Thursday, December 4, 2008

Utter Stupidity?

Mood: >.> don't fuck with me.
Listening to: Quarter Life - lynch.

Can I say something that could be stupid?
here goes.!

Whats up with our hopes up and hopes down unrequited loves RENZ!!!?!
I can't fucking stand it no more.!
Renz! Lets jump off a cliff!
I mean u had two? I had like what... 2 slight ones... 2 MAJOR ones.
It annoys me so fucking much that I want to just make guys disappear from the world.
Then again there was this other dude... but he did things I didn't like... and he didn't make me fall in love with him more... more like the other way around.

From the mortal words of Scarlet Lamont (I'm soon to write this IF i remember)

"Pain as I generally call love. After all its unrequited manner and my failed attempts at it. I think I'll never want to look forward to another red hair, blue eyed Englishman who would make me think as though I meant something to him but it was just his way of entering my friends heart."

ah love.
Such a wonderful thing.

I'll stick to work. I'm sick of that pain called love. *kicks it in the ve*

*this is what I call my winter mood*

*sigh* I miss twin brother (meaning ren not R.O.D)

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