Wednesday, May 28, 2008

9goats black out.

My obsession to 9goats black out is coming back. I think its cause of my current state. Their songs make me feel much better. even though I understand the whole thing.

Heres the translation of the lyrics. When I first listened to the song I got eargasms. My gosh... ryo's voice is just... woah... and the guitars... and drums... *_______* most of it doesn't really make sense in english. But it makes alot in Japanese.


I search for the words to say to you as you fall asleep
With glass wings, With a distorted voice
I promise you, that weak as I am, I will keep on living
With a prayer to the tomorrow that will never come to you

How scared were you while we were apart?
My fingertips touch your tears

We hid our love and stayed away
Casually we turned our backs, and side-by-side we were unfulfilled
I felt the meaning of that so much it hurt
When did your hands get so thin?

The sign that waits for spring
In this bed that you don’t seem to want to leave,
One more
Memory is born.

Night Visions –Nocturne-

A melody worn of oblivion The sound of insanity
Let’s dream in despair In the break in the rain the heavens split beautifully

On your back, knees up, Farewell, we’re going far away
I can’t stay angry. It’s the subtitle of an irrational puberty

In a dark grey land where the sky cries in an indifferent, insecure voice
At night, songs lose their love

My heart is broken by pining
Thoughts are flower petals
Close your eyes and let them pass

A melody worn of oblivion The sound of ecstasy
Let’s dream in despair In the break in the rain I’m in heaven beautifully
I cried from the blight I cannot accept and
A crazed love

Don’t change on me
In a land where I can spread my irrelevant wings
And flee, songs sing of love
My heart is flayed with pining
Emotions are dust
Close your eyes and let them pass

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sinoxigeno said...

Love it!!

thanx for the translation