Saturday, November 6, 2010

[VTOP] Blue Bloods - Revelations

Title : Revelations
Series : Blue Bloods
Volume : 3
Author : Melissa Dela Cruz
Hero/Heroine: Schuyler Van Alen
Werewolves : ----
Vampire : New learnt powers!
Witches : ----
Gods/Goddesses : LUCIFER!
Hotties : Oliie! Olliiieee! I hate you Jack. Go die!
Sexual Tension : Meh.
Romance : "I love you" Princess Leia said. "I know" Han said.
Fight Sequences : Loads. I loved the whole exciting bit where loads of ppl get... okie. i won't spoil.
Deaths : 5 - 6?
Teenage Angst : OH the angst! *Dies*
Comments : Revelations is so much better than the last 2. The excitement and how everything is explained, it makes you go. I KNEW IT or OMFG. Though, I hope I can remember it all when I read the next part.
Stars : 6/10 stars.

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