Sunday, October 5, 2008

at work

I'm not 100% sure if I'm supposed to be blogging in the middle of work. 
But I'll do it anyways. 

I slept over at Nasreen's apartment at Riffa just for the first day of work. 
I wasn't really nervous which is completely weird cause I'm never calm. 

I'm currently playing around on Indesign. 
I attended 2 meetings. Which I found cool. 
Before, I finish the page layout, I'm doing, I wanted to blog... 
I just called Kal. He's back in Bahrain. Yay! 

LOL. Yea dude... You called me at work~ 
I officially love my job. *happiness* 
I pretty much just help the others. 
The coolest part is that I'm in the Creative Department. *awesomeness* 

anyways... one more hour before I get off. 
I blog about last night when I get home. 

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