Friday, September 10, 2010

[VTOP] House of Night - Burned

Day: Lets start back to 7 and then I'll actually count the days. ^-^
Title : Burned
Series : House of Night
Volume : 7
Author : P.C. and Kristin Cast
Hero/Heroine: Zoey Redbird
Werewolves : Non-existent!
Vampire : The Red One is someone to admire. Shes so nice. Stark is so honorable and strong and shizz.
Witches : They get to Scotland and you'll find a whole different power. So cool.
Gods/Goddesses : Nyx keeps on showing up. Poor Kalona so freaking heart broken.
Sexual Tension : Somewhere near the end and between the beauty and the beast.
Romance : The beauty and the beast start to feel something between each other thats beyond their blood bond and more is to come from Stark and Zoey.
Fight Sequences : The one with the bulls was so awesome but the Kalona made arena was just FULL ON COOL.
Deaths : 1 + I dunno 4-5?
Teenage Angst : Boy issues for the red one.
Comments : Now, this is annoying. Its the last book that came out so far. I can't wait for awaken. I might buy it for myself. Anyways, this Volume was amazing. I especially looked forward to what happens between Rephaim and Stevie Rae. I think they're my favorite pair since Stark and Zoey which was fairly new. Some many things about this book I really really liked. But I rather not get into the details because they'll be spoilers for you guys! ^-^ This series is highly RECOMMENDED!
Stars : 9/10 stars.

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