Saturday, October 18, 2008

you cannot be serious.

mood: sad, coughing + wanting.
listening to: WORLD END - FLOW (Thank you baby for getting me into this band)

Oh joy, its Sunday.
Usually I would be happy about it. I would have the whole house to myself. I could play with Nada's guitar without asking. I could do anything. But now, I'm not even going to be in it.
I still haven't gotten used to the timings, and the fact that I actually go to work and miss everything that happens at home. I get home at 6pm and just go online and search for some tutorials that'll help me with InDesign & Illustrator.

Thursday, Nada and Nasser didn't have school. So Nasser made mom and all of us go with him to Seef. Nada and I, decided to separate from the group and just have our little sisterly time together.

Friday, as excited as Jp was, we (me, sawsy, & nada) went to BCC. Lol we immediately got lost in the elevator in the parking. We didn't know which floor to take... lol it was hilarious actually.
Met up with luv and checked out Virgin records. I saw old acquaintance, he happened to work at Virgin. I found it ironic somehow. He was totally hitting on Sawsy. *laughs* He wouldn't stop talking to her. Luv, wouldn't stop laughing. I had to drag him away so he would stop laughing. Sheesh luv. Went to a Ice Cream place, watched nada eat, and waited. We actually saw one of our Aunties with Ismael. (SHOCKER) I know right and We were with Jp. He insistently hid. Lol.

So we saw Robbie, Kal, and Faisal. Went to a Coffee shop with them on the way I saw our Aunt once again I was so glad she didn't really see me (Nada and Sawsy decided to get lost somewhere and didn't join us until later) amongst the 4 guys or I would be in BIG ASS shit.
Right Coffee... it was fun and I miss you Jp. *pouts*

Luv, you make me hella happy. Haha. Don't you dare buy me more stuff or I steal your wallet whenever we go out. I love you.

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