Sunday, May 25, 2008

Went Over Nikkis house

mood: happeh
listening to: Nada and Naser Talking.

We went over Nikki's house at around 12pm. Watched a couple of movies. had a band rehersal when khalid came over. Foxy (Nikki's Dog) was seriously hyper. She will jump on you, lick you and try to bite you but she won't really 'bite' you. Her hair was everywhere! on my shirt, on our guitar bags. Blah Blah blah. Mariel (a new friend) came over unexpectedly. Watched a movie with her. Then Khalid decided to show up. FINALLY! we played some songs infront of him. He kept on constantly borrowing our guitars. Umm... after that we sang some karaoke. *my voice is horrible* Oh and poor khalid he had foxy's hair in his eye and it was all red. Okie we left at around 9pm. Hugged everyone goodbye. Mariel, Khalid, and Nikki! Now, I'm home chatting with Renz. More like Role playin.

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