Monday, October 11, 2010

[VTOP] Blue Bloods - Masquerade

Day: 22
Title : Masquerade
Series : Blue Bloods
Volume : 2
Author : Melissa Dela Cruz (still kinda feel awkward cause shes fili)
Hero/Heroine: Schuyler Van Alen
Werewolves : Something like one but not really. They're called silver bloods.
Vampire : Things are getting complicated, people are getting nightmares and crap but they're not like super superhero.
Witches : None.
Gods/Goddesses : Abbadon, and Azrael
Hotties : Meh, hot yea. Oliver! and that dude... Kingsley.
Sexual Tension : Its coming up. ^^
Romance : the romantic tension is there. I want to kiss you noo... I shouldn't cause it'll ruin us. Blah blah.
Fight Sequences : not so much, but its still there.
Deaths : 1
Teenage Angst : nearly nothing.
Comments : I liked this part better than the 1st because there was a masquerade ball where pretty cute stuff happened. Sorry, I can't remember so stuff because I read a pixie book after. This series is kind of meh. I prefer HoN.
Stars : 5/10 stars.

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