Tuesday, September 7, 2010

[VTOP] House of Night - Hunted

Day: 5 (didn't read until like 3 days later, so that does count)
Title : Hunted
Series : House of Night
Volume : 5
Author : P.C. and Kristin Cast
Hero/Heroine: Zoey Redbird
Werewolves : Never coming!
Vampire : Neferet is such a bitch. Shes getting more powerful and its pissing me off. She needs to die!
Witches : They're beginning to learn how to use their powers more fully.
Gods/Goddesses : Mr. Lucifer gets kicked to Timbuktu.
Hotties : Darius, Stark, Heath, Kalona. Oh and fuck Erik he is so uncool.
Sexual Tension : Here and there
Romance : O-O
Fight Sequences : Birdies are really killing right now. Its not even normal. They're creepy.
Deaths : -
Teenage Angst : Still vague
Comments : I don't remember what happened much cause I went through this book and then to the next and completely forgot to write this and got confused on which book says what. It tends to get confusing when there are too many volumes. But I love it either way. Anyways, this book was so exciting and the amount of people having near death experiences is really making me go all O_O and all X-X. Oh yea, and Kalona is just -.-'
Stars : 5/10 stars.

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