Thursday, May 29, 2008


mood: pissed
listening to: nothing

Okie... this is kinda pissing me off... I didn't mind mom ranting about Nasreen yesterday.... But now J.J. is doing it too... Oh come one ppl Nasreen's fucked up I know that. Big deal. Leave her ALONE. Don't help her unless shes asks for help. And she doesn't CARE for the families reputation. So shes pretty much going to do whatever she wants. Gosh... if theres going to be another argument that I have to stand right in front of my dad so he won't hit anyone... I think I'll snap. You guys don't want me to snap now... rite.. cause I'm fed up of this shit... I don't want to be in the middle no more. NO MORE. NOOOOO MOOOOREEEE!.... I wonder if I'll get hit if they argue again... I seem to be jumping infront of Nasreen alot. But... no... Pops never hit any of us and never will.

Oh great now... He seems like hes saying... Karma is soo going to get her cause she hurt me.
O___________________O wait... will I get karma cause I broke Kobby's heart? I think I already did... *thinks* I dunno... Oh come on God... give me a break.

I mish Motzy... I didn't talk to him last night. *pouts* I still can't get over the fact that he understands the way of the yaoi fangirls. Lol. He is soo one of the girls. *glomps Motzy*
He seems to be really inlove with his ex. He would wait for her for an eternity if it weren't for age. so sweet. *pats*

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