Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Theory of Music & Typography

Listening to: Dear my love ~ Miyavi


After getting pissed at renz and watching several things that were left unwatched a few days ago.
I opened photoshop and started experimenting with the so called genre 'typography'. It seems easy but its not when you don't understand it at all. I tried and I failed. Now, I'm going to try again after I do further research on its mysterious, simple yet complex nature. It drives me mad sometimes. When someone knows how to do something cool such as typography and I know nothing of it.
I started at one typography work for about 20 minutes before I got how everything is made. THEY ARE ALL MADE IN ILLUSTRATOR. *dies*

Tomorrow morning after printing out more of my artwork for my portfolio. I am determined to download illustrator and play around with it until I get the actual concept of typography.

Theory of Music ~

Tabbing will be WAY easier if I knew the music theory and all that. Scales, Melody, Pitch, Harmony, Rhythm & Texture or the form of structure.

I'll study that later on.

I swear... when I start working I'll be so much of a workaholic again. I'll be motivated to do a lot more than just play or rest after work.

I can't wait to say hello to tired days. woo~hoo~

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