Saturday, December 13, 2008

Just remembering...

I hate him cause he belittles my existence in this world. Its like for him hurting me is what gives him pleasure.

I would love for him to see me now.
He would always laugh at my ignorance and uselessness.
He would also laugh cause I didn't go to school.
He would hurt me senseless, not even hesitating one bit. He loved hurting me.
It was his hobby I'm guessing.
He would just randomly say how freaking bad I was at everything.
I drew, he saw and said you're not as good as your sister.
I wrote, he read and said you're bad at writing.
I read and he saw and said don't try being smart. It wont work without you going to school.
I was always the worst person to him and to think I loved him.
If I talked to him last time... he would've done the same. Doing it over and over again.
Like pleasure seeps out of every painful word he loves shattering me with.

Now, I think he'll eat up all his words. You better chew and swallow fast, cause I'm going to make you eat every word that hurt me in so many ways. Ha! I'm done with school, I draw way better than my own elder sister. I'm not useless I'm working as a junior designer! so go fuck yourself asshole. You defy me one more time and I'll make you lose your manhood.
No, I don't hate you cause I once loved you. I hate you cause you enjoy hurting my very soul. Downgrading my new born talents almost making me stop. I hate you cause you make me cry each time a word falls from your mouth.

You're an ego-centric ass who thinks there are girls lining up for you. Fuck, those girls aren't even real. I'll probably be the only girl who'll ignore your existence as you did mine. Hell, I did that last time. I can do it again... *smirks* Maybe I should talk to you and hurt you like you did me. Hell, revenge may be sweet but this was a long time ago... so I think I should let it slide after I shout at you senseless.

I can't wait to see you again. 18 year old ass. I just want you to see me now.
16 and more accomplished then any other 16 year old. I just want to rub it in your face. Even a little.

3 months? then you're here... umm... this I will enjoy.

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