Sunday, October 12, 2008


listening to: into the dark - lycaon (this is some awesome dark trance shit. rite there)

Last night and the whole day today.
Having a fever ain't that bad.
I got luv all worried and crap. Don't worry~ I'll get well soon.
I'm going to work tomorrow.

I don't want this internship to go to waste.

I miss JROCK sooo much. Despite the fact that I listen to it while I work.
I just miss downloading all the new crap.

Oh well... I wonder what will happen after I'm done with the internship. It has only been a week and I'm wondering already? lol well, whatever seems right.

I'm supposed to be burning a couple of cds for nikki and nichelle. It sucks being the #1 drama asian source. *laughs on the inside*

That reminds me I have to burn myself some copies just in case my notebook crashes.

Oh crap, my fever came back.
>.> grrr...

I'm going to learn how to play namida no ondo on the guitar & bass~ weeee~

I miss talking to panda now. T-T

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