Thursday, May 29, 2008

alice nine. Stickers, cards and a Ruka badge

mood: sad
listening to: Dears - Gackt

Someone online is selling alice nine. & Nightmare stuff on Livejournal. Stickers, Trading cards, post cards, a cd and badges. I want the badge. Cause its fucking signed by Ruka and its only 6USD O__O. I WANT! I WANT! and shes also selling a rare nao card which is years old... shes selling that for 1USD. I mean... I want it. But I can't have it. ._. Man... if only they sold Jrock stuff here then maybe I wouldn't feel so unsupportive(not even a word) tco the boys on the scene. Well, I try my best to support them by buying their merchandise. But... umm... you know.. money doesn't grow on trees and We're going into debts cause my dads business is slow nowadays. ;_;

so rite now... I have :

Arena37c Nov. 2007 issue. (magazine)
vinyl syndicate another edition. (magazine)
Sweetest - Sugar (album)
Yume Yume - ONE OK ROCK (single)
Zeitekubyou - ONE OK ROCK (album)
3 Vinyl syndicate free mags.

*sigh* I'm not even supporting my ultimate favs... Guy's Family, alice nine., Miyavi, & Gackt. *pouts* oh well... what can I do.

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