Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Band Rehersals

Mood: accomplished
Listening to: Nada's Overdriven playing

Yesterday almost all night and day we've been tabbing and rehearsing our own songs and covers we're going to play at the music fest.

Our Song line-up:

Naihishinsho - ONE OK ROCK
Hey You! - Monsun
Ms all that - Monsun
Ubers De Welt - Tokio Hotel *if I wrote it wrong correct me please*
Etocetara - ONE OK ROCK

We've got Etocetara's tabs almost done. We're still working on Naihishinsho. We're getting the lyrics and Melody for Hey You! and Ms. all that soon. Thank you Motzy-kun for writing Hey You! for us. Motzy is awesome! ♥♥

Band Line-up:

*=possible choice of temp

Vocals: Nikki
Guitar: Nada
Bass & Vocals: Najla
Drummer: E.V. *
Guitar: Kevin *

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