Thursday, May 1, 2008


mood: Okay
listening to: Moms printer

Okay, I started downloading part 3 of the fucking O2R DVD. If I finish this one I'll have 3 more to download. I hope It can finish before we go to a farewell party for Layla. its really ironic that I have to go to 2 farewell parties right after the other. Haha.

ano... I just fixed moms printer.

BERLIN is disbanding on July 19th. Right after I fucking got into them. That totally sucks man. I really hate my luck. I can't think what I'll do if alice nine. disbands. I think I'll cry and what happens if tokio hotel disbands. the whole world will cry. and poor sawsy. GOD FORBID. *knocks on wood*

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iAmbiguous said...

Lol, you know I had a similar experience a few years back... found this unknown type band called Cold whose song was really nice... later in like 2004 i tried searching something new and read that they disbanded in 2000 lol... tough luck huh?