Wednesday, May 28, 2008

end of the month

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Since its the end of the month. Its time to spam the blog!! WOHOO for that. Spammage! Spammage!

I still feel slightly feverish... and wtf! is that rice? *looks at bed and picks up a grain* NASER!!! make sure you dont have rice on you before u sit on my bed. seriously...

I was talking to brother-in-law yesterday... and as usual he asks if I had a bf.

heres the convo.

(10:25 AM) Cpt. Fuzzy::-O she agreeesss . you have a bf dont ya
(10:25 AM) Cpt. Fuzzy:>:P
(10:25 AM) *___* is cooking:no i dont... they never like me back. >> assholes.
(10:26 AM) Cpt. Fuzzy:i like you back
(10:26 AM) Cpt. Fuzzy::(
(10:26 AM) Cpt. Fuzzy:im your brother
(10:26 AM) Cpt. Fuzzy::D
(10:26 AM) Cpt. Fuzzy:I always like you back >:D<
(10:26 AM) Cpt. Fuzzy:brother always likes family back
(10:26 AM) Cpt. Fuzzy:..<
(10:26 AM) Cpt. Fuzzy:>.<
(10:27 AM) *___* is cooking:lol yeah thats cause your family.
(10:28 AM) Cpt. Fuzzy:so
(10:28 AM) Cpt. Fuzzy:>:P
(10:28 AM) Cpt. Fuzzy:your still beautifull
(10:28 AM) Cpt. Fuzzy:in my opinion
(10:28 AM) *___* is cooking:ya everyone says that. > >
(10:28 AM) Cpt. Fuzzy:I would go out with ya if it where not for age and your sis
(10:28 AM) *___* is cooking:lol
(10:28 AM) *___* is cooking:okie
(10:29 AM) *___* is cooking:-awkward-
(10:30 AM) Cpt. Fuzzy:LOL :* i have to go on the plain this is loving hug for a nervous sis >:D< new ="">
(10:30 AM) *___* is cooking:LOL
(10:30 AM) *___* is cooking:anyways I go eat breakfast now. ttyl!

That sorta freaked me out. I know he was attracted to me... but I didn't know it was to this extent. seriously... x_x So weird... I blame my niceness. ._. damn you niceness. Die! *swings kool shotgun around*

I also had this very flattering convo with motzy too...
He was like ok... lets see what men could possibly hate about u. *insert compliments here* Then he was like... okay they dont like you for A. you don't have enough self confidence, which I doubt is a reason, because guys usually like girls with a bit lower self confidence, it gives them a chance to comfort and flatter or B. he's interested in someone else.

I was like... Okay............. -_- Its always both for me. ._. Man... this is depressing. He said some stuff to me that made me smile a little more. Umm.. Motzy is always the best sometimes. *huggles him* Yeah, I'm pretty much okay now.. despite the chest pains I'll be having and ignoring for the next few months. Wohoo! ^_____________^ This is going to be fun.

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