Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Post 856

and... its back to work for me.
I researched on interns (feels like renz, lol) and Internships aren't supposed to last more than 10 weeks or so but I think mine will last until the company finds an actual graphics designer then I'll be kicked off my seat. I don't mind. I actually don't really want to be in there anymore. No matter how awesome the working environment is. *sigh* I would be more into it if I actually was getting paid. But I'm not so I'll have to bear with the whole idea of me being an intern for 10 more weeks or so. *sighs somemore*

At least, now I know what I want to study and what career path I want to be in. *sighs somemore* I don't think AMA has a course thats close to graphics designing. I also got the real feel of being around actual graphic designers and I learn alot too~ Yay~! for me.

The hours are killing me actually. I get home at 7pm. I go online learn more about designing and all that, check email, Talk to luv then sleep.


Oh wellz, I'm being a lazy ass.

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