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