Friday, December 12, 2008

When wild parties have to end before we get kicked out.

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This week was so eventful in a very uneventful way.
I don't make sense and I don't care.
I'm sitting here on my bed typing away on my laptop. Hopefully fast enough so Nada would wake up to the sound of me typing away. haha

Sunday, I went to work like normally. Did some major editing on some stationery. Made mock ups for an oil brand I should keep on the DL and also did a presentation for the said brand. (We had a meeting with the brands managers)

Now playing: 夢幻 -electric eden- ~ alice nine. [fucking amazing song]

Eid was okay. The usual chill with family tradition. But this time we went for a joy ride in my cousins car. haha
I'll just skip to Wednesday... OKOR...
Missed the WHOLE thing. Went with Mae and Nich~ It was funny, met up with Kevs, Jay C and the dudes. It was all kool. Hanged around KFC. Met a cool guy and walked home with him and kevs to pick up his painting. Turned into eye candy by two guys... it annoys me really. The phrase 'eye candy' is just eck. >.> One of them looked so freaking familiar. I still don't remember who he is or who he looks like. The other dude... well lets just say he looks like a creep.

Ah yes...
Thrusday... another working day I adored really.
I got to set up a christmas tree, well two christmas trees with Naz. Shortly after went for the Eidmas dinner the office had. I didn't expect so much gifts haha. It was fun. I got to drink. Though everyone wanted to steal the glass away from me. I SAY NEVER! BACK! I may be young... but I'm mature enough to control myself when drinking. I don't think I've ever drank so little before. I was watching myself I guess. I had to go home sober and the fact that my dad has a nose of a grey hound really makes u go brush your teeth and spray yourself with cologne after drinking. haha. I didn't do either of course. I drank lots of water and hugged people to get their scent on me! hahaha. It was fun. REAL FUN. The presents I got was just awesome... when I say awesome I say green awesome. *laughs*
Everyone made comments about each other anonymously. I had pretty funny ones. Some pissed me off.

Najla Qamber:

Najla: Hard working and polite, very helpful and eager to do her best!

Najla- the young blood of the designation (read design nation)

Naj... Mini silent but deadly! Again, just kidding. A true super trooper who is a pleasure to work with and is always so helpful. She works hard and always gets the job done.

The first of the next unisono generation
A little sponge for information

Naj: Has got an amazing talent and is very dependable most of the time even if she is just 16!

Naj: bubbly, talented & got it together. I don't think I was so smart when I was your age. You will go places.

Najla - unbelievable force of nature, her youth is meaningless comparing it to her skills - amazingly focused and hard working. She has an amazing career waiting for her in a very near future!

I like Naj because she's got the biggest potential even though she can fit quite comfortable in a shot glass!

I respect Naj because if anyone annoyed me I could ask her to put their head on the body of someone doing something questionable, the power of photoshop, ey!

Naj - she has a gift in designing and helping other senior designers to do their job.

Is a little power pixie who will photoshop you a new behind if you don't keep her busy with cool shit to do. (this one has tom written all over it)

Haha! if any of the team finds this! I'm sorry! I just had to type it down somewhere just in case I lose my paper! hahahaha. <3's!

I just watched D'espairsRay's new PV(promotional video) HORIZON and I did not expect rapping. Whats up with all the jrock bands mixing heavy metal, mild visual kei and rapping together. Its a good mix but still... rapping? its a new trend I guess. While watching the guitar solo. I was intrigued by how creative Karyu is. No seriously it just sounded so good. Other solos outside of Jrock sound annoyingly similar. Why do you think I love Jrock? Most bands have a unique sound. Plus... I hate being like everyone else. Its just... gah. Another thing about the video I noticed. They focused alot on ZERO(the bassist). Not that I mind cause that man just looks unbelievably hot now a days. haha. I'm not really a big fan of D'es. Lets just say... their music doesn't attract me as much as the other bands I'm currently listening to. Maybe I just don't like their new single. haha. (just went on their myspace) RIGHT ON HIZUMI! SCREAM!

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