Thursday, October 9, 2008


listening to: devil beside you OST.

Nasreen! what the fuck did you put in my tea? I nearly fell asleep while I was making a freaking layout. That never happens! The tea is bad.! very. it tastes so good. but it has chemicals that make you sleep in it.

I can barely stay awake and this isn't school I can't just doze off when I want to.

I'm going to make myself busy and try to wake my brain up by typing this.

I'm currently staring at Design Basic books. I'm going to take one home for the whole weekend. I seriously feel so small here.

I'll post this up at 11:30.

Dads coming home today. I think hes already at the house. yay!
Saw JP this morning. ~ haha
Mom drove him to AMA. lol. So weird.
She likes him and sorta feels sorry for him cause hes alone all the time.

*stares at fingers*
I miss playing the bass so much...

List of Books that lay on my desk:
Brochure Design : Best Of
Basic Design: Image
Basic Design: Layout
Best of : Brochure Design (2nd)
Graphic Brochures
Best of: Brochure Design (3rd)
Geometry of Design

Shan's fav Rainie song just came on!! YAY!!!!

few more minutes and I go back to work.

renren!! if you're reading this. would you call me please. like if you're awake. Doesn't matter just call me! anytime today. >>; Jp too... if you're at home.

NADA!! call me too. >> haha. A.D.D. Kills...

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