Thursday, May 29, 2008

meh back hurts.

mood: sleepy
listening to: Naser talking to me.

I slept on the floor in naser's room. Gah... he didn't even sleep there. He gave up trying then went to sleep with parents again. I wanted to sleep on the bed. But it wouldn't be far for nada. So I slept with her on the floor. HARD floor. gah....

Meh talking to J.J. hes buying a new phone cause his phone broke while he was at sea. Lol... OMG... i just saw the phone he wants to buy and it happens to be a WRIST WATCH! omg... so KOOL.
its worth 300 USD though. He spends all his money on himself... cause Nasreen hates his guts. I hope he can move on... and eventually get a divorce in the Philippines with Nasreen. Ang hirap naman yan. They don't even have a valid reason to get a divorce.

anyways... shower time.

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