Friday, September 17, 2010

[VTOP] Blue Bloods

Day: 14
Title : Blue Bloods
Series : Blue Bloods
Volume : 1
Author : Melissa Dela Cruz (shes a Fili! bwahahha)
Hero/Heroine: Schuyler Van Alen
Werewolves : nothing so far.
Vampire : Okay, this is one interesting kind of vamp. They're called Blue Bloods (yes their blood is actually blue) anyways, when they die naturally their memories and knowledge are saved into their blood until they are born again. Its like a century old USB! bwahahahaha. ^-^
Witches : None.
Gods/Goddesses : More like Archangels like Michael and Gabrielle and crap.
Hotties : Meh, hot yea. Dylan, Oliver (I think hes gay) and Jack.
Sexual Tension : Between a few.
Romance : Its not getting there yet.
Fight Sequences : Not much of it yet.
Deaths : 2
Teenage Angst : Not much either.
Comments : This was a pretty good read, I liked how Angels were involved, they're very rich and kind of like Gossip girl minus the drama and plus the vampires. There's no angst just yet and I love how everything is fixed starting with the Plymouth embarking and the Croatans and how they find out they're a blue bloods. The thing I didn't like was the whole fact that sometimes within blue bloods twins marry one another. Thats gross. -.- Lol.
Stars : 5/10 stars. (because I want to read the next part)